ES-330 model guitars are some of the most underrated electrics from Gibson’s “Golden Era”, and this 1960 model is a perfect example. The fully hollow thinline body and single “Dogear” P90 pickup work beautifully together, giving these guitars a range that is equally suited to Jazz, Chicago blues, and all out rock n’ roll styles of playing. This guitar has the perfect three-tone Gibson Sunburst finish that is vibrant and unfaded, while the comfortable 1960 neck profile and lightweight make playing this instrument a breeze. This guitar also has all the early ES features like a dot inlayed fingerboard, “long” style pickguard, chrome hardware, and the early body design with symmetrical “Micky Mouse” cutaways. A nearly invisible headstock repair and replaced tailpiece mount make this a perfect choice for a player, as well. VG w/HSC $4,500. 

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