• 1955 Gretsch Silver Jet "Silver Sparkle"
    This is a fine example of what a Gretsch Sparkle Jet is supposed to be! Featuring a beautiful sparkle top that has aged with a slight gold tint, "Melita" bridge, two incredible sounding DeArmond pickups, "hump block" inlays, "T-roof" headstock logo, phenomenal playing, and large profile neck. This is a must for any Gretsch collection, and also comes with the original tweed hardshell case! EXC - w/OHSC $10,500
  • 1956 Gretsch Duo Jet "Black"
    Out of a collection is this great playing and looking Gretsch Duo Jet that has all the same features as George Harrison's from The Beatles! Features hump block inlays, Bigsby tailpiece, Melita bridge, T-Roof Logo and the original Tweed hard shell case! This is the one for any Beatles collection! EXC w/OHSC $8200
  • 1964 Gretsch Tennessean "Burgundy"
    Very similar to the one George Harrison used in The Beatles is this great playing Gretsch Tennesseasn that features a Bigsby tailpiece, thumbprint inlays, zero fret, Hi-Lo Tron pickups, great playing neck and strong Burgundy color! EXC w/HSC $3000
  • 1955 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet
    A great playing and sounding example of a first-year Gretsch Sparkle Jet, this player's grade guitar features a pair of Dearmond pickups, fixed-arm Bigsby, block fretboard inlays, "T-roof" Gretsch logo, and a beautifully yellowed Silver Sparkle top. The back and neck have been professionally oversrpayed and the tuners are replaced. A great sounding, early example of a rare guitar. VG w/OHSC $6,500
  • 1955 Gretsch 6130 Round Up "Knotty Pine"
    Your chance to own a rare Knotty Pine Gretsch Round Up for half the price! For some unknown reason someone oversprayed the whole guitar except the fretboard.   This guitar has all the great features including DeArmond pickups, leather cowboy binding, Campfire buckle tailpiece and the Steer and Catus inlays.  It includes its original leather tooled strap and original tweed hardshell case.  EXC- w/OHSC $HOLD
  • 1961 Gretsch 6120 "Orange"
    This is an extremely clean example of a classic single-cut Gretsch 6120 very similar to the one Brian Setzer uses! Still has the vibrant Orange color and also comes with the original white cowboy case! EXC w/OHSC $8200
  • 1955 Gretsch Duo Jet "Black"
    Just out of our collection of Gretsch guitars, this is a great example of a first-year Duo Jet. Featuring early block fretboard inlays, Melita bridge, a pair of Dearmond pickups, and a great playing '50s profile neck. This is a great sounding guitar in all original condition. EXC w/OHSC $6995
  • 1962 Gretsch Clipper "Sunburst"
    A clean example of a 1962 Clipper. The comfortable neck plays great, and with the original Hi-lotron pickup, this guitar sounds great. Included is the original case and paperwork. EXC w/OHSC $1250
  • 1975 Gretsch Country Club "Sunburst"
    This great sounding guitar features a pair of Blacktop "Filtertron" pickups, gold Trapeze tailpiece, and a radiant sunburst finish. this is a great way to own a vintage, American-made Gretsch for less than the cost of a new one. Very Good w/OHSC $1850