Beginning his career in the Vaudeville circuit, Roy Smeck became a star of radio and even Television. His prowess on banjo, uke, guitar, and other instruments earned him the nickname “The Wizard of the Strings”. His name also became synonymous with several instruments and even instruction courses for student musicians. One of the coolest instruments to bear his name was the Harmony built model 7208 Stratotone Jupiter and this is hands down the cleanest and most complete example we’ve seen! The headstock features a raised Roy Smeck name plate while the body has a completely unique “Lighting Bolt” shaped pickguard, which along with the flamed laminate maple top and blonde finish give this a truly awesome look. The guitar also features a pair of phenomenal sounding DeArmond designed “Gold Foil” pickups, a great playing neck with 20 frets, each totally accessible and playable, as well as the original Harmony chipboard case, instruction book, pitch pipe, strap, and cable. If you’re looking for a vintage guitar that looks just like it did when it was purchased new, this is an excellent choice! One of the most unique looking guitars with killer tone! EXC w/OSSC $1,900.