• 1955 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop"
    1950's Les Paul Standard guitars are some of the most sought after guitars in the world, and this guitar from 1955 is a prime example of why! One of the cleanest "Goldtops" we've seen, this guitar features the "wraptail" style tailpiece, which combined with the original "Soap Bar" P90 pickups makes for one truly incredible sounding Les Paul! The perfect '55 neck profile is a delight to play, while the mahogany back and maple top offer the unmistakable resonance and sustain for which these are known. The original Brown Lifton hardshell case is in fantastic shape, as well, making this a great choice for anyone looking for a fully original vintage Les Paul. EXC w/OHSC $45,000.
  • 1980 Dean Flame V "White"
    Early Dean guitars are becoming increasingly hard to find. This 1980 Flame V model features a rare, "White" finish, beefy, one piece mahogany neck with a "V" shaped profile, ebony fingerboard, and a pair of Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups. Lightweight and well balanced, this is one of the best playing V style guitars available. EXC w/OHSC $3,200.
  • Glen Miller Moderne "Korina"
    Renowned guitar builder Glen Miller of Lewiston, NY is known for his exceptionally high quality recreations of Gibson's late 50's Korina guitar designs. With access to Gibson-made parts from Kalamazoo and real Korina wood, the V's, Explorers, and Futuras Miller builds are as close as it gets to the real thing. This rare "Moderne" model features a Bigsby tailpiece, '58 profile neck, and Korina body with a pair of Humbucking pickups offering the distinct tone that only Korina wood guitars can get. Gibson Moderne reissues rarely appear for sale making this a great opportunity for anyone looking for one of these guitars! EXC w/HSC $4,500
  • 1982 BC Rich Mockingbird Standard "Maple"
    BC Rich guitars are behind some of the most innovative and unique designs in the evolution of the electric guitar, with the Mockingbird being one of the most recognized models. Used by iconic rock artists like Joe Perry and Slash, the original California-made Mockingbirds are made with careful attention to detail and high quality standards, making them popular with players and collectors alike. This 1982 example features a beautiful neck-thru maple body that is exceptionally resonant, as well as a great playing, hand carved neck, and a pair of double white Dimarzio pickups. With an onboard preamp circuit and phase switch this guitar offers a huge array of versatile tones that make it ideal for any live situation. This guitar has some moderate player wear and was professionally refretted resulting in a light touchup on the fingerboard but is otherwise a fully original example of this rare, early Mockingbird. VG w/OHSC $5,200.
  • 1962 Gibson ES-335 Dot-Neck "Sunburst"
    One of the cleanest ES models we've seen lately, this 1962 model is a late example of a "Dot Neck" ES-335. The gorgeous sunburst finish is unfaded while the original Bigsby tremolo tailpiece and Patent Applied for humbucking pickups make this an extremely versatile and killer sounding guitar. The neck profile is closer to the '63-64 spec; slightly larger than earlier 60's models, ensuring this instrument plays as great as it looks. Clean and original examples of dot-neck 335s are becoming much harder to find, making this an ideal addition to any collection and a great choice for anyone looking for a truly great sounding guitar! EXC w/OHSC $37,500.
  • 1981 BC Rich Bich "Light Gun Metal"
    The 10 string BC Rich Bich models rarely appear for sale, especially in custom finishes like this beautiful "Light Gun Metal". This clean and original example was hand made in California and features an incredible "V" shaped neck unlike any other BC Rich neck we've played. Kept in a private collection for years, this guitar is in great shape with fully functioning pre amp circuits, varitone switch, and phase switches that give these guitars unparalleled versatility. Made famous by Joe Perry and Slash, the BC Rich Bich is a design unlike any other making this a great addition to any collection or a guitar for a player looking to make a statement on stage. EXC w/OHSC $8,000
  • 1974 Fender Mandocaster "Sunburst"
    This 1974 Fender Mandocaster was previously owned by pioneering Jazz Fusion guitarist John Abecrombie. His unique use of the Mandocaster involved tuning the instrument in 4ths like an electric guitar as opposed to traditional mandolin tuning in 5ths. This instrument became an important part of Abecrombie's sound throughout the 70's, often sounding like a variety of different instruments, from a Japanese Koto to even flue inspired sounds. A 2017 article in the Freboard Journal was published featuring an interview with Abecrombie about his use of this instrument which included photos of him with this and other electric Mandolin guitars in his collection. This is both an important piece for fans of Abercrombie as well as a rare instrument. EXC w/gig bag $4,500.
  • Robert Mondell Triple Pickup Metal Top
    Robert Mondell has built guitars for some of rock's royalty. His unique designs draw inspiration from builders like Tony Zemaitis but stand out on their own for their unique style and innovations. This completely one of a kind instrument was built with a three piece mahogany body and neck, ebony fingerboard, and a unique metal top that was acid treated for a etched texture unlike any guitar we've seen! The 60's Strat-style pickups were made by Jimmy Wallace and are wired to allow maximum tonal versatility. If you're looking for a totally unique guitar for the stage that offers a ton of great sounds, this guitar is a winner. EXC w/OHSC $2,200
  • 1998 Rickenbacker 360 "Mapleglo"
    Nothing else sounds quite like a Rickenbacker! The distinctive Jangle of these California made guitars helped define the sound of the 1960's. These instruments are still made in the same place to the same standards making them fantastic guitars from any era. this 1998 360 model is in fantastic shape and features a classic "Mapleglo" finish. The original Rickenbacker "High Gain" pickups are higher output than the original Toaster Tops found in 60's models but maintain the distinctive characteristics that made these guitars famous. This guitar includes the original Rickenbacker hard case. EXC w/OHSC $2,495
  • 1996 Fender Custom Shop Yamano 1970 Stratocaster "Olympic White"
    This is a totally unique guitar from the superb craftsman of the Fender Custom Shop! A reissue of a 1970 Stratocaster with a Jimi Hendrix-inspired reverse headstock, this guitar was specifically ordered by Yamano music for the Japanese market. Yamano are recognized as one of the preeminent dealers of high end Fender guitars and only select the best instruments available. This guitar is in exceptionally clean condition and includes all of the original case candy and Japanese paperwork, as well as the Custom Shop COA and hardshell Tweed case. A must have for anyone looking for a Hendrix-style Strat! EXC w/OHSC $4,500.
  • 1987 PRS 24 "Magenta Pearl"
    These early PRS guitars have become increasingly collectible and are definitely some of the best made instruments of their time. With the original "Sweet Switch" and 5 way rotary knob, these guitars have a sound all their own, and this clean and original example features a rare "Magenta Pearl" finish! The double cutaway shape and regular neck carve are complimented by a beautiful Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and the rare finish is truly stunning in person. As these continue to go up in value, this is a must for any PRS collector and a fantastic playing instrument, as well. EXC w/HSC $6,500 
  • 2020 Gibson Custom 59' flying V "Candy Apple Red"
    A unique combination from the Gibson Custom Shop, this 2020 model pairs a '59 Flying V with '60s Custom Color "Sparkling Burgundy" finish! A lightweight mahogany body, this guitar is highly resonant and comfortable to play. A like-new example, this guitar includes the Custom Shop hardshell case, as well as all of the "Case Candy". The perfect '59 neck profile make this a phenomenal player, while the Gibson "Custom Bucker" pickups offer great tones from Albert King to KK Downing! EXC W/OHSC $5,995
  • 2021 GMP D.C. Relic "TV Yellow"
    Started by renowned airbrush artist Dan Lawrence, GMP Guitars are built in San Dimas California by a team of expert builders with experience working for both Jackson and BC Rich guitars. This double cut model features a lightweight mahogany body, with an aged TV Yellow Finish, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and a pair of incredible sounding Wolftone P90 pickups. The first Relic guitar offered by GMP, this is a great choice for anyone looking for the look and feel of a vintage "TV Yellow" guitar at a player friendly price. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 2016 GMP DC "Vintage Honey"
    Started by renowned airbrush artist Dan Lawrence, GMP Guitars are built in San Dimas California by a team of expert builders with experience working for both Jackson and BC Rich guitars. This double cut model features a lightweight mahogany body, 5A quilt maple top, and a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, as well as a pair of Seymour Duncan APH pickups. This example is in fantastic shape and includes all the original Case Candy, COA, and hardshell case. A great playing and sounding guitar that is both modern and classic in design. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Jr.
    Absolutely the cleanest example of a TV finish we've ever seen! This 1956 Les Paul Junior is completely unfaded and in museum-quality condition! The original TV finish is still completely transparent, with no discoloration, still showing the beautifully figured mahogany wood grain. Fully original and with all the great features that have made juniors so popular with players; a lightweight and resonant mahogany body with a great '56 neck profile, a screaming "Dogear"P90 pickup that is extremely dynamic and responsive to subtle changes of the volume and tone knob, and a wraparound tailpiece, as well as the original Gibson alligator chipboard case. If you like clean, all original examples, you simply won't find a better TV Junior for sale anywhere! Like New w/OSC $18,500
  • 1958 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst" (Billy Corgan)
    An exceptional example of an early "Three-Tone Sunburst" Stratocaster, this 1958 model was previously owned by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan! It features a great playing "Soft V" maple neck and fingerboard with a beautiful ash body, as well as the original electronics, making this an incredible playing and sounding 50's Strat. Whether you're a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins or simply looking for a stellar sounding 50's Fender, this guitar is a total winner. EXC w/HSC $39,500.  
  • 1958 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail "Sunburst"
    An incredible playing 1958 Stratocaster, this hardtail model belonged to legendary Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan! It features an early "three-tone" Sunburst finish, the perfect maple neck with the early '58 "Soft V" profile. Exceptionally resonant acoustically, hardtail Strats of this era tend to be some of our favorite sounding Strats and this is a perfect example. Fully original '50s Stratocasters are becoming hard to find, especially with celebrity provenance. This would be the ultimate Strat for any collection! EXC w/HSC $34,500.
  • 1950 Fender Broadcaster "Danny Gatton"
    Known to fans and fellow guitarists as "the Humbler" Danny Gatton is no doubt one of the most talented and innovative players to pickup up a guitar. Seamlessly blending country and western swing with jazz and rock n' roll styles, the guitar world is still recovering from the impression Gatton made on the electric guitar. Rumble Seat Music is proud to offer for sale this incredible 1950 Fender Broadcaster, previously owned by the master of the Telecaster himself, Danny Gatton! Though Gatton performed numerous modifications to this instrument, it remains a fantastic example of a Blackguard Broacaster; one of the most coveted guitars to players and collectors alike. The guitar includes the original hardshell case, as well as photos of Danny with the instrument, and a full accord of how it came to be sold to a friend of his in Maryland who has kept the guitar in its present condition, just as Danny left it. Whether you're fan of Gatton's playing or simply appreciate this piece of electric guitar history, this is truly a unique opportunity to own an instrument of true historic significance! w/OHSC $135,000.  
  • 1965 Gibson Firebird III "Ember Red"
    Custom Color Firebirds almost never appear for sale, especially in the rare "Ember Red" finish! This incredible 1965 Firebird III is an all original example of this rare finish and a stellar playing and sounding example, as well. The neck maintains a large, '64 style profile while the lightweight neck-thru body and Mini-humbucking pickups are extremely versatile and hot, making this a true rock n' roll machine! A small crack on the back of the headstock was repaired decades ago but this remains an otherwise clean example. If you're looking for a Firebird in a rare color, this is a total winner! W/OHSC $19,500  
  • 1967 Epiphone Sheraton "Sunburst"
    An exceptional example of this top-of-line Epiphone semi-hollow body guitar, this may well be the cleanest Sheraton we've ever seen! Similar to the Riviera but with higher-end appointments, the Sheraton has found favor with everyone from John Lee Hooker to Noel Gallagher, and makes a perfect alternative to an ES-355. The semi hollow construction and mini-humbucker pickups deliver a distinct tone that maintains the "sweetness" of a Gibson ES but with a little more bite, perfect for any blue or rock n' roll setting. The beautiful sunburst finish is vibrant and unfaded while the gold hardware is some of the cleanest you'll find on a 60's Kalamazoo-made guitar. Anyway you look at it this is a stunning example worthy of any collection, as well as a stellar guitar that can hold it's own with some of the golden-era ES models. EXC w/OHSC $9,500.