A beautiful example of an original halfstack set of a CST50 head and 4×12, early style Harry Joyce back ported cabinet, in the incredible rare cordura “Army Green”.
The amp, serial number 7, is in very good to excellent condition, built and signed by Harry Joyce himself in 1997, serviced in 2008 by George Scholz, who replaced filter caps, deactivated the effects loop(still in there, just needs to be soldered back if you wanna use it, but it does sound better with the loop disconnected), and internally jumped the two channels. These are the mods he did on the CST 50 for Rich Robinson. However, he did not re-voiced the amp, so it still has the original Harry Joyce tone that’s can be heard from the 90’s, like Rich Robinson’s tone on the Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes live at the greek.
I also installed a switch inside the 4×12 cabinet, accessible through the back port, that switches the late 90’s Celestion Vintage 30’s, original for this cabinet, from 4 Ohms to 16 Ohms. Fully functional and sounding incredible; the cabinet includes a roadcase. EXC w/Case $6,000.