• 1994 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster "Harley Davidson"
    One of the most collectible and elusive guitars to emerge from the Fender Custom Shop, this 1994 Harley Davidson edition Stratocaster represents a partnership between two American icons! A mint example, this guitar has been part of a private collection since originally released in '94 and still includes all of the original "Case Candy", including a custom Harley leather strap and Certificate of Authenticity. These rarely appear for sale and this example is in like-new condition; a perfect instrument for guitar and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. EXC w/OHSC $32,000.  
  • 1963 Fender Stratocaster "Burgundy Mist"
    An extremely rare "Custom Color" Stratocaster, this original 1963 model is a beautiful example of "Burgundy Mist"! Strats in this finish almost never appear for sale making this guitar a perfect addition to any serious Fender collection. Not just a beautiful finish but a fantastic guitar, this instrument has all of the desired early 60's Fender features like a mint green pickguard, brazilian rosewood fingerboard with "Clay dot" inlays, "Spaghetti" style Fender logo, and original white hardshell case. Many fender guitars from 1963 have what we consider to be the best neck shape and this is no exception, and the original single coil pickups are especially warm and articulate. This guitar was professionally re-fretted making it a very easy guitar to play, while the extremely rare finish and early 60's features make this one of the best Strats available for sale! EXC w/OHSC $57,500.  
  • Baisibetti Scooter-Tune "315"
    Another unique creation from Baisibetti guitars of Italy, these incredible works of art are an homage to the 60's Italian scooters that became an integral part of the Mod scene! Like the Flippercaster guitars from Baisibetti, each one is completely unique, and Rumble Seat Music is the sole place to find one in the United States. This example features a blue body with an orange racing stripe, as well as a real break light that lights up when the tremolo arm is used! A guitar completely unlike anything we've seen. NEW w/bag $4,995  
  • Baisibetti Scooter-Tune "RAF"
    Another unique creation from Baisibetti guitars of Italy, these incredible works of art are an homage to the 60's Italian scooters that became an integral part of the Mod scene! Like the Flippercaster guitars from Baisibetti, each one is completely unique, and Rumble Seat Music is the sole place to find one in the United States. This example features a red, white, and blue motif with the Royal Airforce insignia, as well as a real break light that lights up when the tremolo arm is used! A guitar completely unlike anything we've seen. NEW w/bag $4,995
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    After being discontinued in the early 60's, Gibson brought back the original Les Paul body design in 1968 with the P90 equipped Standard model and Humbucker equipped Customs. These early examples were made with very similar features to the original 1950s Les Pauls; long neck tenons, single piece mahogany bodies with maple tops, mahogany necks with the perfect "D" shape profile, and no volute which would become standard in late 1969. This example has all the early features of the 1968 models include 1968 pots, but features an early 1969 serial number and undotted "I" Gibson logo. Later in the year Gibson would switch to three piece necks, bodies, and a shorter neck tenon. The guitar was professionally refretted but is otherwise completely original and a great example of why these guitars have become so sought after by both collectors and players. If you're chasing the distinct sound and feel of a 50's Les Paul these '68 and early '69 models are as close as it gets. EXC w/OHSC $18,500  
  • Baisibetti Flippercaster "Full House"
    These guitars are custom made in Italy and sold exclusively through Rumble Seat Music in the United States! Each guitar is entirely unique and made from parts of vintage pinball machines. This example features beautiful artwork depicting face cards and the four suits of cards, and even lights up! The lights are powered by a 9v battery accessible in the back, making this guitar a true work of art! A single P90 pickup in the neck position and Tele-style pickup in the bridge, along with a wrap around tail piece make this an exceptional sounding guitar, as well. Each of one of these is entire one-of-a-kind and are available on a very limited basis. New w/Bag $3,995  
  • 1975 Gibson Flying V "Natural"
    The Flying V is one of the most unique and innovative guitar designs in the Gibson line. Released in 1958 the revolutionary model took time to find favor with players making original examples some of the most coveted electric guitars in existence. The second run was not offered until the late 60's and even these have become extremely valuable guitars to collectors. 1970's models like this example are perfect for player's looking for the unmistakable look and sound that a V offers. From Tom Petty to KK Downing, Flying V's have been behind some of the ultimate rock guitar sounds, and this 1975 model is a great example. The "T Top" Humbucking pickups and resonant mahogany body have a distinct growl while the comfortable mahogany neck and rosewood board offers complete acces to every fret. This guitar also includes the original Gibson V hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $5,900.  
  • 1976 Fender Telecaster Custom "Natural"
    Perhaps most associated with Keith Richards, the 70's era Telecaster Custom features the versatile combination of a single coil Tele bridge pickup and a Seth Lover designed "Widerange" humbucker. This example from 1976 was stripped and professionally refinished in a natural finish, showing off the beautifully figured ash body. Unlike many Telecasters from this era, this guitar is lightweight and the maple neck plays perfectly. As these guitars continue to go up in value a great sounding player's example like this is the easiest way to get into these cool vintage Telecasters. VG w/OHSC $2,500. 
  • 1983 Fender Telecaster "Sunburst"
    A very clean and great playing Telecaster Standard from 1983, this guitar features an original Sunburst finish, a thin, great playing maple neck, and an original hardshell case. The original pickups offer the unmistakable tones of a vintage Tele at a price that is perfect for any player looking for a roadworthy workhorse. EXC w/OHSC $2,250   
  • 1975 Valeno Original "Polished Aluminum"
    One of the rarest finds in the vintage electric guitar market; we are proud to offer for sale this original 1975 Veleno guitar! Built in St. Petersburg Florida by John Veleno, this revolutionary design features a completely metal construction with a body plated in Polished Aluminum finish for a reflective chrome look. These striking and innovative guitars could be seen with many of the era's top stars, including Marc Bolan of T-Rex, Gregg Allman, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, and Ace Frehley of Kiss. These almost never appear for sale and this original example includes all the original Veleno paperwork, including a finish sample sheet, manual, and a letter with pricing options signed by John Veleno himself. This is a very rare opportunity to own a vintage guitar with near mythic status. EXC w/OHSC $37,500 
  • 1968 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    A fantastic player-grade SG standard, this 1968 model has the perfect Angus Young vibe! The lightweight and resonant mahogany body with a great playing neck is free from any breaks or repairs. This guitar features a mix of nickel and chrome parts, including an original nickel Lyre tailpiece. The pickups were replaced with a pair of custom wound Jim Rolph PAF-style humbuckers but maintain the original covers making this a fantastic sounding vintage guitar perfect for any player. EXC w/HSC $6,800.  
  • Baisibetti Flippercaster "Billards Table"
    Rumble Seat Music is proud to be the sole US store to offer these incredible and completely unique Baisibett Flippercaster guitars! Each guitar is hand made in Italy from a vintage pinball machine; no two instruments are alike! These are available in extremely limited quantities and each piece is completely original; a true work of art and a great guitar, as well! New w/bag $3,995 
  • Baisibetti Flippercaster "Joker"
    We are proud to be the only place in the US to offer these stunning works of art for sale! Each one of these guitars is handmade in Italy from real vintage pinball tables, incorporating everything from the bumpers, flippers, lights, plungers and the board itself. These are available on a very limited basis and no two are alike. This model features a deck of cards motif with prominent "Joker" character. In addition to the unique graphics, this guitar also features a push/pull pot which engages a series of lights on the top of the guitar powered by a 9v battery. With a great playing neck and a custom set of single coil pickups, this is not just a work of art but a great playing and sounding instrument, as well. Whether you have a game room that needs a centerpiece or simply want a guitar guaranteed to stand out on stage, the Flippercasters are some of the most unique and innovative new guitars being offered today. EXC w/bag $3,995 
  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr. "Cherry"
    Les Paul Jr.'s are some of our favorite sounding guitars, and this '58 double cut is no exception. An early example with a "squared off" body style, '58 round neck profile, and 4 digit serial number, this lightweight guitar is extremely aggressive and resonant. At one point owned by Austin Hanks of Billy Gibbon's and the BFGs, this guitar has had a professional neck repair making it a great choice for a player. These instruments continue to go up in value and find favor with collectors and players making great examples like this harder to find.VG w/HSC $5,200.  
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Ebony"
    This is perhaps the cleanest and most complete Les Paul Custom we've seen! A near mint example of the first year for this iconic guitar, this fully original 1957 model includes all of the original hang tags from Gibson! This guitar features a trio of pre-sticker PAF humbucking pickups, mahogany body and top with the perfect, medium sized '50s neck, earlier keystone tip Kluson tuners, an ABR-1 bridge and stop tailpiece, and the original hardshell case. These are some of the most coveted Gibson electric guitars; a beautiful design with a phenomenal tone behind some of the most legendary records in rock n' roll! You simply won't find a nicer example of a PAF Les Paul Custom available! EXC w/OHSC $85,000.  
  • 2021 Gibson Custom Shop 63' Firebird V "Inverness Green"
    This brand new guitar from the Gibson Custom Shop here in Nashville is one of the best new guitars we've played! A perfect recreation of a custom color Firebird V, the beautiful "Inverness Green" finish certainly stands out, while a killer '63 profile neck is the closest it gets to the real thing. The mini humbucking pickups are hot and extremely versatile and a VOS aged nickel "Lyre" tailpiece completes the authentic look of this stellar guitar. New for 2021, the original hardshell case features the same "goldenrod" interior as the original 60's cases. A fantastic reissue from the artisans at Gibson's Custom Shop! New w/OHSC CALL FOR PRICE  
  • 1964 Fender Stratocaster "Black"
    If you're looking for a fantastic playing, Custom Color Pre-CBS Stratocaster this original "Black" example is as good as it gets! With a very rare finish, this guitar also has all of the desired early features: mint green pickguard, "Spaghetti" Fender logo, clay dot inlays, and the perfect neck with a dark rosewood fingerboard. Lightweight and resonant, this is not just a rare example but a phenomenal sounding Strat, as well. All original and in great condition, this guitar also includes the original Fender hardshell case. Black Strats are extremely hard to find in this condition making this a rare opportunity. EXC w/OHSC $49,500.
  • 1978 Fender Telecaster "Blonde"
    A fantastic playing Telecaster perfect for any player. This 1978 model features a great, large profile "C" Shaped maple neck, see-thru "Blonde" finish with a beautifully figured original ash body. The electronics have been replaced and the guitar was upgraded to 50's style brass saddles. If you're looking for a vintage Tele that can handle the rigors of the road, this is a fantastic choice! VG w/HSC $2,700. 
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Special "TV Yellow"
    Just in, a stellar example of a Gibson Les Paul Special in original "TV Yellow" finish! This mahogany body guitar features a pair of "Soapbar style" P90 pickups and the perfect "soft V" '56 neck profile. Light weight and resonant, this guitar has all the bite and aggression that have made these so popular with players over the years. Each pickup is extremely dynamic and responds to subtle changes with the volume and tone knobs making for a very versatile electric guitar from Gibson's golden era! VG w/HSC $11,500.   
  • 1965 Gibson Firebird III "Ember Red"
    Custom Color Firebirds almost never appear for sale, especially in the rare "Ember Red" finish! This incredible 1965 Firebird III is an all original example of this rare finish and a stellar playing and sounding example, as well. The neck maintains a large, '64 style profile while the lightweight neck-thru body and Mini-humbucking pickups are extremely versatile and hot, making this a true rock n' roll machine! A small crack on the back of the headstock was repaired decades ago but this remains an otherwise clean example. If you're looking for a Firebird in a rare color, this is a total winner! W/OHSC $24,500.