• 1957 Fender Telecaster "Natural"
    This phenomenal 1957 Telecaster features a very unusual and highly figured flamed ash body! The original owner passed this instrument down to his nephew, who upon seeing signs of the gorgeous wood below the finish stripped the guitar to natural in his school's shop class. The result is a visually striking instrument with the great tone that has made the "White Guard" Telecaster one of the most desired guitars amongst both players and collectors. The perfect "Soft V" shaped '57 neck has been professionally refretted and makes this a stellar playing instrument. A replaced guard and Ron Ellis pickups make this the perfect 50's Telecaster for a player. VG w/HSC $12,500. 
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Ice Blue Metallic"
    We've had some amazing "Custom Color" Stratocasters over the years, but few stand out quite like this! This is a 1965 Strat in incredibly rare "Ice Blue Metallic", which over the years has transitioned into a beautiful and unique green color. Rumble Seat Music sold this instrument to a private collector years ago and we are thrilled to once again offer this exceptional Stratocaster for sale. It includes all of the original features of these "transition" era guitars; small headstock with "Transition" logo, a dark rosewood board with a great playing, large "C" shape neck, "L plate" serial number, and all original electronics and pickups. This era tends to produce our favorite sounding Strats, and this is no exception! Guitars like this almost never show up for sale making this a unique opportunity to own one of the most elusive fender colors offered. EXC w/OHSC $60,000.
  • 2020 Newman Engraved Series "Oak Leaf"
      Founded by Ted Newman Jones, the legendary long-time guitar tech for Keith Richards, Newman guitars continue their legacy of innovation in guitar design. They have partnered with renowned engraving artist Danny O'brien, who's work can be seen on the Zemaitis instruments of the 60's and 70's used by so many legendary musicians. Each guitar features a completely original engraved metal top by Danny! This one-of-a-kind guitar features a beautiful Oak Leaf motif, along with a pair of Sentell pickups handmade in California. As much a great sounding guitar as it is a work of art! w/OHSC 9,500. NEW w/OHSC $7,995. 
  • 2020 Newman Wings Exotic Woods Model "Bubinga"
      Another unique guitar built by Newman and featuring the artwork of legendary engraver Danny O'brien. This exotic wood model features a Carved Ribbon Bubinga Top, Mahogany middle and Zebrawood back on this chambered body with deep contour back, figured  Maple neck, Wenge fretboard with light cream Wenge accent strip with darker wenge outer neck and headstock binding. With a set of Sentell Gravytrain pickups, master volume and tone blender knob there is a wide variety of great tones on tap, while the  Danny O’Brien Engraved Wings, Truss cover and control plate really make this guitar stand out. A rare chance at an exquisite modern build with rock history in its lineage. w/OHSC $6,995. 
  • 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Burst"
    A truly iconic "burst", this 1960 Les Paul is the guitar used on the legendary Psychedelic rock anthem I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by the Electric Prunes! With a pair of original Patent Applied For humbucking pickups, this guitar has the magic sound that have made these instruments the most coveted electric guitars in the world, while the fast 1960 neck profile make this one truly difficult to put down. With a beautifully figured flame maple top, plenty of vibrant color left in the finish, and the incredible rock n' roll pedigree, this is a unique opportunity to own a legendary "Burst"! EXC w/OHSC $275,000.
  • Gibson Custom Marshall 50th Anniversary Les Paul "Goldtop"
    Part of a very limited run of 50 guitars, this Les Paul was built as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Marshall amplification company. Hand aged by Tom Murphy, these guitars feature the same specs as the 1957 reissue R7 models with a special "Marshall" logo 12th fret inlay. This instrument is number 50 0f 50, making it the last one of the series. This guitar was sold to a Gibson employee and has not been available to the public before. It includes the original hardshell case and case candy. A truly limited guitar that is no longer available making these not just fantastic instruments but a piece of Les Paul and Marshall history! EXC w/OHSC $12,500. 
  • 1960's Hofner Galaxie 176 "Sunburst"
    A late 60's example of what was at the time Hofner's Top-of-the-line electric guitar, this solidbod guitar shows clear influence from the Fender Stratocaster. A trio of humbucking pickups and selector switches allow for a huge array of sounds while the ergonomic double cut body makes it comfortable to play. This instrument also features a tremolo tailpiece and 6-on-a-side headstock tuners. These don't show up for sale often and this is a clean and original example fresh out of a private collection. EXC w/bag $1,450. 
  • Steve Hague 1959 Les Paul Replica "Sunburst"
    An extraordinary Les Paul replica, this Steve Hague model features a beautifully figured flame maple top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and the perfect '59 shaped neck. With a pair of early Dimarzio pickups and a highly resonant mahogany body, this is a fantastic sounding guitar, while the faded nitrocellulose "Sunburst" finish and "Double white" bridge pickup give this the look of some of our favorite vintage examples. EXC w/OHSC $7,995. 
  • 1967 Gibson EB-2D Bass "Sunburst"
    Known for their great playing necks and tonal versatility, the EB-2 was the of choice for countless bass players in the 60s, and seemed to find favor with English rock bands like the Yardbirds! This "D" model features two pickups, as well as the "baritone" switch for an even heavier bottom "Growl" ensuring this instrument covers a lot of ground. This instrument also includes the original chrome bridge cover and Gibson hardshell case. These are becoming harder to find in original condition with no breaks, making this an excellent option for anyone looking for the distinct tone of a Gibson bass! EXC w/OHSC $3,200.
  • 1966 Fender Bass V "Candy Apple Red"
    Here is an instrument you won't see showing up for sale often: A very rare "Custom Color" Fender Bass V in original "Candy Apple Red" Finish! This short-lived Fender model was another huge innovation in instrument design. Unlike later 5 string basses which include a low B string, the bass V utilizes a high C note, giving these a truly unique sound and character unlike any other bass available. With only a few hundred made between 1965-1971, these are becoming very hard to find, especially in a Custom Color finish. Famously used by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, the bass V is perfect for a bassist or studio owner looking for a unique low end sound, as well as for collectors looking for unusual Fender instruments. This guitar also includes the original hardshell Fender case! EXC w/OHSC $7,500. 
  • 1998 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    A fantastic playing SG, this 1998 model features a vibrant "Cherry" finish, large style pickguard, and the original Gibson hardshell case. Acquired from the original owner, this guitar has been well maintained and shows little signs of wear for a 20 year old instrument. If you're looking for a rock solid American SG this guitar is a great choice! EXC w/OHSC $1,995.
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul "See-thru Black"
    An incredible guitar, this early 1969 Les Paul Standard is an example of one of the last Les Pauls with the pre-Norlin construction methods. It features a single piece mahogany body with a maple cap, single piece mahogany neck with a fantastic "D" profile similar to a '59 shape, and a pair of stellar sounding "Soap Bar" P90 pickups. This guitar was refinished many years ago in a transparent Black finish giving it a unique look. The guitar has a brass nut and the tuners have been replaced, but the originals are included, and this guitar is free from breaks or repairs! These are some of the best Les Pauls available for the money and are becoming much harder to find. EXC w/OHSC $9,500. 
  • 2013 Fender American Vintage 52' Telecaster "Butterscotch Blonde"
    A faithful recreation of the 1952 Telecaster, this 2013 American Vintage model really captures the look, feel, and sound of the vintage originals! Purchased from the original owner, this guitar still includes the original "Case Candy" still in the original packaging, as well as the original fender hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,500. 
  • 1980 Ted Newman Jones "Birdseye"
    Best known as the tech for Keith Richards in the 70's, Luthier Ted Newman Jones gained fame as a custom guitar builder for Keith and many other guitar icons of the day. The unique, handmade approach Ted took to each instrument make these originals not only hard to find but truly one-of-a-kind instruments. This model built between 1979-1980 features a beautiful birdseye maple top over a Paduk body and neck, along with heart shaped abalone inlays. The original Newman logo is handpainted, and was also carved by ted on the back of the instrument. Acquired from a long time friend of Ted's in Austin Texas, this guitar features a pair of EMG pickups. Only a few original Newman guitars have appeared for sale making this an extraordinary opportunity to own one of these unique instruments. EXC w/HSC $4,995. 
  • 2004 Fender Custom Shop Jazz Master Tommy Shaw "Seafoam...
    This is an incredibly unique guitar custom ordered for Tommy Shaw of Styx! Built by the Fender Custom Shop, this 60's style Jazzmaster features a beautiful Custom Color "Seafoam Green" finish, as well as a pearloid pickguard, dark rosewood fingerboard, a great playing "C" Shape neck. The guitar includes the original Custom Shop case, as well as a certificate of authenticity stating that it was made for Tommy Shaw. A great playing offset guitar with unique stylings and an awesome provenance! EXC w/OHSC $3,500. 
  • 1967 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman "Walnut"
    Best known as the guitar used by George Harrison in the early and mid 60's, the Country Gentleman is one of the most enduring Gretsch Designs. This double-cut 1967 example features a fantastic sounding pair of Filtertron Humbuckers, Gretsch branded Bigsy Tailpiece, and painted "F" holes over a hollow body. A replacement Gibson bridge ensure this guitar is well intonated and ready for many more years of use. VG w/HSC $3,400. 
  • 1962 Gibson ES-335 "Cherry"
    A killer sounding '62 ES-335, this rare transitional model features a pair of "Patent Applied For" Humbucking pickups, block inlays, ABR-1 bridge, stop tailpiece, and a vibrant Cherry finish. The fast playing '62 neck profile make this one of the best playing ES models in the store, while the original PAF's and semi-hollow body delivery the versatile tones that have made these guitars popular with so many legendary players like Eric Clapton. This is the first year of the block inlays and this is one of the cleanest examples we've seen available. EXC w/OHSC $24,500 
  • 1993 Gibson Les Paul Historic Collection R9 "Sunburst"
    This is a killer example of the first year "Historic Collection" Les Paul! Only the 38th one made, this phenomenal guitar features a beautifully figured flame maple top, '59 shape neck and deep neck joint, as well as a pair of 57 Classic pickups, the original case and hang tags! These first year examples are hard to find and this is definitely one of the cleanest available! EXC w/OHSC $7,000. 
  • 1960 Gibson ES-345 "Cherry" Double Pickguard
    Purchased from the family of the original owner, this one-of-a-kind 1960 ES-345 was custom ordered with two pickguards! Left handed "long" style guards are incredibly rare, making this unique instrument even more rare. Just as we were putting this guitar up for sale, we sold it to our friend Joe Bonamassa who put it to use at home and on the road, but we're proud to make it available again! This guitar also features a pair of phenomenal sounding PAF humbucking pickups and the original brown Lifton case, as well as photos of the original owner and his family. ES-345s from this era are some of the beset sounding electric guitars available, and this is a unique opportunity to own a historical Gibson instrument truly unlike any other. EXC w/OHSC $27,500
  • 1972 Gibson Les Paul '58 (54) "Goldtop"
    One of the best Gibson models to emerge from the early 70's, Despite being named the Les Paul '58, these guitars much more closely resemble the 1954 Les Paul model. With a pair of "Soap bar" p90 pickups, wraparound tail piece, and Goldtop finish, as well as a smaller headstock and large profile neck with no volute, these guitars mark one of the first attempts to return to the 50's style of Les Paul construction. This guitar was owned by a professional musician in Nashville and has seen countless hours of use live and in the studio. A set of Grover tuners has been installed, as well as newer frets, making this an exceptionally great playing and sounding instrument. If you're looking for a fantastic playing vintage Les Paul with no breaks and plenty of vibe, this guitar is a total winner! This guitar also includes a later Gibson "protector" case. VG W/HSC $6,500