Gibson Guitars are synonymous with quality; their “Golden Era” designs of the late ’50s and early ’60s are arguably the finest electric guitars ever made. We are proud to be a trusted source of some of the best examples of these instruments offered for sale. In addition to our selection of vintage Gibson instruments, we are also a Custom Shop dealer, offering new guitars we have personally selected by hand at the Custom Shop factory in Nashville.

1976 Gibson Firebird “Black”

1950 Gibson ES-140 “Sunburst”

1976 Gibson Bicentennial Firebird “Sunburst”

1959 Gibson ES-125 “Sunburst”

1997 Gibson ES-335 Dot-Reissue “Cherry”

1975 Gibson L6-S Custom “Natural”

1963 Gibson SG “Cherry”

2002 Gibson R8 Les Paul Historic Makeovers “Sunburst”

1978 Gibson SG Custom “Polaris White”

2001 Gibson Les Paul R8 “Lemonburst”

2019 Gibson Les Paul ’58 Reissue “Sunburst”

2018 Gibson ES-335 “Graphite Metallic Sparkle”

1964 Gibson Firebird V “Cardinal Red”

1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG “The Fool”

1969 Gibson EB-1 “Mahogany”

2021 Gibson Custom Shop Modified Les Paul Custom “Seafoam Mint”

1975 Gibson Flying V “Sunburst”

2019 Gibson SG 61/59 Fat Neck Edition “Frost Blue” VOS

1965 Gibson ES-355 Mono “Cherry”

1963 Gibson ES-355 “Cherry”

1964 Gibson ES 335 Custom “Red”

1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan “Walnut”

1965 Gibson SG Jr “Polaris White”

1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Gold Top”

1971 Gibson Medallion Flying V “Cherry”

2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Sunburst”

2006 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R7 “Goldtop”

1954 Gibson ES-175D “Blonde”

1975 Gibson ES-335 “Sunburst”

1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG) “Cherry”

1965 Gibson Melody Maker D “Cherry”

Orville Les Paul “Sunburst”

1996 Gibson Chet Atkins CE “Natural”

1960 Gibson Les Paul “Johnny B.”

1964 Gibson Melody Maker “Sunburst”

1969 Gibson SG Special “Cherry”

2018 Gibson Les Paul R9 “Sunburst”

1999 Gibson Les Paul Custom ’68 RI “Alpine White”

1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard LH “Sunburst”

2005 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9 “Cherry Sunburst”

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Sunburst”

1968 Gibson ES-175 “Black”

1958 Gibson Les Paul “Sunburst”

2021 Gibson Custom Shop Non-Reverse Firebird “Cherry”