• 2012 Gibson Custom Shop'61 Les Paul (SG) VOS "Cherry"
    A fantastic playing '61 SG reissue from the Custom Shop, this 2012 model was purchased by a Gibson employee and kept in fantastic shape. With a fast '61 spec neck profile, lightweight mahogany body, and Gibson's VOS finish, this is a great recreation of the original! The Maestro "Vibrola" tailpiece and nickel hardware, as well as the vibrant "cherry" finish make this a great looking guitar that includes the original Custom Shop hardshell case, certificate of authenticity, and all the case candy. EXC w/OHSC HOLD
  • 1966 Fender Jaguar "Candy Apple Red" w/matching headstock
    One of the coolest '66 Jaguar's we've seen, this Custom Color example in beautiful "Candy Apple Red" has a unique fade, almost reminiscent of Gibson's "Sparkling Burgundy Metallic". This the perfect '66 large "C" profile bound neck with block inlays, as well as a matching "Candy Apple Red" headstock, white three-ply pickguard and the original Fender hardshell case. As players and collector's alike continue to appreciate Fender's "offset" designs, original custom color Jaguar's are becoming increasingly hard to find. EXC w/OHSC $7,500
  • 2011 Gibson Firebird III "Sunburst"
    A fantastic recreation of a mid-60's Non Reverse Firebird! This 3 pickup example from 2011 features a trio of screaming "Soap Bar" p90 pickups, stop tailpiece with ABR-1 bridge for better intonation, and a great playing 60's neck profile. The mahogany non-reverse shape body is lightweight and resonant and comfortable to play both seated and standing. This guitar has been kept in fantastic condition and includes the original Gibson hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 1959 Fender Stratocaster Rick Derringer
    Rumble Seat Music is honored to offer this iconic Fender Stratocaster for sale. Immortalized on the cover of Rick Derringer's 1973 album All American Boy featuring the hit song Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo, this guitar started life as a 1959 Sunburst Stratocaster. It was owned by John Hammond who gifted this instrument to Bob Dylan around the time he was recording his landmark record Highway 61 Revisited with Blues guitar giant Mike Bloomfield. Bloomfield kept the Strat and had it painted a metallic purple finish before giving it to another legendary player, Johnny Winter. Winter had the guitar converted to a stop tailpiece and affixed Telecaster style barrel knobs, and commissioned the guitar to be finished in "candy apple red" with a matching headstock. The instrument remained in Winter's collection for years where it was set up for slide playing and likely used on several recordings. During the photoshoot for the cover of Derringer's solo album, he borrowed this guitar from Winter and forever became associated with this legendary instrument. This guitar has made the rounds amongst countless guitar heroes and includes a thorough write up from a 1994 copy of Vintage Guitar magazine. This is a true piece of rock n' roll history and a fantastic playing and sounding instrument, as well! Few guitars can tie together so many iconic players making this a truly exceptional opportunity for any collector! EXC w/HSC Call for Price 
  • 1954 Fender Telecaster "Blonde" Left Handed
    This is an extremely rare example of a Lefty 50's Telecaster! An early 1954 model, this guitar features all "blackguard" era appointments with an early white pickguard, a single piece Ash body with a "butterscotch" blonde finish, and phenomenal playing '54 profile maple neck. This guitar was purchased from the original owner and still includes the original Tweed "knucklebuster" case with Fender strap, polish cloth, and all the case candy! If you're a lefty you simply won't find a cleaner or better example of a 1950's Telecaster available! EXC w/OHSC HOLD 
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Sunburst"
    This is a stunning example of one of the most coveted electric guitars in history; the 1959 Gibson Les Paul "Burst"! With an intricately figured flame-maple top, original "PAF" humbucking pickups, and the distinctive '59 neck carve, this guitar embodies all the features that have made these the "holy grail" to both players and collectors. This instrument has been well documented, including a write-up in the popular Burst Believer's Volume 4 by Vic DaPra, and has been given the affectionate nickname "Bubbles". Original "bursts" continue to go up in value and examples with tops like this are becoming extremely hard to find. EXC w/OHSC $450,000. 
  • 1960 Gibson Les Paul "Sunburst"
    A true "holy grail" instrument, we are prod to offer for sale this incredible 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Burst"! The Sunburst Les Paul Standard from this time period has attained near mythic status, desired by player's and collectors alike for its unparalleled tone and sustain; a key ingredient behind some of the best recorded guitar sounds in history. We're lucky enough to see many of these historic instruments at Rumble Seat Music, and this is truly one of the best sounding examples we've played! With a pair of original Patent Applied For humbucking pickups, this guitar has the magic sound that have made these instruments the most coveted electric guitars in the world, while the fast 1960 neck profile make this one truly difficult to put down. This guitar also features a beautifully figured flame maple top, with plenty of vibrant color left in the finish. This guitar was used on the classic psychedelic era recording I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by the Electric Prunes, making this not just an incredible guitar but a true piece of rock n roll history. Iconic Les Pauls like this don't come up for sale often, making this and extraordinary opportunity to own a legendary "Burst"! EXC w/OHSC $230,000.   
  • Wild Custom Guitars Gyrock
    A revolutionary guitar design, the Gyrock by Wild Custom Guitars is a French built instrument with an innovative pickup selection mechanism that allows the guitar's pickups to be changed at the flip of a switch! With independent levers for the bridge and neck pickup, users can load each setting with up to three pickups at a time; change pickups without ever picking up a soldering iron! This guitar offers limitless possibilities for tonal variations and couldn't be easier to use. A fantastic playing instrument that has been engineered to meet the demands of a modern player. Brand New w/OHSC $8,500.      
  • Newman 5-String "Walnut"
    When it comes to the 5-string open G Guitar tuning, the true godfather is Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. It was Keith's 70's guitar tech Ted Newman who built some of the first electric 5 string guitars for Keith and his legacy continues through the Newman guitar company that bears his name. This 5 string model features a walnut body with a mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. The trussrod cover and headstock badge are engraved by renowned artist Danny O'brien who's worked adorned the infamous metal top Zemaitis guitars. With a pair of Harden Broncobuster pickups and hipshot open back tuners, this guitar is road worthy and ready for the stage! A great tool for the guitarist who has everything, 5 string guitars open a whole new world of possibilities for songwriting and playing. NEW w/OHSC $2,500.
  • 1967 Gibson ES-330 "Sunburst"
    A fantastic playing example of a late 60's ES-330, this 1967 features a beautiful Sunburst finish with chrome hardware, nylon saddles and "Witch Hat" style knobs. The fully hollow construction along with a pair of phenomenal "Dog Ear" p90 pickups make these guitars ideal for everything from Slim Harpo style blues playing to mid-60's British Invasion inspired tones and much more! The neck has plenty of depth making this a great playing guitar. This instrument includes the original hardshell Gibson case. EXC w/OHSC $4,500. 
  • 1957 Fender Telecaster "Natural"
    This phenomenal 1957 Telecaster features a very unusual and highly figured flamed ash body! The original owner passed this instrument down to his nephew, who upon seeing signs of the gorgeous wood below the finish stripped the guitar to natural in his school's shop class. The result is a visually striking instrument with the great tone that has made the "White Guard" Telecaster one of the most desired guitars amongst both players and collectors. The perfect "Soft V" shaped '57 neck has been professionally refretted and makes this a stellar playing instrument. A replaced guard and Ron Ellis pickups make this the perfect 50's Telecaster for a player. VG w/HSC $HOLD
  • 1977 Fender Telecaster Thinline "Wayne Jarrett"
    This stunning 1977 Thinline model Telecaster features original artwork by renowned guitar painter Wayne Jarrett. Jarrett's work can be seen on guitars used by Prince, as well as countless other country, rock, and pop musicians of the era. This Southwestern inspired motif was originally created for the guitarist of a North Carolina band called the Sundowners. This guitar features the original receipt for the purchase of the instrument, as well as the commissioned art work and all the original hangtags. Aside from a beautiful piece of artwork, this instrument is also a great sounding guitar, with a pair of Seth Lover designed "Widerange" humbucking pickups, semi-hollow body and a great playing maple neck. This guitar makes a visual statement that its sound can really stand behind; perfect for anyone looking for a stage guitar with some serious mojo. EXC w/OHSC $6,500
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Ice Blue Metallic"
    We've had some amazing "Custom Color" Stratocasters over the years, but few stand out quite like this! This is a 1965 Strat in incredibly rare "Ice Blue Metallic", which over the years has transitioned into a beautiful and unique green color. Rumble Seat Music sold this instrument to a private collector years ago and we are thrilled to once again offer this exceptional Stratocaster for sale. It includes all of the original features of these "transition" era guitars; small headstock with "Transition" logo, a dark rosewood board with a great playing, large "C" shape neck, "L plate" serial number, and all original electronics and pickups. This era tends to produce our favorite sounding Strats, and this is no exception! Guitars like this almost never show up for sale making this a unique opportunity to own one of the most elusive fender colors offered. EXC w/OHSC $60,000.
  • 2020 Newman Engraved Series "Oak Leaf"
      Founded by Ted Newman Jones, the legendary long-time guitar tech for Keith Richards, Newman guitars continue their legacy of innovation in guitar design. They have partnered with renowned engraving artist Danny O'brien, who's work can be seen on the Zemaitis instruments of the 60's and 70's used by so many legendary musicians. Each guitar features a completely original engraved metal top by Danny! This one-of-a-kind guitar features a beautiful Oak Leaf motif, along with a pair of Sentell pickups handmade in California. As much a great sounding guitar as it is a work of art! w/OHSC 9,500. NEW w/OHSC $7,995. 
  • 2020 Newman Wings Exotic Woods Model "Bubinga"
      Another unique guitar built by Newman and featuring the artwork of legendary engraver Danny O'brien. This exotic wood model features a Carved Ribbon Bubinga Top, Mahogany middle and Zebrawood back on this chambered body with deep contour back, figured  Maple neck, Wenge fretboard with light cream Wenge accent strip with darker wenge outer neck and headstock binding. With a set of Sentell Gravytrain pickups, master volume and tone blender knob there is a wide variety of great tones on tap, while the  Danny O’Brien Engraved Wings, Truss cover and control plate really make this guitar stand out. A rare chance at an exquisite modern build with rock history in its lineage. w/OHSC $6,995. 
  • Gibson Custom Marshall 50th Anniversary Les Paul "Goldtop"
    Part of a very limited run of 50 guitars, this Les Paul was built as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Marshall amplification company. Hand aged by Tom Murphy, these guitars feature the same specs as the 1957 reissue R7 models with a special "Marshall" logo 12th fret inlay. This instrument is number 50 0f 50, making it the last one of the series. This guitar was sold to a Gibson employee and has not been available to the public before. It includes the original hardshell case and case candy. A truly limited guitar that is no longer available making these not just fantastic instruments but a piece of Les Paul and Marshall history! EXC w/OHSC $12,500. 
  • 1960's Hofner Galaxie 176 "Sunburst"
    A late 60's example of what was at the time Hofner's Top-of-the-line electric guitar, this solidbod guitar shows clear influence from the Fender Stratocaster. A trio of humbucking pickups and selector switches allow for a huge array of sounds while the ergonomic double cut body makes it comfortable to play. This instrument also features a tremolo tailpiece and 6-on-a-side headstock tuners. These don't show up for sale often and this is a clean and original example fresh out of a private collection. EXC w/bag $1,200. 
  • 1967 Gibson EB-2D Bass "Sunburst"
    Known for their great playing necks and tonal versatility, the EB-2 was the of choice for countless bass players in the 60s, and seemed to find favor with English rock bands like the Yardbirds! This "D" model features two pickups, as well as the "baritone" switch for an even heavier bottom "Growl" ensuring this instrument covers a lot of ground. This instrument also includes the original chrome bridge cover and Gibson hardshell case. These are becoming harder to find in original condition with no breaks, making this an excellent option for anyone looking for the distinct tone of a Gibson bass! EXC w/OHSC $3,200.
  • 1966 Fender Bass V "Candy Apple Red"
    Here is an instrument you won't see showing up for sale often: A very rare "Custom Color" Fender Bass V in original "Candy Apple Red" Finish! This short-lived Fender model was another huge innovation in instrument design. Unlike later 5 string basses which include a low B string, the bass V utilizes a high C note, giving these a truly unique sound and character unlike any other bass available. With only a few hundred made between 1965-1971, these are becoming very hard to find, especially in a Custom Color finish. Famously used by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, the bass V is perfect for a bassist or studio owner looking for a unique low end sound, as well as for collectors looking for unusual Fender instruments. This guitar also includes the original hardshell Fender case! EXC w/OHSC $7,500. 
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul "See-thru Black"
    An incredible guitar, this early 1969 Les Paul Standard is an example of one of the last Les Pauls with the pre-Norlin construction methods. It features a single piece mahogany body with a maple cap, single piece mahogany neck with a fantastic "D" profile similar to a '59 shape, and a pair of stellar sounding "Soap Bar" P90 pickups. This guitar was refinished many years ago in a transparent Black finish giving it a unique look. The guitar has a brass nut and the tuners have been replaced, but the originals are included, and this guitar is free from breaks or repairs! These are some of the best Les Pauls available for the money and are becoming much harder to find. EXC w/OHSC $8,750.