Here’s a rare opportunity to own a prototype of the only Ken Fischer circuit designed (for Komet) specifically for EL34sThis is the amp that launched Komet Amplification!

Built by Mike Kennedy to be used as the “in-house/shop” demo amp during the development of the Concorde at Komet Amplification.

The head was built on 0705 (marked) with no serial number, pre-dating the Ltd Edition KF50 and production Concordes.

This prototype was eventually sold to Jonathan “Boogie” Long from Baton Rouge in 2018, nationally known blues guitarist and recent inductee into the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame. His demo videos are included in the next post. (Thanks Boogie!)

This house demo amp was used and tested by many musicians during the development of the Concorde, most notably Sonny Landreth, who has used it in concert, in the studio, and in the Komet Koda video.

Notable differences between this amp and stock Concorde:

  • Rare 120V/240V slide switch next to the output transformer
  • Still set up as Mike had it with NOS EL34s and ECC83/12AX7s
  • Built on old-style, water-cut, version 2 chassis (pre laser cut)
  • Amp measures 50-60 watts clean RMS at clipping (3-4 on volume knob)
  • Mint condition

Komet Ambikab Speaker Cabinet

Serial #0024 was most likely one of a couple of prototypes or possibly the first production open-back Ambikab, as the first production open back cab on record was serial #0025 per Komet.

  • 2×10 speakers for wet signal
  • 2x12s for dry signal upgraded to Cream Alnico speakers ($700) & wired for 8ohm
  • Mint condition

      Studio Slips covers included EXC $4,999


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