• 1967 Gibson Melody Maker "Pelham Blue"
    Another phenomenal Custom Color Melody Maker guitar in from a huge collection, this 1967 model features an original "Pelham Blue" finish. The gorgeous curves of this SG body style are highlighted by this rare and very cool finish, while the mahogany body is light and resonant, making this a very comfortable guitar to play. Perfect for any collector of SGs or custom finish Gibson electrics! EXC w/OSC $3,200
  • 1967 Gibson Melody Maker III
    Just in from a private collection comes this '67 Melody Maker III! In addition to sporting a very cool and rare Custom Color "Pelham Blue" finish, this guitar is made even better with the rare third pickup option! The lightweight SG body is very resonant, and the trio of single coil pickups allow for a huge variety of great sounds. With a Maestro Tremolo tailpiece and a great playing neck, this is a guitar worthy of any collector or player! EXC w/OHSC $3,800
  • 1968 Gibson Melody Maker "Sparkling Burgundy"
    Just in from a collection of Custom Color Gibson electrics comes one of the coolest Melody Maker guitars we've seen! This original 1968 Example features a very cool, rare "Sparkling Burgundy" finish. The original white pickguard includes a Gibson logo printed on top, a feature only found on guitars in 1968. This great playing instrument is lightweight, easy to play, and perfect for any collection! EXC w/OSC $3,400
  • 2002 Gibson L4 CES "Wine Red"
    With a solid carved spruce top and flamed maple back and sides, this 2002 Cusom Shop L4 lives up to it's vintage predecessors, while the immaculate gold hardware and deep "Wine Red" finish ad a unique element to an already gorgeous instrument. This guitar has a great playing '60 profile neck with an ebony board and a fantastic sounding pair of 57 Classic humbucking pickups. A masterfully built instrument that's as close to the original as it gets! EXC w/OHSC $3,495.
  • 2006 Gibson Custom Shop '59 ES-355 "Ebony"
    The guitars built in the Memphis Custom Shop are some of the best instruments Gibson has made in years, and this 2006 ES-355 is a perfect example! A beautiful "Ebony" finish and gold hardware, along with a '59 style "Long" pickguard, and an usual Trio of humbucking pickups make this one of the most beautiful ES guitars available, while the great playing "C" neck and ebony fingerboard make this one a great player, as well. With three full humnbucker pickups, this guitar is capable of a huge variety of sounds. EXC w/OHSC $3,500
  • 2006 Gibson Custom Shop ES-355 Mono "Black"
    One of the coolest looking ES guitars we've seen from the Memphis Custom Shop, this killer mono 355 features a beautiful "Black" finish with nickel hardware! Reminiscent of guitars used by Keith Richards, Roy Orbison, or B.B. King, this guitar also has a factory Bigsby tailpiece, '59 style long pickguard, ebony fingerboard, and a great playing medium "C" neck profile. ES guitars are extremely versatile, and this 355 is certainly worthy of its place at the top-of-the-line! EXC w/OHSC $3,500
  • 1962 Gibson Melody Maker D "Sunburst"
    This beautiful double-cut Melody Maker features a vibrant "Sunburst" finish, a fast, great playing neck, "reflector" knobs, Maestro tremolo tailpiece, and a pair of versatile single coil pickups. Though designed as student instruments, Melody Makers have been used by icons like Joan Jett and Pat Travers and are a great way to have a vintage Gibson electric at a player-friendly price! This guitar is in clean shape and includes an original faux-alligator chipboard case. EXC w/OSC $1,750
  • 2010 Gibson Custom Shop '61 SG VOS "Cherry"
    Gibson Custom Shop SGs are some of the best guitars the company makes today, and this 2010 VOS model is a perfect example. Lightweight with a beautiful wood grain and "Cherry" finish, this guitar is as close to the vintage models as it gets. A great playing '61 neck profile make this a very easy guitar to play, and with all the original hang tags, COA, and original case, this guitar is in fantastic shape! EXC w/OHSC $3,200.
  • 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe "White"
    With only about 7 examples known to exist, this is definitely the rarest Les Paul Deluxe we've seen! The original custom color "White" finish certainly helps to make this guitar stand out, while the pair of mini-humbucking pickups offer the same great tone that made these the go-to instrument for players like Pete Townshend and Scott Gorham. With a comfortable "C" neck profile and a professionally refretted fingerboard, this guitar is a perfect player. Whether you're a collector looking for a rare Les Paul Deluxe or a player who wants a guitar that stands out, this rare 1975 model is a total winner! EXC w/OHSC $8,500.  
  • 2009 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Custom "Faded...
    This is certainly a guitar you don't see often! This 2009 Custom Shop Les Paul '57 Custom features a rare and very cool "faded cherry" finish that highlights the gorgeous bound mahogany body. Combined with black plastic and the ebony fingerboard, this guitar certainly makes a statement, while the great playing neck and Gibson '57 Classic humbucking pickups ensure this guitar sounds as great as it looks. Some minor repair work has been done around the volume knobs making this an affordable guitar for any player. VG w/OHSC $2,795
  • 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe "Red Sparkle"
    With only around 124 Les Paul Deluxe models offered in "Red Sparkle" finish, this is certainly a rare guitar! A set of Grover tuners and an old, professionally done headstock repair make this the perfect Les Paul for a player! Sparkle finish Les Paul's continue to go up in value and player-grade examples almost never come up for sale. The original "mini humucker" pickups offer just the right amount of bite and sustain, making these guitars the go-to instrument for so many legendary players. If you're looking for a player-grade Les Paul that looks as great as it sounds, this one would be hard to top. VG w/OHSC $4,000
  • 1982 Gibson Moderne Heritage Series "Korina"
    One of the most mysterious models in Gibson's history, the Moderne was certainly a radical design when it was first designed in 1958 alongside the V and Explorer models. Whether one was ever made in the 50's is up for debate but the extremely limited "Heritage" series brought these guitars to life in the early 80s and are now highly sought after! This guitar has been in a private collection for years and is in fantastic condition. The lightweight Korina body offers unparalleled resonance and a distinctive tone that stands out from any other wood in guitar construction. The extreme shape stands out even today, and with an original Gibson hardshell case to fit it, this is certainly a rare opportunity to own this unique part of Gibson history! EXC w/OHSC $5,500
  • 1971 Gibson SG Custom "Walnut"
    Just in from a private collection; These guitars rarely come up for sale, and especially in this condition. This original 1971 SG Custom features a trio of incredible sounding Patent Number "T-Top" humbucking pickups for a huge variety of great sounds, while the ebony fingerboard, gold hardware and "lyre" vibrato tailpiece, white pickguard and "walnut" finish make for a truly beautiful instrument. This clean example includes an original rectangle case with "goldenrod" interior, and the original color manual! Truly one of Gibson's most ornate solidbodies, the SG Custom can be seen in the hands of some iconic players and this stunning 1971 model would be right at home with any player or collector. EXC w/OHSC $6700
  • 1971 Gibson Flying V "Medallion" "Cherry"
    Part of an extremely limited run of 353 guitars, this 1971 "Medallion" Flying V was built to commemorate the 1972 Olympic games. This very rare guitar comes straight out of Joe Bonamassa's personal collection! These guitars rarely come up for sale, and this example even features the matching "Medallion" hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $19,500
  • 1966 Gibson Sg Jr. "White"
    These are some of the ultimate rock n' roll guitars! Perfect for the "Live at Leeds" era Townshend guitar sounds, this 1966 SG Jr. features a rare and very cool original "white" finish, larger pickguard and a single screamin' "soapbar" p90! With a great playing neck, resonant body, and highly responsive pickup, this guitar is incredibly versatile for a one pickup instrument. EXC w/HSC $3,500
  • 1960 Gibson ES-335 "Cherry" "Dot-neck"
    This is perhaps the ultimate "player's" ES-335! With as few as 22 "Dot Neck" 335s made in 1960 that featured a "Cherry" finish and stop tailpiece, these are truly some of the "holy grail" ES guitars. This incredible playing example had the fingerboard binding removed at some point, making it the perfect guitar for any player. With features like a pair of original "PAF" humbucking pickups, early "Long guard", "watermelon" style cherry finish, and a brown lifton case, this is truly one of the best versions of the ES-335. Not just an incredibly rare instrument, this is one of the best sounding guitars in the shop! VG w/OHSC $24,500
  • 1955 Gibson Custom "Black"
    A very clean example of this second-year Les Paul Custom. Unlike the Les Paul Standard models, these guitars were made from all mahogany with a beautiful ebony fingerboard, block inlays, and the great sounding combination of a "Soap bar" P90 in the bridge position and an Alnico V "Staple" pickup in the neck. This guitar features the perfect feeling "Soft V" neck profile and a stop tailpiece with an early "ABR-1" bridge. A stunning example of an early Les Paul Custom! EXC w/HSC $24,500.
  • 1966 Gibson ES-125 "Sunburst"
    Marketed as a student archtop electric, the ES-125 has become renowned by many professional musicians for it's great sounding P90 pickup and thinline hollowbody construction. Perfect for slide players or any traditional blues and jazz styles, these guitars are equally suited to raunchy rockabilly player's as well. A great sounding vintage Gibson electric for a great price! VG w/HSC $1,800
  • 1983 Gibson Les Paul Pre-Historic "Sunburst"
      Just out of a private collection, this rare 1983 Les Paul Standard was part of a very limited run of guitars offered through select dealers who wanted guitars more consistent with the pre-Norlin era models. These marked a return of Les Paul features like a single piece mahogany neck, solid mahogany body with a highly figured flame maple top, and a smaller 50's style headstock. These guitars are referred to by collectors as the "Pre-historic" models as they pre-date the later Custom Shop reissue "Historic" series guitars. This guitar is lightweight and resonant, and the original Tim Shaw era Humbucking pickups sound incredible! A great playing and sounding Les Paul! EXC w/OHSC $7,000
  • 1982 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Award "Sunburst"
    This is certainly one of the rarest and most unusual Les Paul models; the extremely limited Heritage Award series were gifted to the top selling dealers of the Heritage 80 series Les Pauls. Each one featured a pearloid plaque with a serial number, this is number 52 and likely the last one made. Unique features to these guitars include an ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, highly figured maple top, great playing '59 neck profile, and a pair of the coveted Tim Shaw humbucking pickups. This guitar has been in a private collection and is in stellar condition, and will include the original hardshell case. A unique opportunity to own one of the most limited Les Paul models around! EXC w/OHSC $11,000.