• Guitar Factory 12-String "Koa"
    The Guitar Factory in Orlando, Florida are one of the premier custom guitar builders in the country. Long favored by Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band, these instruments often represent one-of-a-kind designs and features making each instrument a work of art. This 12 string model features a Piezo acoustic pickup, as well as three active preamp single coils for a huge variety of tonal variations. The guitar has a beautiful Koa wood top and mahogany body, while the double cutaway design and lightweight body make this an incredibly comfortable guitar, especially for a 12 string. If you're looking for a truly unique instrument this is a great choice! EXC w/SSC $1,250
  • Nash S-63 "Sonic Blue"
    Another killer relic from Nash Guitars, this S-63 model features 3 complete pickup and pickguard wiring assemblies. With the ability to switch between Lollar "Filtertron" style, Single coil, or "HSH" configurations, this is a truly versatile instrument. This guitar also features a great playing neck, dark rosewood fingerboard, and original Nash hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,200.
  • 1970's Ventura B-370 "Sunburst"
    This is a fantastic Japanese-made Ventura archtop electric guitar. Similar to the Barney Kessel model, this guitar features a fully hollow body with two sharp "Florentine" cutaways, a pair of humbucking pickups, floating bridge and "Trapeze" tailpiece with "V" badge. Perfect for everything from Jazz comping to rock n' roll, this guitar includes a hardshell case. EXC w/HSC $1,250
  • Mondell Tall Top Rattle Plate
    This is a custom made guitar by renowned American luthier Robert Mondell! The Beautiful quilted kosi kosi body is accented by a recessed metal top featuring Modell's distsinct "rattle plate" center cavity, giving the guitar a musical, resonator-like overtone This guitar features a two-way truss rod, and With a pair of Arcane humbuckers, kosi kosi neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal binding, this guitar is as much a great sounding guitar as it is a work of art. A truly unique instrument, this guitar has been seen on stage with Nick Perri of Dorothy and the Underground Thieves. If you're looking for an amazing instrument that is sure to stand out, this is it! EXC w/HSC $3,995.
  • Gil Yaron Bone 59 "Sunburst"
    Long revered for the quality of his '59 spec guitars, Gil Yaron has made a name for himself as a quality luthier using period correct materials and methods. This Bone 59 model features a beautifully flamed maple top, dark brazilian rosewood board, and a light weight and resonant mahogany body. The neck is a perfect '59 profile, making this guitar an incredible player. These have become increasingly sought after and hard to find. EXC w/OHSC $8,000.
  • LSL Topanga "Vintage Cream"
    A unique take on the classic Les Paul Special design, this American made guitar by LSL was owned by a prominent Nashville session player. The lightweight mahogany body, wrap around tail piece, and handwound LSL P90 pickups deliver the same great tone that have made Les Paul specials a go to for so many rock n' roll players. With a Graphtech bridge and Gotoh tuners, the intonation and tuning stability are spot-on. A fantastic vintage-inspired instrument! EXC w/Bag $2,000.
  • ATC - 150 CC "Sunburst"
    An incredible tribute to the ES-150 Charlie Christian guitar, this made-in-japan electric archtop is perfect for fans of the pioneering jazz guitarist and the pickup that bears his name. With a beautiful spruce top and maple body, this guitar comes alive acoustically as well as when plugged in.  This example is in like-new condition and includes a hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 1966 Martin GT-75 "Black"
    An extremely hard to find Martin thinline electric, this 1966 GT-75 features a rare "black" finish! Only made for a couple of years, these "double cut" body versions hardly come up for sale, especially in this finish. With two killer Dearmond designed pickups, a Bigsby vibrato tail piece, and and distinctive body design, these guitars have a great sound and a unique appearance that is sure to stand out! This example includes an original Martin hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $3,500
  • 1978 Ibanez Artist Professional Bob Weir "Natural"
    This 1978 Ibanez Artist Professional model is frequently associated with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. These have become harder to find over the years and are highly sought after by Deadheads and fans of 70's Ibanez guitars. The original "Flying Finger" humbucking pickups sound fantastic, while the thin double cut body and seamless neck joint make this guitar very comfortable to play, even for prolonged jamming! The original Ibanez tuners were replaced at one time but have been reinstalled on the guitar. EXC w/HSC $1,495
  • 2019 The Utopia Custom Shop Traditional "Fiesta Red w/...
    Another beautiful guitar from the Utopia Custom Shop in Italy, these hand made instruments are faithful recreations of classic Fender designs, and this "Fiesta Red" Strat style is one of the best yet! With a perfect medium "C" bound neck profile, dark Rosewood fingerboard, aged pearl inlays, and dead-on "Fiesta Red" finish, this guitar offers the looks and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument. Available in the US only through Rumble Seat Music! Brand New w/OHSC $2,300
  • 2019 The Utopia Custom Shop Traditional "Utopia Blue"
    Another beautiful guitar from the Utopia Custom Shop in Italy, these hand made instruments are faithful recreations of classic Fender designs. This Telecaster style sports a unique "Utopia Blue" turquoise finish. With a perfect medium "C" bound neck profile and dark Rosewood fingerboard, this guitar offers the looks and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument. Available in the US only through Rumble Seat Music! Brand New w/OHSC $2,300.
  • 1979 Guild S-300 "White"
    This incredible playing Guild Solidbody S-300 model was originally finished in white but has aged into a beautiful shade of "TV Yellow"! With a 24 fret Ebony fingerboard and a pair of HB-1 humbucking pickups, this guitar is set up perfectly. The guitar was fitted with coil taps and out of phase switches that allow for a variety of killer sounds, but the original wiring is included, as well. A fantastic playing and sounding guitar with a truly unique finish, this is one of the coolest vintage Guild Solidbody electrics we've seen! VG w/OHSC $1,500
  • Echo Park Clarence Custom Case Study "Aged Sunburst"
    This incredible Echo Park Clarence Custom guitar is a true work of art! The one-of-a-kind bound solidbody features a beautiful Koa top with a "tortoiseshell" guard, Ziricote fingerboard and a pair of Arcane Humbucking pickups. This guitar was part of the personal collection of renowned producer and guitarist John Shanks. Echo Park guitars have made a name for themselves as some of the highest quality custom built guitars today, and this example is no exception. EXC w/HSC $5,000
  • Loic Le Pape Lsteele "Neil Young Old Black"
    This unique steel-body guitar was built by renowned French Luthier Loic Le Pape and offers a twist on the famous "Old Black" Les Paul used by Neil Young. The fully hollow, LP shaped steel body features all the rust and wear associated with Neil's long time number one guitar, and true to the original features a Firebird pickup in the bridge position and a P90 in the neck. The wooden neck is a comfortable '50's profile and features a metal brace throughout, just like Old Black. This custom made instrument was part of the collection of legendary producer and guitar player John Shanks. It includes a hardhsell case stenciled with Neil Young's various band names. EXC w/OHSC $4,000.
  • 1959 Hofner Club 50 "Blonde"
    A beautiful and rare early Hofner guitar! Made in Germany, Hofner guitars were sold by Selmer instruments in England, and this 1959 Club 50 model is similar to guitars owned by players like George Harrison and Richie Blackmore early in their careers. This guitar features a fully hollow and lightweight Les Paul-inspired body with beautifully flamed maple back and sides, tortoiseshell pick guard and control panel, as well as two incredible single coil pickups. A great playing example and early piece of rock n' roll history! EXC $1,995
  • 1966 Hofner 459 VTZ "Sunburst"
    This extremely rare 1966 Hofner 459 VTZ features a built in Fuzz unit powered by a 9v battery. With the same body as the famous 500/1 "Beatle" bass, this instrument also features a beautiful flamed maple back and sides, floral headstock inlay, pearloid guard and the original hardshell case. These hardly come up for sale, especially in clean, working order. A must for Hofner collectors. EXC w/OHSC $2,200
  • 1962 Hofner Model 191-1 Double neck "Sunburst"
    This extremely rare 1962 Hofner Model 191-1 doubleneck combines a great playing bass and guitar, along with a trio of original Hofner "Diamond Logo" Staple pickups. The fully hollow body is extremely light weight, and bound in pearloid, while the Brazilian rosewood board is inlaid with striped pearl blocks. We've never seen another instrument like this. This is a chance to own one of the most rare Hofner models in truly exceptional condition. EXC $ 2,995
  • 1968 Coral Sitar "Crackle Finish"
    This 1968 Coral Sitar is a "New Old Stock" one owner instrument! Designed in collaboration with session ace Vinnie Bell, this instrument includes the original sample LP, and can also be heard on countless recordings as varied as Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, and Joe South. With individual pickups for the standard 6 strings as well as the sympathetic "drone" strings, this guitar is a must for studio players, collectors, and fans of 60's Psychedelia. This is definitely the cleanest Coral Sitar available. EXC + w/OHSC $4,500
  • 1950's Silvertone Model 1319 Lapsteel "Sunburst"
    This 50's era Silvertone lapsteel features a screaming single colil "speed bump" pickup with a volume and tone control. This is a fantastic sounding instrument that is equally suited to country and blues or rock n' roll style playing. EXC $450
  • 1994 Heritage H-575 "Blonde"
    Heritage's take on the classic Gibson ES-175, this H-575 features a gorgeous flamed maple top, back, and sides, as well as a wooden pick guard, a great playing mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, trapeze tail piece, and two original humbucking pickups. A phenomenal instrument perfect for everything from jazz to rock n' roll! EXC w/HSC $2,500