• 1952 Gibson Les Paul "Goldtop" Conversion
    One of the best sounding "conversion" Les Pauls we've heard! This guitar started as a 1952 model and was professionally converted to "Patent Applied For" humbucking pickups and a wraparound tailpiece. This is the same setup as the famous Oxblood Les Paul used by Jeff Beck and makes for an exceptionally aggressive and dynamic Les Paul! The comfortable '52 Neck profile was professionally refretted and this guitar is set up to play wonderfully, while the original PAF pickups deliver the distinctive "burst" tone for a fraction of the price. A perfect guitar for any serious player or collector. EXC w/HSC $28,000
  • 1972 Gibson Les Paul '58 (54) "Goldtop"
    One of the best Gibson models to emerge from the early 70's, Despite being named the Les Paul '58, these guitars much more closely resemble the 1954 Les Paul model. With a pair of "Soap bar" p90 pickups, wraparound tail piece, and Goldtop finish, as well as a smaller headstock and large profile neck with no volute, these guitars mark one of the first attempts to return to the 50's style of Les Paul construction. This guitar was owned by a professional musician in Nashville and has seen countless hours of use live and in the studio. A set of Grover tuners has been installed, as well as newer frets, making this an exceptionally great playing and sounding instrument. If you're looking for a fantastic playing vintage Les Paul with no breaks and plenty of vibe, this guitar is a total winner! This guitar also includes a later Gibson "protector" case. VG W/HSC $6,500
  • 1960 Gibson ES-345 "Cherry" Double Pickguard
    Purchased from the family of the original owner, this one-of-a-kind 1960 ES-345 was custom ordered with two pickguards! Left handed "long" style guards are incredibly rare, making this unique instrument even more rare. Just as we were putting this guitar up for sale, we sold it to our friend Joe Bonamassa who put it to use at home and on the road, but we're proud to make it available again! This guitar also features a pair of phenomenal sounding PAF humbucking pickups and the original brown Lifton case, as well as photos of the original owner and his family. ES-345s from this era are some of the beset sounding electric guitars available, and this is a unique opportunity to own a historical Gibson instrument truly unlike any other. EXC w/OHSC $27,500
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    A very cool, "transition era" Stratocaster! This very early 1965 example still has several features held over from 1964 like a mint green pickguard and "L" plate serial number. The beautiful three-tone Sunburst finish is bright and unfaded while the perfect "medium C" neck profile features a dark rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays and a transitional Fender logo. This guitar also includes an original Import case original to guitars sold in Europe, as well as a vintage Fender guitar strap! As 60's Strats continue to increase in value these transition era models offer some of the best value for anyone looking for great sounding Strats with several "Pre-CBS" features! EXC w/OHSC $21,o00. 
  • 1962 Gretsch Country Club "Cadillac Green"
    Just in, this great playing 1962 Gretsch Country Club features our favorite Gretsch finish: Cadillac Green! With a pair of phenomenal sounding Filtertron humbucker pickups and an added vintage Bigsby tremolo tailpiece, this guitar is perfect for anyone chasing "That Great Gretsch Sound" This guitar also includes the original string mute with red felt padded control, Grover Imperial tuners, and an ebony fretboard with neo-classical inlays, which in addition to the original "Cadillac Green" finish give this instrument a very elegant appearance. This example also comes with an original Gretsch hardshell case. VG w/OHSC $6,500. 
  • 1958 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst" w/ Gold Hardware
    One of the only examples we've ever seen of a 1958 Stratocaster with extremely rare gold hardware! This incredible one-owner guitar features a beautiful, early three-tone sunburst finish and flamed maple neck with original custom ordered gold hardware. This incredible guitar is not only rare but one of the cleanest 1958 Strats to come through the shop. It includes the original tweed Fender case, as well as the original strap, cable, bridge cover, and tremolo arm; both in original gold plating! A guitar like this does not come up for sale often and would be a highlight of any collection! EXC w/OHSC $55,000. 
  • 2018 Gibson Custom Shop SG w/ Raised Contours "Two-tone...
    One of the great things about the Gibson Custom Shop is their ability to offer extremely limited or one-of-a-kind guitars built by their expert craftsman. This 2018 SG is one such example, and is a rare opportunity to own a guitar that was not previously made available to the public. As a collaboration with Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top and Neiman Marcus stores, Gibson built a limited number of unique SG style guitars with Flying V headstocks, '61 style "Side-pull" tremolo arms, two-tone finishes, and most striking, a raised center contour and Texas shaped control cavity. These guitars sold out quickly but 5 extras were built at the custom shop without the Gibbons moniker. Each of these featured a different center color making each one truly unique. These guitars were sold to employees and were not offered to the public. This example is in "like-new" condition and includes the original Gibson hardshell case, as well as the COA. Whether you are a fan of the Rev. Willie G or simply looking for a guitar guaranteed to stand out in any collection, this extremely rare offering from the Gibson Custom Shop is unlike anything else available. EXC w/OHSC $15,500. 
  • 2017 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul True Historic...
    This is a truly unique opportunity to own a rare Gibson Custom Shop Prototype! This instrument was made as a prototype for a series that was never released; a True Historic model with the Billy Gibbons top carve. It features a beautifully figured top with the perfect '59 neck profile and a pair of Gibson "Custom Bucker" humbucking pickups that make it a stellar playing and sounding instrument, as well. This guitar was part of an employee sale and not previously available to the public, and includes the original Gibson hardshell case and case candy. Very rarely does a prototype instrument from the Custom Shop appear for sale, making this the perfect addition to any serious collection. EXC w/OHSC $14,500. 
  • 2017 Gibson ES-275 "Sunburst"
    Part of a limited run of guitars from the Memphis Custom Shop, this 2017 ES-275 is a perfect example of why the Memphis plant was renowned for their ES model guitars! A fully hollow design with an L-5 style cutaway, this guitar features a pair of "Dog Ear" P90s and a Bigsby B7 tremolo, making it an extremely versatile instrument. This guitar also includes the original Custom Shop case and COA. Whether for Jazz, blues, country, rockabilly, or just about any other style, this guitar is a comfortable alternative to bigger archtops. EXC w/OHSC $3,200. 
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    After several years of discontinuation, Gibson brought the Les Paul back in its original body shape in 1968 with both Standard and Custom models. These instruments featured many of the 50's style construction methods and appointments like single piece mahogany bodies and necks with no headstock volute, longer neck tenons, and carved maple tops on both models. This early 1969 Custom still has these earlier features; a transitional neck tenon, single piece body, and a pair of excellent sounding patent number humbucking pickups. The perfect neck profile is very close to an original '59 size and shape while a professional re-fret makes this a truly phenomenal player. These guitars are becoming harder to find and have found favor with anyone looking for the '50s Les Paul sound without the 6 figure price tag. EXC w/OHSC $16,500. 
  • 2018 Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Vaughan Stratocaster "Aztec Gold"
    This beautiful Stratocaster from the Fender Custom Shop was built to the specs of legendary Texas guitar player Jimmie Vaughan! The alder body, rift sawn maple neck and handwound JLV pickups make this the perfect instrument for Jimmie's distinct brand of Texas blues, while the C shape neck, 9.5" radius and jumbo Frets make this a fantastic player, as well. The closet classic aged "Aztec Gold" lacquer finish and single ply "egg shell" pickguard give this guitar a definitive '50's flare. This instrument is in like-new condition and includes the original custom shop case, as well as the original hang tags and case candy. EXC w/ohsc $4,250
  • 1957 Gibson ES-350 T "Sunburst"
    A stunning example of a PAF equipped ES-350T! This 1957 model features the first year "Patent Applied For" humbucker pickups which with the fully hollow maple body and shorter scale length combine for a completely unique sound that can handle everything from mellow jazz to raunchy rock n' roll! The beautiful Sunburst finish highlights the intricate grain and flame throughout the maple body, and the guitar includes an original brown Lifton hardshell case! EXC w/OHSC $9,500. 
  • 2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul (SG) Custom "Cherry"
    The Les Paul/SG Custom is one of the most recognizable and ornate solidbody electrics of the early 60's. With a trio of humbucking pickups, gold hardware, an ebony fingerboard with block inlays, and a bound headstock, it's elegance and versatility found favor with a wide array of legendary players and original examples are highly sought after by collectors. Even more rare than the standard White finish, a few examples were ordered in Custom Color finishes like Black of Cherry. This 2018 Custom Shop instrument is a recreation of one such example. It's beautiful "See-thru Cherry" finish, white pickguard and gold hardware really make this one stand out visually, while all three "Custom Bucker" pickups sound phenomenal in this very resonant and easy-to-play guitar. This like-new example includes all the original hang tags and "Case Candy" from the Custom Shop, as well as the original hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $HOLD
  • Newman Engraved Series 2 Pickup Wings model "Black"
    Another exceptional and unique guitar resulting from the combined efforts of Newman guitars and Danny O'brien!  This guitar features a chambered swamp ash body with a carved maple top, mahogany neck and an ebony fingerboard with 24 frets. The body features two "wing" panels, each engraved by Danny O'brien, best known for his iconic work with Tony Zemaitis on guitars used by the Faces, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and countless others. The 24.75" Scale neck features an asymmetrical "Soft V" carve, while the body is exceptionally lightweight and resonant. With a pair of Sentell pickups, this guitar is not just a work of art but also a phenomenal sounding instrument. All of Danny's work is hand done and completely unique, making this a true one-of a-kind! New w/HSC $6,995. 
  • 2019 Gibson Custom Shop SG Custom Aged "White"
    This 2019 Gibson SG Custom is a perfect example of some of the exceptional guitars being built by the Custom Shop here in Nashville. A like-new example, this guitar was aged by the craftsman at Gibson giving it the look and feel of the vintage examples on which it is based. The early 60's SG Customs are some of the most elegant solidvbody electrics, with the ebony fingerboard, split diamond inlayed bound headstock, gold hardware, White finish, and trio of humbucking pickups, and found favor with players like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Humble Pie-era Peter Frampton, and even Jimi Hendrix! The reissues offered by the Gibson Custom shop feature the same top-of-the-line appointments, as well as a trio of Gibson Custom Bucker pickups, making these some of the best sounding new guitars available. This guitar includes the original case candy and Custom Shop hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $7,250. 
  • 2019 Fender Custom Shop '59 Stratocaster Journeyman "Melon Candy"
    Just in, this 2019 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster was acquired directly at the Winter NAMM show and is in like-new condition! The stunning and unique "Melon Candy" finish and "Journeyman Relic" make this a truly stand out example, while the perfect '59 neck shape make this a fantastic playing guitar as well. With all the case candy and Certificate of Authenticity, as well as the Custom Shop hardshell case, this guitar is as new and has never been played. As New w/OHSC $4,100. 
  • 2020 Gibson Custom Shop '59 ES-355 "Black"
    The 1959 ES-355 was the top-of-the-line ES model at the time, and this Custom Shop model is a faithful reissue in a beautiful "Black" finish! Similar to the guitar used by Keith Richards, the custom color finish perfectly contrasts the gold hardware and tortoise shell pickguard, while the '59 profile neck, stop tailpiece and ABR-1 bridge insure this guitar plays as good as it looks. This guitar was purchased brand new and has not been played, and will include all the original "Case Candy" from the Custom Shop, as well as a certificate of authenticity and original hardshell case. AS New w/OHSC $5,995. 
  • 2020 Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster 70th Anniversary "Blonde"
    The short lived "Broadcaster" branded guitar form Fender debuted in 1950 but after a cease and desist from the Gretsch company for infringement on their similarly named drum kit the guitars were briefly nameless, resulting in the "no-caster" moniker, before finally settling on the now familiar "Telecaster" name. This Custom Shop guitar is part of a very limited series of instruments to commemorate the 70th anniversary of these historic instruments. Their rarity and historical significance, as well as the distinctive tone and neck profiles have made the "blackguard" Broadcaster one of the most coveted solidbody guitars on the vintage market, and this Fender Custom shop model really captures the look, feel, and sound of these holy grail guitars. With handwound Custom Shop 50-51 "blackguard" pickups, 50's style "Spaghetti" logo, single ply black phenolic pickguard, and an aged Butterscotch Blonde finish and maple neck, this guitar lives up to it's predecessors. Only available for 2020, this guitar is like new and has not been played! EXC w/OHSC $4,800. 
  • 1960 Gibson ES-330 "Sunburst"
    ES-330 model guitars are some of the most underrated electrics from Gibson's "Golden Era", and this 1960 model is a perfect example. The fully hollow thinline body and single "Dogear" P90 pickup work beautifully together, giving these guitars a range that is equally suited to Jazz, Chicago blues, and all out rock n' roll styles of playing. This guitar has the perfect three-tone Gibson Sunburst finish that is vibrant and unfaded, while the comfortable 1960 neck profile and lightweight make playing this instrument a breeze. This guitar also has all the early ES features like a dot inlayed fingerboard, "long" style pickguard, chrome hardware, and the early body design with symmetrical "Micky Mouse" cutaways. A nearly invisible headstock repair and replaced tailpiece mount make this a perfect choice for a player, as well. VG w/HSC $4,500. 
  • 2007 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R7 "Goldtop"
    One of the best playing Custom Shop Les Paul's we've had! This 2007 R7 model features the perfect '57 neck shape that has been professionally re-fretted, lightweight mahogany body with an accurately carved maple top, and a dark rosewood fingerboard. The subtle aging done at the Custom Shop make this guitar really is as close as it gets to the real thing. This guitar includes the original COA from Gibson, as well as an aftermarket hardshell case. The Custom Shop in Nashville has been building some of the best Les Pauls in years and this 2007 R7 truly stands out. EXC w/HSC $4,995