• 2000 Rickenbacker 360 Carl Wilson Limited Edition
    Based on Carl’s 1965 Rickenbacker Model 360, the Carl Wilson Signature model is not a true ’65 reissue but a composite of vintage and modern Ric features. The rounded body style has thicker sides and the greater wood mass alters the tone slightly. The Carl Wilson Signature Model has a thinner top than modern production Model 360′s making for a lively, resonant guitar with a loud acoustic voice. This one is number 246 out of a limited run of 500. It was made on June 14th, 2000 per the original Certificate of Authenticity. EXC w/OHSC $3,500  
  • 2014 Rickenbacker Model 1996 Rose Morris "Fireglo"
    Another great guitar from our collection of Beatles Instruments, this 2014 reissue of a Rose Morris era Rickenbacker features the UK only "F-hole" design that can be seen on guitars used by George Harrison and Pete Townshend. This guitar features three "toaster" Pickups, double tiered pickguard, and a beautiful "Fireglo" finish. A great reissue of a rare guitar! EXC w/OHSC $3,100
  • 2017 Rickenbacker 325C64 "Jetglo"
    Part of our collection of Beatles instruments, this like-new Rickenbacker 325C64 is an accurate reissue of the guitar made famous by George Harrison in the movie Help. It features three "toaster" pickups, "accent" vibrato system, two-tier pickguard, and the original Rickenbacker case. EXC w/OHSC $2,995 Beatle George Harrison is shown playing the guitar in a scene from the Beatles movie “Help!” on location in the Bahamas in 1965. (AP Photo)
  • 1939 Rickenbacher Electro Silver Hawaiian Lapsteel
    This is an early version of Rickenbacher's Hawaiian silver lap steel guitar Model N.S. 100, It is in super clean condition with no issues and features a great sounding Horseshoe pickup. Also included is the original hard shell case. A beautiful example! EXC+ w/OHSC $1050
  • 1949 Rickenbacker D-16 Lapsteel "Copper Flake"
    This is a rare Lapsteel that you don't see to often. Featuring two bakelite necks and a copper flake metal body this makes for an eclectic collection piece, also has 2-Horseshoe pickups and the original case. This one is in excellent condition and ready to play! EXC w/OHSC  $1250