• 2009 Gibson Les Paul Special Edition 50th Anniversary 1959...
    Part of a limited run of 50th anniversary 1959 reissue Les Pauls, this incredible guitar is based on an original 1959 now owned by Vic DaPra. The finish is a gorgeous "bourbon fade" sunburst and the guitar features a stunning flamed maple top. The 50th anniversary edition Custom Shop Les Paul's feature an updated top carve, revised pickguard shape, and non-wire bridge making them more faithful reissues than the previous editions. This like-new guitar was part of a collection and has seen little use. It includes all the original paperwork and "Case Candy". EXC w/OHSC $4,500.
  • 1962 SG Special TV "Yellow"
    Here is a very rare T.V. Yellow S.G. Special from our private collection. This prime example is all original with the Original Hang Tags and Gibson soft shell case. The 1961 Gibson catalog has these listed as T. V. Cream, the Original Hang Tag that is included is also stamped "S.G. Special CREAM"  These models do not come up for sale very often and are highly desired by collectors, this guitar also plays Fantastic! EXC W/OHSC $17,500
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special "TV Yellow"
    A fantastic playing Les Paul TV Special, this 1957 example was previously owned by Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. It is lightweight and extremely resonant, and the pair of original "Soap Bar" P90's are balanced and raunchy, perfect for covering the rock n' roll sounds that made this guitar famous in the hands of players like Johnny Thunders. The guitar features a beautiful and strong "TV Yellow" finish, wrap tailpiece, and the original Alligator "chipboard" case. EXC w/OSC $10,200
  • 2007 '57 Gibson Les Paul 50th Anniversary "Goldtop"
    An incredible tribute to the 1957 Les Paul Standard, this aged Custom Shop guitar is as close to the real thing as it gets! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first Les Paul model to feature "PAF" Humbucking pickups, this guitar includes all the original hang tags and Certificate of Authenticity. The beautiful gold finish was meticulously aged by Tom Murphy. EXC w/OHSC $5,500.
  • 1955 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior "TV Yellow"
    One of the cleanest TV model Juniors we've ever seen! This immaculate example is extremely light weight and features the perfect large profile mid-50's neck. With all of the aggressive tone these 50's "dog ear" p90  guitars are known for, this is a perfect Junior for collectors and players alike. EXC w/OSC $12,000.
  • 1965 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    An extremely clean 1965 SG Standard, this guitar features all the earlier '64 spec features. The wider 1 11/16 nut width along with the '64 spec neck profile make this an incredible playing guitar, while the pair of original "Patent Number" humbucking pickups truly scream! The guitar also features all nickel hardware, small pickguard, "reflector" control knobs, and a Gibson "Lyre" tailpiece. Similar to the guitars used by George Harrison and Eric Clapton, this is a perfect Rock n' Roll guitar! EXC w/OHSC $12,000.
  • 2008 '58 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50th Anniversary Aged...
    This guitar was sold years ago by Rumble Seat Music to a private collection and we are thrilled to have it back! This 2008 50th Anniversary Les Paul has one of the most stunning flamed maple tops we've seen on a Custom Shop Les Paul, and was featured in the Tony Bacon book Sunburst. A copy of the book is included, along with all the original "Case Candy" and commemorative "50th anniversary" decal pickguard. The guitar has a great playing, large profile '58 neck, and features meticulous aging by legendary Gibson Finish expert Tom Murphy. This guitar represents some of the finest work by the Gibson Custom Shop! EXC w/OHSC $7,200.
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    We purchased this guitar nearly 20 years ago from the original owner and it immediately sold to a private collection. We are happy to have the guitar back after all these years! The guitar's original owner installed a Bigsby tailpiece included with the guitar for a while but eventually returned it to the factory "stoptail". This is a very early 1957 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" that includes all the original paperwork and hangtags as well as the "goldenrod" interior hardshell case. The original "PAF" humbucker pickups sound incredible and offer a wide array of tonal options, and the perfect '57 neck profile makes this guitar a real pleasure to play. An incredible example of a 50's Les Paul Custom! EXC w/OHSC $59,000.
  • 1960 Gibson ES-330 "Sunburst"
    This incredibly clean "dot-neck" ES-330 is one of the best sounding examples we've had! With a pair of black "dog-ear" P-90 pickups, nickel parts, "reflector" control knobs, and a long pickguard, this has all the early features. A stunning and extremely resonant guitar, this is one of the best ES-330's available for sale! EXC w/HSC $7,500.
  • 2009 Gibson 1959 Les Paul Mike Bloomfield #19 "Burst"
    Part of a limited run of 100 guitars, this 2009 '59 reissue is a faithful recreation of the famous "Burst" used by celebrated Chicago blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield. This has one of the most highly figured flame maple tops of any Custom Shop Les Paul we've seen! A one owner guitar, this instrument includes the original certificate of authenticity and all original hang tags and "case candy", as well as two extra "reflector knobs" to simulate the replacements Bloomfield added to his.  The neck is a comfortable 1959 profile, complete with a beautiful dark rosewood fingerboard, and the aged sunburst finish make this a truly stunning Les Paul. Easily one of the best reissues of a 1959 Les Paul available. EXC w/OHSC $10,200.
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Cherry"
    Just out of a major collection, this exceptionally clean double-cut Les Paul Jr. has the perfect 1959 neck! The beautiful mahogany body maintains the earlier squared off body style usually found on 58 models. Light weight and resonant, this guitar has all the bite one would expect from a single "dog ear" p90 pickup. A great playing guitar, this all original example includes the alligator skin "chip board" case. EXC w/OSSC $6,750
  • 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez "Cherry"
    This is one of the best sounding Trini Lopez guitars we have ever heard. This has all the standard Trini Lopez features like "Diamond" shaped "F" holes, split diamond inlays, Firebird non-reverse headstock, and 2 amazing sounding Patent Number pickups. The original trapeze tailpiece was replaced by a stop tail bridge. The neck is medium and round, playing extremely well. An amazing playing guitar, that will not dissapoint! EXC W/OHSC $6995    
  • 1963 Gibson Les Paul (SG) "Cherry" w/ Factory Bigsby
    An extremely rare, custom ordered factory Bigsby SG/Les Paul model, this 1963 example is similar to the one famously used by Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones. With an original "PAF" humbucking pickup in the bridge and "patent number" pickup in the neck position, this is certainly one of the best sounding SG guitars to come through the store. The '63 neck profile is comparable to the desirable '59 Les Paul shape, and having been professionally reset and re-fretted this guitar plays perfectly. Lightweight, extremely resonant and aggressive, this guitar was made to play rock n' roll! EXC w/OHSC $10,500
  • 2007 Gibson ES-335 P90 "Cherry"
    Part of a limited run, this Memphis-made Gibson ES-335 P90 model was owned and used by legendary guitarist Rick Vito. Combining the semi-hollow construction of the ES-335 with a pair of "dogear" P90 pickups usually found in 330 models, this guitar offers a unique twist on a vintage design. It features a fast-playing and comfortable '60s neck profile, and with four separate push/pull pots for a variety of phase and parallel combinations, there are a huge array of great tones available with this guitar. EXC w/OHSC $4,200
  • 1965 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    This is a transitional 1965 SG with the desirable early '64 features. The neck is the perfect mid-60's medium profile with the earlier body joint, and the guitar includes the earlier "small" pickguard. The original "Patent Number" humbucking pickups are very responsive to the tone and volume controls and sound great in any position. The guitar also includes a Maestro "Lyre" tailpiece, ABR-1 bridge, and "double ring" Kluson tuners. EXC w/OHSC $12,500
  • 2010 Gibson Les Paul "Year of Innovation" 1955 "Goldtop"
    This is a Custom Shop prototype guitar for a very limited run of 1955 reissue Les Paul goldtops made in 2010. It celebrates the innovations to the Les Paul model for that year, specifically the addition of the "ABR-1" bridge and stop tail piece that allowed for better intonation. This example is in great shape. It features an incredible playing mid-50's neck profile with a "Soft V" shape, a pair of "Soap bar" p90 pickups, and all the original case candy from the Gibson Custom shop. This is a rare chance to own a prototype Les Paul that plays and sounds great! EXC w/OHSC $3,200
  • 2015 Gibson Les Paul Collector's Choice #34 "Blackburst"
    This a limited edition Gibson Custom Shop "Collector's Choice" recreation of the famous "Blackburst" 1960 Les Paul now owned by Joe Bonamassa. The original guitar was custom ordered in 1960 because the owner could not afford a Les Paul Custom but wanted the striking black finish found on those models. Gibson simply painted a black anodyne dye on top of an existing Sunburst Standard model. This re-issue follows the same process, starting with a standard "Sunburst" finish over which a black finish is applied. The guitar includes the original paperwork and case candy, including photos of the guitar prior to the black finish being applied. In addition to a great playing and sounding guitar with plenty of extras, this example has been signed by Joe Bonamassa; care taker of the guitar on which this is based. EXC w/OHSC $5,500
  • 1956 Gibson ES-175 "Blonde"
    A beautiful 1956 ES-175, this rare "Blonde" model comes from the personal collection of Keith Nelson. With a beautifully figured maple back and sides, a pair of "Dog Ear" P90 pickups, "Double Ring" Kluson tuners and a nickel "Trapeze" tail piece, this hollowbody looks as good as it sounds. The perfect '56 neck profile features a soft V and plays great all the way up the fingerboard. The guitar also includes a Brown Lifton case. If you're looking for a clean, mid-50's ES-175, it doesn't get any better than this! EXC w/OHSC $6,250
  • Gibson Les Paul/ The Painted Player Neil Young "Old...
    This faithful recreation of the famous "Old Black" Les Paul used by Neil Young comes from the personal collection of renowned producer and guitarist John Shanks. It started life as a Gibson USA "Goldtop" and was modified by the UK's Painted Player Guitar Co. with a Gibson Firebird pickup in the bridge position, Sprauge "orange drop" capacitors, phase switch, Schaller tuners, and a Bigsby tremolo tail piece. It was also refinished and aged to closely resemble Neil's famous guitar. This instruments includes a stenciled Gibson hard case, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity from TPP. A great guitar for fans of Neil Young and his trusted Les Paul "Old Black". EXC w/OHSC $4,000
  • 1952 Gibson Consolette "Korina"
    A very rare example of a Gibson Korina double neck "Consolette" steel guitar. This guitar features two unique 8 pole piece P90 pickups, as well as the same plastic found on the later Explorer, Flying V and Les Paul models, and includes a Brown Lifton case. We've never seen another like it for sale; a must have for collectors of steel guitars and fans of Korina instruments. EXC w/OHSC $2,500