We are proud to be the only place in the US to offer these stunning works of art for sale! Each one of these guitars is handmade in Italy from real vintage pinball tables, incorporating everything from the bumpers, flippers, lights, plungers and the board itself. These are available on a very limited basis and no two are alike. This model features a deck of cards motif with prominent “Joker” character. In addition to the unique graphics, this guitar also features a push/pull pot which engages a series of lights on the top of the guitar powered by a 9v battery. With a great playing neck and a custom set of single coil pickups, this is not just a work of art but a great playing and sounding instrument, as well. Whether you have a game room that needs a centerpiece or simply want a guitar guaranteed to stand out on stage, the Flippercasters are some of the most unique and innovative new guitars being offered today. EXC w/bag $3,995