This renowned guitar was the seminal instrument that cemented the relationship between The Brooklyn based Gretsch Guitar Company and illustrious Country Music Legend Mr. Chet Atkins, way back in the early to mid-Fifties. Guitar Player Magazine referred to this iconic guitar as “One of the Most Important Electric Guitars of All Time! “This guitar represents a huge piece of musical history, and the beginning of the beginning of the everlasting relationship between Chet Atkins and The Gretsch Guitar Company. The famed 6120 Model, The Country Gentleman, The George Harrison Model (of Beatles fame), The Brian Setzer Signature Models, and several others all wouldn’t exist without this guitar! This is a once in lifetime chance to see this here at Rumble Seat Music, where it is now available for sale. Call for inquiries 615-915-2510. or Stop by. Now accepting offers.

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