• 2019 Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary R9 Les Paul...
    Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the "Holy Grail" of electric guitars, this 2019 is a faithful reissue of the original 1959 Les Paul. With a beautiful carved and highly figured maple top, perfect '59 neck shape, resonant mahogany body, chemically authentic plastic parts, and a pair of phenomenal sounding Gibson "Custom Bucker" pickups, this is as close as it gets to the real thing! Purchased from the original owner, this guitar is still in like-new condition and includes the original Custom Shop case, Certificate of authenticity, and "Case Candy". EXC w/OHSC $4,995. 
  • 1973 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    A great playing and clean example of an early 70's SG Standard, this 1973 model features an original Bigsby Tailpiece, dark "Cherry" finish, and a great playing mahogany neck. Lightweight and resonant, this guitar is a perfect example of a vintage SG at a player-friendly price. EXC w/OHSC $3,500. 
  • 2018 Gibson Memphis Custom Shop '59 ES-335 "Sunburst"
    One of the last guitars completed by the Memphis Custom Shop, this "Dot-Neck" reissue ES-335 is as close as it gets to the original "Long-guard" era models. The perfect '59 neck, beautiful 3-tone sunburst finish, nickel hardware and humbucking pickups are a showcase for the stellar workmanship the Memphis Custom Shop was known for, and with no further guitars being produced there, these will surely become hard to find. This guitar is like-new and has not been previously sold to the public. It will include the Custom Shop hardshell case and original "case candy". EXC w/OHSC $4,995
  • 2018 Gibson Memphis Custom Shop '59 ES-335 "Sunburst"
    The Memphis Custom Shop was renowned for their stellar recreations of Gibson's classic ES models, and this one-of-a-kind 2018 "Dot Neck" is certainly one of the better examples we've seen! Equipped from the factory with a B7 Bigsby Tailpiece, this guitar also features the perfect '59 neck profile, "pearl dot" inlays, phenomenal sounding Humbucking pickups, and a brown, Lifton-style hardshell case. This guitar is like-new and has not been sold to the public in the past. A fantastic guitar for anyone looking for a Bigsby ES-335 and a rare opportunity to own a one-off from the now closed Memphis Custom Shop. EXC w/OHSC $6,000. 
  • 1976 Gibson Johnny Smith "Blonde"
    A beautiful archtop electric, this single pickup Johnny Smith model from 1976 features a beautiful blonde finish over a maple back and sides with spruce top, an original warm and articulate humbucking pickup, ebony fingerboard, bound headstock, and the original gold "Johnny Smith" tail piece.  One of the cleanest examples of this model we've seen, this guitar includes an original hardshell case. EXC $8,750. 
  • 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1954 Les Paul "Goldtop"
    A prime example of the superior craftsmanship of the Gibson Custom Shop, this R4 model faithfully recreates one of our favorite sounding Les Pauls, the 1954 model with "wraparound" tailpiece. The great playing, large profile '54 neck, resonant mahogany body and maple cap, combined with the "soapbar" P90s and wraparound tail piece make this the perfect guitar for everything from Freddie King inspired blues playing to raunchy and aggressive rock n roll! This guitar was acquired from the original owner and includes the original tags and "Case Candy". EXC w/OHSC $4,150. 
  • 2006 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul G0 "Sunburst"
    Part of a limited run of 1960 Les Paul reissue models built for Guitar center, these guitars offer the same features as the standard R0 models but with a "Plain Top" VOS finish. With a great playing 60's "Slim Taper" neck, original Gibson "Burstbucker" pickups, and a beautiful Sunburst finish, this guitar is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a Custom Shop Les Paul at a player-friendly price. This guitar includes the original Custom Shop hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,995
  • 1970 Gibson ES-340TD "Blonde"
    A beautiful and early example of the Gibson ES-340 in a stunning "Blonde" finish! Similar in design to a 335 but with a unique wiring system and maple neck, this guitar has a huge array of tonal variations making it a very versatile semi-hollowbody electric. One of the cleanest examples we've seen, this guitar includes an original Gibson hardshell case, as well as the original hang tag. The rare "blonde" finish perfectly compliments the maple body, while the pair of patent number Humbucking pickups can be used in and out of phase with each other, making this the ultimate blues guitar! EXC w/OHSC $4,200
  • 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop"
    1968 represents the first year of the standard Les Paul design returning to Gibson's catalog after being discontinued in 1961. These early models have many of the same features that made the '50s guitars so renowned; single piece mahogany bodies with maple tops, single piece mahogany necks with long neck tenons, and smaller headstock shapes. These guitars are as close as it gets to original 1950's Les Pauls at a price that is much friendlier for most players. This example had a replacement set of tuners at one point but was returned to original and is in excellent condition. The perfect Gibson neck shape make this a fantastic player, while the original "soap bar" P90 pickups sound phenomenal for any style of music. 1950's Les Paul Standards are often though of as the holy grail of vintage electric guitars, but this fantastic guitar from 1968 might be the next best thing! EXC w/OHSC $16,500
  • 1968 Gibson ES-335 "Cherry"
    One of the cleanest examples of a late '60s ES-335 we've seen! This stunning 1968 features a bright and vibrant "Cherry" finish, a great playing neck, and the versatile and distinct tone that make the ES-335 a favorite of so many players. This guitar features a pair of phenomenal sounding Patent Number Humbucking pickups, and with an original hardshell case and hang would be the perfect addition to any collection! EXC w/OHSC $7,000
  • 2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic "Goldtop"
    A favorite of players everywhere, the Les Paul Classic is renowned for being an affordable, American-made Gibson with vintage reissue features. The slim, 60's style neck with rosewood fingerboard, resonant mahogany body and uncovered Gibson humbucker pickups deliver the distinctive Les Paul tone, and this 2007 model features a classic "Goldtop" finish. This instrument includes the original Gibson USA hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,000
  • 1999 Gibson Les Paul Classic "Sunburst"
    A fantastic playing Les Paul Classic, this 1999 example features a thin, 1960-style neck, cherry sunburst finish, and a lightweight mahogany body with a maple top. The original uncovered Gibson humbucking pickups sound great and have helped make this model a favorite of players everywhere. EXC w/HSC $2,000
  • 1975 Gibson Flying V "Natural"
    Whether onstage with Metal legends like Michael Schenker or KK Downing, or Blues players like Lonnie Mack an Albert King, nothing makes a statement quite like the Gibson Flying V! This radical design was ahead of it's time and took some years to catch on, but players and collectors alike have driven up the demand over the years, making true vintage examples very hard to come by. This incredible 1975 model is lightweight and resonant, with an aggressive and dynamic tone. The neck features a comfortable "D" Shape and the unique body allows for unlimited access to every fret. Original examples like this are becoming rare as many were modified over the years, and this guitar includes the original Gibson hardshell case! EXC w/OHSC $4,500.
  • 1954 Gibson Les Paul "Goldtop"
    Just in from the original owner! This amazing 1954 Les Paul was the primary guitar of a working musician in upstate New York, and saw plenty of stage use throughout the years. Weighing in at about 8.3 lbs, this light weight example is extremely resonant and features the perfect '54 neck profile with a dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The original "Soap Bar" P90s and wraparound tail piece make for an incredible tone that covers everything from Freddie King to hard rock! This guitar includes an original 4 latch Lifton brown case. If you're looking for a phenomenal playing '54 Goldtop with a ton of history, this guitar is a toatl winner! EXC w/OHSC $31,500.
  • Late 50's Gibson 5-latch Lifton Case
    The holy grail of Gibson cases! This 5 latch Lifton is the period correct hardshell case for the 1958-1960 Les Paul "Bursts", considered some of the most sought after instruments in the world. This case is in great shape inside and out, with all latches intact and the famous "pink" interior lining untorn. A must have for all Burs owners! EXC $4,000.
  • 2018 Gibson Les Paul Collector's Choice #36 "Goldfinger"
    A fantastic example of this extremely limited run of Les Pauls based on an original '57 owned by Charlie Daughtry. Known as - "Goldfinger" among collectors, Charles Daughtry's original 1957 Goldtop #7 3308 is as recognized for its tone as it is easily identifiable by its trademark finger wear around its cutaway. Collector's Choice #36 is the first Standard Historic Spec in the series for 2016 and is handcrafted based on digital analysis of the original as well as collaboration with its owner. To pick up one of the Limited Run guitars and play it is to experience the tone, look and feel of #7 3308 just as Charles has since adding it to his collection. You'll find CC#36 to be one of the most gorgeous sounding, excellent feeling and character-rich Les Pauls we've ever crafted EXC w/OHSC $6,250
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul "Gold Top" Dark Back
    One of the coolest Gold Tops we've had in the store, this 1956 guitar was just acquired from a private collection and features an extremely rare "dark back" finish! The lightweight mahogany body is extremely resonant, while the maple top appears to be highly figured and beautifully flamed beneath the original Gold finish. With a perfect mid-50's neck profile and a pair of fantastic sounding "Soap bar" P90s, as well as an original stop bar tail piece and ABR-1 bridge, this guitar is a perfect example of why 50's Les Paul Standards are thought to be some of the best sounding electric guitars. The incredibly rare Dark Back finish and original brown Lifton case make this a perfect guitar for any collection. EXC w/OHSC $45,000.
  • 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Standard" '58 Les...
    Part of an extremely limited run of 100 instruments, this masterfully crafted Les Paul highlights the excellent workmanship of the Gibson Custom shop. The aging painstakingly recreates all of the wear and checking of the 1958 Les Paul Standard owned by Slash of Guns n' Roses and highlighted in the book The Beauty of the Burst. The perfect '58 neck profile and worn sunburst finish are as close as it gets to the real thing! All the original paperwork and "case candy" are included. Whether you're a fan of Guns n' Roses and the iconic lead playing of Slash, or a Burst aficionado looking for an instantly recognizable Les Paul, this is a perfect guitar for the collection! Easily one of the finest guitars to come out of the Custom Shop! EXC w/OHSC $16,200.
  • 1964 Gibson ES-335 "Cherry"
    The ultimate "Clapton Spec" ES-335! This 1964 example has been professionally re-fretted but is otherwise fully original. The perfect '64 neck profile along with a factory stop tailpiece, nylon saddle "ABR-1" bridge and incredible sounding Patent Number humbucking pickups make this a great sounding and extremely versatile guitar. The original "Cherry" finish and nickel hardware give this guitar the stunning looks of the famous 1964 335 used by Eric Clapton throughout his career. A perfect guitar for any collection or a player looking for a killer sounding ES! EXC w/HSC $24,000.
  • 1967 Gibson Melody Maker "Pelham Blue"
    Another phenomenal Custom Color Melody Maker guitar in from a huge collection, this 1967 model features an original "Pelham Blue" finish. The gorgeous curves of this SG body style are highlighted by this rare and very cool finish, while the mahogany body is light and resonant, making this a very comfortable guitar to play. Perfect for any collector of SGs or custom finish Gibson electrics! EXC w/OSC $3,200