The original Rock n’ Roll sideman, Scotty Moore’s guitar playing started a revolution when it was first heard on Elvis Presley’s Sun Records recordings in the 1950s. His innovative use of the “Slapback” effect, as well as his unique style of hybrid picking became the blue print of what the world grew to call “Rockabilly” guitar playing, and created some of the most memorable guitar parts in the history of recorded music. We are proud to offer for sale a unique collection that forms a career retrospective of a true pioneer of the electric guitar!

Scotty Moore’s association with the ES-295 model resulted in a limited run of Custom Shop reproductions of his famous gold guitar in 2013. Part of this collection is #52 of 81 total guitars, this one having been played and signed by the man himself! It includes all the Custom Shop case candy, as well as the original case and canvas case cover.

Moore’s position as the right-hand man to the King became the basis of a long term friendship with another six string legend, Nashville recording artist and producer Chet Atkins. When Chet left Gretsch and began a partnership with Gibson guitars, he had a special, one-of-a-kind guitar created for his friend Scotty Moore. It features a personalized “Scotty Moore” pickguard, banjo-style arm rest, a one-of-a-kind fingerboard with Classical guitar influenced inlays, and the most deeply figured maple top we’ve seen on any Country Gentleman! The unique pickups were designed specifically for this instrument by Ray Butts, the engineer behind the famous Echo Sonic amp Scotty used in his early career. They are single coil pickups in full size humbucker housing, which make this much closer to the 295 sound with which Scotty would have been familiar. This became Scotty’s go to instrument for the rest of his career. In addition to this very special guitar, we are proud to include Scotty’s personal brief case that accompanied him to every gig in the later years of his life. It includes his small but useful assortment of effects to achieve his signature “slapback” delay sound, as well as sheet music, music, and any other tools he might need on stage. All of this wouldn’t do any good without an amplifier, which is also included. Scotty’s personal Magnatone Troubadour amp is included, along with a custom made road case.

Perhaps most special of all, this collection includes the master tapes for a never before heard collaboration between Scotty Moore and another Rock n’ Roll pioneer Carl Perkins! Recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, this matchup puts two of the most recognized guitarists of early rock n’ roll music together for the first time. A true piece of music history!

This is the ultimate offering for any fan of Elvis, Scotty’s genre-defining guitar playing that became such a huge part of the evolution of Rock n’ Roll music, and any music lover! This is only available through Rumble Seat Music and we are proud to be the custodians of such a phenomenal collection! $125,000.