After being discontinued in the early 60’s, Gibson brought back the original Les Paul body design in 1968 with the P90 equipped Standard model and Humbucker equipped Customs. These early examples were made with very similar features to the original 1950s Les Pauls; long neck tenons, single piece mahogany bodies with maple tops, mahogany necks with the perfect “D” shape profile, and no volute which would become standard in late 1969. This example has all the early features of the 1968 models include 1968 pots, but features an early 1969 serial number and undotted “I” Gibson logo. Later in the year Gibson would switch to three piece necks, bodies, and a shorter neck tenon. The guitar was professionally refretted but is otherwise completely original and a great example of why these guitars have become so sought after by both collectors and players. If you’re chasing the distinct sound and feel of a 50’s Les Paul these ’68 and early ’69 models are as close as it gets. EXC w/OHSC $18,500 

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