• 1961 Fender Jazz Bass "Olympic White" w/matching headstock
    A killer "Stack Knob" Jazz bass, this phenomenal example was professionally refinished years ago and sports a custom color "Olympic White" finish with a matching headstock! This bass also features a beautiful "tortoiseshell" pickguard, rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays, and the original Fender brown hardshell case. early 60's Jazz basses are some of the most versatile basses available, and custom color finishes hardly come up for sale, making this the perfect choice for any player looking for a great bass at a friendlier price. VG w/OHSC $19,500. 
  • 1961 Fender Jazz Bass "Sonic Blue"
    Just out of a private collection, this rare "Stack Knob" Jazz bass was expertly refinished in a Custom Color "Sonic Blue" finish. The great playing neck features a dark Rosewood board with clay dot inlays, while the lightweight body is incredibly resonant. This era Jazz bass has become a favorite of many players and continue to increase in value, making this example perfect for anyone looking for the incredible tone these are known for at a fraction of the price! This bass also features a mint green guard, matching headstock, and the original brown Fender hardshell case. VG w/OHSC $19,500. 
  • 1960 Fender Jazz Bass "See Through Blonde"
    One of the best sounding and most acoustically resonant Jazz basses we've had in the shop, this 1961 "Stack Knob" Jazz Bass was professionally refinished many years ago in one of the most well done "See-Thru Blonde" finishes we've seen! This bass includes an original "tortoiseshell" pickguard, great playing neck with dark rosewood fingerboard and clay dot inlays, and a lightweight body with years of natural play wear that give this instrument the kind of vibe that simply can't be replicated. "Stack Knob" Jazz Basses are highly regarded by player's and collector's alike, and have become increasingly hard to find, making this a perfect example for anyone looking for one at a fraction of the price! This instrument also includes the original Brown Fender hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $19,500.
  • 1966 Fender Jazz Bass "Fiesta Red w/ matching headstock"
      This extremely rare, transition-era Custom Color Jazz bass in "Fiesta Red" came to us from the original owner in Italy! This is one of the cleanest examples we've seen of "Fiesta Red" with a matching headstock; the original brilliant finish is strong and unfaded. These instruments are becoming hard to find, especially in this extremely clean condition. This bass includes the original Fender case, made by Polverini Brothers for imported Fender instruments, as well the original chrome covers. If you're looking for a clean example of a "Fiesta Red" Jazz bass, this one is in collector grade condition! EXC w/OHSC $24,500
  • Fender Custom Shop '64 Jazz Bass "Olympic White over...
    This incredible playing '64 reissue Jazz bass comes out of the personal collection of Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson. Used primarily in the studio this instrument is in excellent condition with all the original case candy, as well as a Fender hardshell case. It features the perfect '64 style neck, rosewood board with clay dot inlays, and a unique aged "Olympic White" over black finish. With the distinctive growl that only a Jazz bass can deliver, this is a phenomenal sounding bass with a great pedigree! EXC w/OHC $4,500
  • 1997 Fender Jazz bass "Sunburst"
    One of the most iconic electric basses, the Jazz bass has found its way into the hands of countless rock legends. This 1997 example is a perfect workhorse for any bass player. Fully original and in great shape, this Made-in-Mexico instrument is ready for whatever you can throw at it. EXC w/HSC $750.
  • 1966 Ampeg ASB-1 Devil Bass "Fireburst"
    One of the coolest Electric bass designs, this first-year "Devil Bass" by Ampeg is an extremely rare and collectible instrument! Purchased from the original owner who's name appears sewn in the case, this example was barely played! With it's unique semi-hollow maple body design, distinctive "Fireburst" finish, and upright bass style "Scroll" headstock, very few of these were made sporadially between 1966 and '67. A bass unlike any other, this would be perfect for any collection or a player looking to stand out! Call for Details w/OHSC $7,995
  • 1967 Vox Teardrop Bass "Black"
    This is an incredibly cool 60's Vox bass! Acquired from one of the largest collections of Vox instruments, this bass saw use with an Italian band in the 60's and was customized with the bass players name "Giorgio" on the fingerboard. The rare "black" finish, bound "F hole", and vertical "Vox" logo make this a truly unique instrument! Perfect for anyone looking for a unique bass with a ton of character! EXC w/bag $3,500
  • 1994 Fender "Hamburgler" Photo JazzBass
    This is out of the very limited run that Fender did in 1994. This Bass is truly a Fantastic playing and sounding example of of a Made In Japan Jazzbass. Features a Great playing perfect profile maple neck with the little guy peeking out, Rosewood fret-board, both pickup covers, tortoise shellish pickguard and the typical jazzbass 3-knob setup. A fantastic players Jazzbass! EXC w/HSC $1295
  • 1960 500/5 Presidential Bass "Brunette"
    A gorgeous example of the bass most often associated with Stuart Stutcliffe; the original bass player in the Beatles! The pair of "Diamond Logo" hofner pickups deliver the distinctive sound for which Hofner basses are known, while the single cutaway, 17" body and short scale neck make this a very resonant instrument both acoustically and plugged in. A fantastic example of this rare bass! EXC $4,200.
  • 2011 Warwick Custom Shop Jimmy Earl "Natural"
    Part of an extremely limited run of basses made to the exacting specs of Jimmy Earl of the house band on the Jimmy Kimmel show, this light weight 5 string bass features active EMG pickups, maple neck with LED fret markers, and a tortoiseshell guard. 1 of only 35 made, this is a fantastic instrument for bass players who have to cover a variety of different sounds. EXC w/Gig Bag $5,000
  • 2018 Utopia Custom ShopTraditional J-Style "Olympic White"
    An exclusive instrument to Rumble Seat Music, this Jazz style Bass has the look, sound, and feel of classic vintage basses. With a vintage style tortoise "Celluloid" pickguard, thin "nitro" finish, and the original chrome pickup and bridge covers, this is a faithful tribute to a vintage J bass. Made in Italy to RSM's exacting specifications, these instruments are some of the best new vintage-style guitars and basses available. Brand New w/OHSC $1,850.
  • 2008 Fender American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass "Natural"
    This great playing American Vintage Series Jazz Bass is a faithful recreation of the mid-70's Jazz bass. It features a light-weight, beautiful wood grain body with a natural finish, black "block" inlays on a maple fretboard, black binding, and a "micro-tilt" neck. This bass is in great condition and sounds incredible. EXC w/OHSC $1,495
  • 2002 MTD 534-24 5 String Fretless "Zebra Top"
    This Michael Tobias made fretless bass features a beautiful "Zebra Wood" top, mahogany body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. It is built with the Buzz Feiten tuning system for improved intonation when forming chords and playing in larger bands. It also features Bartolini active electronics and a double acting truss rod. A fantastic bass for stage or studio. EXC w/OHSC $3,500.
  • 1966 Fender Jazz Bass "Sunburst"
    Another fine example from the Jazz Bass collection, this transition-era '66 features pearl dot inlays on a bound rosewood fingerboard, beautiful 3-tone sunburst finish, and the original hardshell case. A great player with the perfect Jazz bass sound. EXC w/OHSC $10,000.