Originally commissioned to build amps for the London retailer Orange, England’s Matamp are behind some of the most iconic rock guitar sounds of the 70’s. After the deal with Orange expired, Matamp continued building amplifiers under their own name, as well as for other retailers who would occasionally make reference to the color-themed name applied to their most famous amps, with variations including Green or White. This 1974 100 watt model is one such example. Though cosmetically similar to the early Orange amps, this head has a sound all its own. Extremely rare, these almost never appear for sale in the UK, much less in the States, making this a must for any devout collector of British amplifiers. Extremely clean and fully original, this amplifier was recently featured in a Vintage Guitar magazine article pictured below. The only W-100 we’ve seen in the store, this amp represents the true pinnacle of Brithsh amp design! EXC w/Road case $6,000.


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