The Songwriter 30 was one of the the last Trainwreck® designs built by the legendary Kenneth Fischer. Due to his failing health, Ken was only able to build two of these magnificent hand wired amplifiers.”Bree”, one of the two original Trainwreck® Songwriter amplifiers, was our reference build amplifier. Every new Songwriter 30 is meticulously hand built and voiced to “Bree’s “signature sound. It’s powered by a quartet of cathode biased EL84/6BQ5 output tubes. The pre amp incorporates two 12AX7 tubes. It’s hand assembled and hand wired in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA with only the best sounding and most reliable components. No reverb, master volume, effects loop, foot switches, pull pots, transistors or chips anywhere. The chassis is solid aluminum — chosen for the very particular electrical properties that it possesses. Inside the chassis you won’t find printed circuits, cotton/imitation cotton wire or fiber tag boards. We don’t design with obsolete or questionable materials to “be in fashion.”

This example is in fantastic condition and functions perfectly. It includes a Komet 2×12 cabinet. EXC $6,000.