• 1964 Gretsch White Falcon "White"
    One of the most desirable models Gretsch made, this extremely rare Mono version of the White Falcon is a true work of art. The gold sparkle binding is perfectly intact and beautifully compliments the gold hardware and mostly un-faded White finish. The two patent number "Filtertron" humbucking pickups provide the Great Gretsch sound, and the double cut body and straight neck make this an incredible playing guitar. These have become extremely hard to find in this condition. EXC w/OHSC $10,200
  • 1974 Gretsch White Falcon "White"
    A beautiful example of an all original Stereo White Falcon! The stunning gold sparkle binding is fully intact and perfectly compliments the gold hardware, including the original Gretsch branded Bigsby tailpiece. The dark rosewood fingerboard is accented by block inlays, and with an original green pickguard with Falcon design, this guitar is sure to make a statement. The pair of "blacktop" Filtertrons and stereo wiring make this a great sounding guitar in a variety of settings. You don't see many of these come up for sale. EXC w/HSC $5,995
  • 1956 Chet Atkins "Dark Eyes" Prototype 6120 "Black and...
    This renowned guitar was the seminal instrument that cemented the relationship between The Brooklyn based Gretsch Guitar Company and illustrious Country Music Legend Mr. Chet Atkins, way back in the early to mid-Fifties. Guitar Player Magazine referred to this iconic guitar as “One of the Most Important Electric Guitars of All Time! “This guitar represents a huge piece of musical history, and the beginning of the beginning of the everlasting relationship between Chet Atkins and The Gretsch Guitar Company. The famed 6120 Model, The Country Gentleman, The George Harrison Model (of Beatles fame), The Brian Setzer Signature Models, and several others all wouldn’t exist without this guitar! This is a once in lifetime chance to see this here at Rumble Seat Music, where it is now available for sale. Call for inquiries 615-915-2510. or Stop by. Now accepting offers.
  • Gretsch G6128T-GH George Harrison Duo Jet Limited Edition "Black"
    This is just in from our collection of Beatles gear, this limited edition Gretsch Duo Jet is faithful reissue of the guitar George Harrison used early on with the Beatles. It features two D'armond style pickups, Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, "hump block" fingerboard inlays, and custom George Harrison signature truss rod cover. A must have for any collector of Beatle instruments! EXC w/OHSC $3100
  • 1955 Gretsch Round Up "Knotty Pine"
    Just out of a collection is this very rare knotty pine Gretsch Round Up. It features leather tooled cowboy binding, Steer and Cactus engraved inlays.  Also features a great playing large profile neck, two DeArmond pickups for that early Gretsch tone, Beltbuckle campfire tailpiece. Original cowboy strap and its original tweed hardshell case.  EXC w/OHSC $15,500
  • 1975 Gretsch Country Club "Sunburst"
    This great sounding guitar features a pair of Blacktop "Filtertron" pickups, gold Trapeze tailpiece, and a radiant sunburst finish. this is a great way to own a vintage, American-made Gretsch for less than the cost of a new one. Very Good w/OHSC $1850