• 2005 Komet Concorde Prototype Amp Ken Fischer designed
    Here's a rare opportunity to own a prototype of the only Ken Fischer circuit designed (for Komet) specifically for EL34s. This is the amp that launched Komet Amplification! Built by Mike Kennedy to be used as the “in-house/shop” demo amp during the development of the Concorde at Komet Amplification. The head was built on 0705 (marked) with no serial number, pre-dating the Ltd Edition KF50 and production Concordes. This house demo amp was used and tested by many musicians during the development of the Concorde, most notably Sonny Landreth, who has used it in concert, in the studio, and in the Komet Koda video. Notable differences between this amp and stock Concorde: Rare 120V/240V slide switch next to the output transformer Still set up as Mike had it with NOS EL34s and ECC83/12AX7s Built on old-style, water-cut, version 2 chassis (pre laser cut) Amp measures 50-60 watts clean RMS at clipping (3-4 on volume knob) Mint condition EXC w/Cover $3,000.         
  • Electro-plex Rocket 90
    Introduced in 1994, the Rocket 90 was designed for fans of the Fender Twin who wanted a little more control of that much power. At 90w that can be dropped to 50, this 1x15" combo is a powerful and versatile combo with plenty of headroom and gain when you need it. A fantastic choice for studio and live use, this is a stellar boutique amp in great condition. EXC $3,000. 
  • Electro-plex Rocket 35
    A leader in boutique amplifier designs, Electro Plex amps are used by a host of professional players looking for a versatile amplifier that can handle whatever you throw its way. With a powerful 35w output that can be dropped to half power, 5881 power tubes, and an onboard spring reverb, this amp is ready for any situation! This example is in fantastic cosmetic condition and works great! EXC $1,500.
  • 1955 Fender Tremolux "Tweed"
    An incredible sounding tweed Tremolux! This small-box 5E9 variation of the Tremolux features the distinct tone of a small tweed amp with a lush tremolo circuit. This is perfect for any recording situation and even smaller club gigs. This amp has been professionally serviced and maintained and is in overall great shape. EXC $4,250. 
  • 1964 Fender Vibroverb "Blackface" Stevie Ray Vaughan Owned
    In the world of electric guitar there are few player's as renowned as the incomparable Stevie Ray Vaughan. His incendiary playing and unmistakable tone have inspired nearly everyone who's picked up the instrument since. His tragic and untimely death left a huge hole and an air of mystery around the man, his style, and his gear. To own an amplifier that helped create one of the most distinct guitar tones in history is an opportunity that rarely comes up. This fully documented 1964 Vibroverb is one such amp. In 1985 this amp was sold to Byron Barr who worked for Stevie and a notarized letter from Byron is included in the sale, along with numerous photos of the amp with SRV at various times throughout his career. It features a replaced JBL 15" speaker that when cranked deliver an unmistakable sound that changed the world of blues music forever. At one time this amplifier featured a blue grill cloth added during rehearsals for David Bowie's Let's Dance tour, though Stevie later chose to continue with his own band rather than join the tour. The original grill cloth was reinstalled later. For collector's and fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the blues inspired rock n' roll he created, this is truly a "holy grail" item and a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of history. EXC $120,000. 
  • 1973 Fender Twin Reverb Amp "Silverface"
    A true classic amp design, the Silverface Twin is the perfect size and volume for just about any setting! An early 70's model, this amplifier comes from the original owner, and has had the speakers and baffle board replaced. With the distinctive sound of Fender Reverb and tremolo on hand, this amp still has plenty of clean headroom and responds well to any pedals you can put in front of it. VG $1,400. 
  • 1969 Vox AC-30 "Gray Panel"
    One of the most iconic amplifier designs, the AC-30 has been seen on stage and in studios behind countless legendary players. This "gray pannel" example from 1969 features the coveted Blue Alnico speakers that give this amp the distinctive "Chime" that made it famous. An added effects loop was later removed, leaving two small jack plates on the back, but this is otherwise an original amp that has been serviced and is ready for many more years of use! VG $2,500. 
  • 1966 Fender Super Reverb "Blackface"
    An incredible sounding example of one of our favorite "Blackface" era Fender amps! This 1966 Super Reverb was recently serviced and is ready for whatever you can throw at it! The perfect size amp for studio or live dates, the Super Reverb has been the amp of choice for countless guitar legends, and this 1966 makes it easy to see why! The lush reverb and tremolo and original 10" speakers can go from sparkling clean to a rich and musical overdrive and are perfectly suited from everything from surf music to rock n' roll! EXC $2,000.
  • 1960s Maestro M-216 RVT
    This is a rare, Gibson-made Maestro M-216 RVT amplifier. With a single 15" Jensen speaker, as well as onboard Reverb and Tremolo, this is an extremely versatile combo amp for live or studio use. This amp is fully functional and in great shape. EXC $1,000.
  • 1959 Watkins Westminster
    This amp has been in our store collection for some time and original comes from a personal friend and associate of Charlie Watkins himself! The same model used by the Beatles in early Hamburg performances, these amps truly capture the rock tones heard on so many British records of the 60's and 70s. A killer amp for any studio, this one owner example is in fantastic shape; perfect for a studio or collector. EXC $2,000
  • Lazy J 20 "Tweed"
    One of the beset sounding 5E3 type amplifiers we've had, this Lazy J 20 is a faithful recreation of the coveted Tweed Deluxe. With the addition of a great sounding and user-friendly reverb circuit make this a very versatile amp for stage or studio use. EXC w/Cover $3,000.
  • 1972 Vox AC-30
    This incredible sounding, gray panel AC-30 features a pair of original Fane speakers, making it one mean sounding Vox! The original owner removed the reverb circuit, but the amp includes the tremolo and pitch vibrato circuit, as well as the original "Egg" foot switch. Some holes in the side from an added swivel trolley make this affordable to any player, while the quick breakup of these Fanes make for a very usable amp that sounds great! VG $1,000.
  • 1964 Fender Concert "Blackface"
    A fantastic sounding "Blackface" era Fender, the 4x10" concert is the perfect size for any live situation! This '64 model features a Fender "electric Instruments" branded face plate, and was outfitted with WGS" Speakers by a previous owner. The onboard vibrato works and sounds perfect, and from shimmery Fender cleans to a musical break up, this is an extremely versatile amp! VG $1,500.
  • Carr Rambler 2x12 Amp "Blonde"
    One of the better sounding "Boutique" amplifiers we've had, this 2x12 Carr Rambler is a handwired "American" voiced amp with a lush tremolo on board. Perfect for club gigs, this is an extremely versatile amp that holds it's own with the best vintage models. EXC $1,800.
  • 1964 Vox AC-50 Head
    An incredibly clean and great sounding, JMI-era AC-50, this "Gray Panel" head was kept in a studio environment and has been professionally serviced and maintained. Great for bass as well as guitar, this amp includes a flight case. EXC $1,800.
  • 2018 Park P45 "British Racing Green"
    The ultimate Bluesbreaker style amp! This Park P45 is as close to a vintage 2x12 JTM45 as it gets. With NOS Merren Transformers and a pair of Celestion 12" greenbacks, this amp truly captures the tone of the Clapton-era John Mayall recordings. This example sports a beautiful "British Racing Green" tolex. Simply put, this is one of the best new British-style amplifiers available today! MSRP $4,500
  • S2 Amplification modded Fender Blues JR "Tweed"
    This incredible sounding amplifier started life as a Fender Blues Jr. It retains the original power transformer and speaker, but everything else has been modified by Steve Scott of S2 amplification. This amp has the "Jim and Leo" circuit, which combines an 18w Marshall and Fender Deluxe circuit in one 2-channel amplifier. The lacquered tweed cabinet gives this amp a killer vintage appearance and both channels provide gig-worthy tones. A ferocious amplifier in a small package! EXC $1,350
  • 1960s Ampeg GS-12R Reverberocket 2 "Blue Diamond"
    An incredible sounding 12w Combo Amp, this mid-60's Reverborocket 2 features a lush Reverb and tremolo and a single 12" speaker. Phenomenal clean sounds and a fantastic breakup at higher volumes, this amp is perfect for studio use as well as small live shows. EXC $850
  • 1960 Gibson GA-77 Vanguard "Tweed"
    Gibson Tweed amps are some of our favorite sounding combo amplifiers around. This incredible GA-77 Vanguard model features an original 15" speaker and inputs for accordian and guitar. Aggressive sounding and articulate, this would be a perfect amp for recording and small club gigs. EXC $2,100
  • 1952 Gibson GA-50T
    The Gibson GA-50 is a true classic in the amp world. It can hold its own with any of the classic amps. It has just about 25W of tube driven power along with one of the first tremolo circuits. It has two speakers, a Jensen 12" and 8", which are behind the vertical slat front. It looks stunning in a brown leather covered cabinet. Gibson used separate bass and treble controls and included a grounded power cord. This amp is a total winner! EXC $2500