• 2016 Whitfill Cousin Paul "Wine Red"
    The perfect hybrid of the Telecaster and Les Paul, the Whitfill Cousin Paul features a one piece set mahogany neck with a comfortable 10" radius, light-weight chambered mahogany body, and Whifill's handwound '58 PAF humbucking pickups. With a stop tail piece and ABR-1 bridge, this guitar bridges the gap between two of the most loved guitar models of all time. EXC w/HSC $2,750
  • 1994 Heritage H-575 "Blonde"
    Heritage's take on the classic Gibson ES-175, this H-575 features a gorgeous flamed maple top, back, and sides, as well as a wooden pick guard, a great playing mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, trapeze tail piece, and two original humbucking pickups. A phenomenal instrument perfect for everything from jazz to rock n' roll! EXC w/HSC $2,500
  • 1954 Fender Stringmaster Triple Neck "Blonde"
    An early triple neck Fender Stringmaster steel featuring a trio of 8 string Fender steel necks, perfect for alternate tuning. These instruments can be heard on countless classic recordings and are an important part of Fender history. This early example still features the "butterscotch blonde" finish as would be found on Telecasters and Esquires of the same period. With the original legs and recovered case, this is an complete and original example that still sounds fantastic. EXC w/OHSC $2,250
  • 1971 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    One of the cleanest early 70's Fenders we've seen, this 1971 Stratocaster almost looks new. This example features  a  beautiful three-tone "sunburst" finish, four bolt neck with rosewood fingerboard, large headstock, and a perfect medium sized "C" neck, as well as the original three-way switch and phenomenal sounding single coil pickups. The guitar also includes the original hang tags, as well as the leather Fender shoulder strap and hardshell case. If you're looking for a great playing early 70's Strats, this is certainly one of the cleanest ones available. EXC w/OHSC $10,200
  • ATC 350BK Barney Kessel "Sunburst"
    This beautiful ATC 350BK archtop was hand crafted in Japan as a tribute to the guitar used by renowned jazz guitarist Barney Kessel. Famous for his own Gibson model of guitars, Kessel was often seen with a highly modified Gibson ES-350 that featured a Charlie Christian pickup and "chickenhead" volume and tone knobs. This ATC guitar features a 17" figured hard maple body with a 3-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, custom wound ATC Charlie Christian pickup, and vintage style nitro finish. This one owner example is in like-new condition and has a warm, full sound perfect for Jazz players and fans of Barney Kessel. EXC w/OHSC $2,100
  • 1982 Gibson ES-335 "Sunburst"
    This is the 1st year for the Dot neck reissue 335's and this one has it all. The flame on this one is phenomenal and it features a beautiful sunburst finish, rosewood board with "dot" inlays, stop tail piece, ABR-1 bridge, and a pair of fantastic sounding Humbuckers. With a comfortable '59 neck profile and great-sounding pickups, this guitar is a total winner. EXC w/HSC $2995    
  • 1959 Gretsch 6120 "Orange"
    This incredible looking celebrity owned HIGHLY Flamed Gretsch 6120 was played and owned by Brian Setzer. The top has the most incredible flame and still has the vibrant orange color. This guitar features a very comfortable, medium rounded, neck, ebony fingerboard with thumb nail inlays and is set up perfectly! Also features two PAF Filtertron pickups, Bigsby tremolo, and a horseshoe inlay on the headstock. This is truly one of the Best Gretsch 6120's we have ever seen! EXC w/OHSC $20,000    
  • 1963 Fender Stratocaster "Fiesta Red"
    This celebrity-owned 1963 "Custom Color" Stratocaster in beautiful "Fiesta Red" finish features one of the best playing Fender necks we've felt in a while. With a beautiful dark rosewood fingerboard, "clay dot" inlays, mint-green pickguard, and "Spaghetti" logo, this is definitely one of the coolest "custom color" Strats available. The original "black bottom" single coil pickups and three-way switch deliver the classic Strat sound that have made these the preferred guitars of so many legendary players. The guitar also includes the original Blonde Tolex hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $39,995
  • 1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis David Barksdale "Sunburst"
    This one of a kind Mosrite Joe Maphis model was custom ordered for the original owner, who's name appears engraved on the pickguard. Ordered in 1966 and assembled by Semi Mosley himself, this guitar features a unique control layout with four separate controls for volume and tone, as well as an Early Mosrite style side-mount input jack, screw head pole piece pickups, Molsey vibrato tailpiece, and highly figured flame maple necks. Truly a one-of-a-kind instrument, this guitar represents a piece of music and guitar history! EXC w/OHSC $4,995  
  • 2018 Utopia Custom Shop Traditional T-Style "Blonde"
    A RSM exclusive, this Utopia T-style guitar is a faithful recreation of a Blackguard Tele. With period correct attention to detail like a Bakelite guard, "ashtray" bridge cover, thin "Nitro" finish, and a comfortable maple neck, this guitar has the look and feel of some of our favorite vintage instruments. This guitar also features a push/pull "Blend" tone pot to achieve Broadcaster style blended pickup sounds. Only available through Rumble Seat Music, these guitars are some of the best new vintage style guitars available. New w/OHSC $2,300
  • 2018 Utopia Custom Shop Traditional S- Style "Fiesta Red"
    A Rumble Seat Music Exclusive, this Utopia "S-style" guitar has the look, feel, and sound of some of our favorite vintage guitars. These guitars were built by designed and built by some of the best vintage guitar authorities in Italy with close attention to detail. With custom wound JW Restoration pickups, celluloid "Mint Green" pickguard, vintage tuners, a dark slab rosewood fingerboard and a vintage-correct "Fiesta Red" finish, this is a fantastic tribute to an early 60's Strat. New w/OHSC $2,300
  • 1958 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst" and 1958 Fender Pro Amp
    This is a Fantastic one owner 1958 Fender Stratocaster and Tweed Pro amp! Was purchased from the original owners wife who happened to find a card from the music store that her husband brought the guitar into to have the strings changed 30 years earlier. It is a great story and who ever gets this great one owner Guitar and amp combo with all the Hang Tags, original cord and paperwork will get the full history! This is a Fantastic package for any collector or player. EXC w/OHSC $29,500    
  • 1979 Gibson ES-175 CC "Sunburst"
    Made for a short run in the late 70's, these ES-175 CC are virtually identical to a standard ES-175 but with the additional remake of the original rare Charlie Christian pickup. Only made for two years, these models are hardly ever seen for sale. With standard ES-175 features like split-parollelgram inlays, trapeze tail piece with floating bridge, and a single sharp cutaway body, this is certainly one of the highest end Gibson electrics available at the time. This guitar is a fantastic player and has a great, warm sound. Includes the original hardshell Gibson case with "goldenrod" interior. EXC w/OHSC $3,500
  • Utopia RS Traditional Series Guitars
    Available exclusively through Rumble Seat Music, these instruments are the result of a collaboration of vintage authorities from around the world. Made in Italy withe finest vintage style parts, these guitars are made to the same standards as the vintage examples from which they draw inspiration. With features like period-correct celluloid pick guards, vintage style Nitro finishes, slab rosewood fingerboards, and JW Restoration pickups in some models, these guitars are fantastic reproductions of our favorite vintage guitars and basses. Call or stop in the store for more details! $2,300    
  • 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez "Black"
    This is a very Rare example of a Trini Lopez in Custom Color "Black". With standard Trini Lopez features like "Diamond" shaped "F" holes, split diamond inlays, Firebird non-reverse headstock, and "Trini Lopez" badge tail piece, this is one of the coolest looking guitars we've seen lately. With a pair of Patent Number pickups and semi-hollow maple body, this guitar sounds every bit as good as it looks especially with the yellowed Binding on the Black body. Gibson Custom Color semi-hollows are almost never seen, especially in a black finish, and to find one that plays and sounds this good is almost unheard of. EXC w/OHSC $18,5o0.
  • 1972 Gibson Les Paul Recording "Walnut"
    Les Paul’s personal favorite guitar, the Les Paul Recording, is a truly versatile instrument. Just like the name implies, this was made to be a guitar used in the studio to record with. The two low impedance pickups were designed to run direct into a recording console. Not to be used strictly in the studio, there is a switch to get a high impedance out of the pickups so it can be used live, into an amp. These guitars have become very sought after and are still a very useful studio tool! EXC W/OHSC $3200    
  • Trussart SteelCaster "Seafoam Green"
    This Trussart Steelcaster is extremely unique and a prime example of his work. This features a relic seafoam green finish, stained gray maple neck, which is a medium rounded profile, engraved roses on the pickguard and headstock, single F hole, and Kluson tuners. This is loaded with Arcane pickups in the classic combination of a single coil bridge and a humbucker in the neck. This guitar is in excellent condition and plays easily. Don't miss out on this unique build! EXC W/HSC $3500    
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Fiesta Red"
    This incredible "Custom Color" 1965 Stratocaster was just purchased form the original owner. The rare "Fiesta Red" finish has begun to fade to a beautiful "Salmon Pink" shade, which along with the dark rosewood board, pearl dot inlays, "transition logo" and white pickguard make this one of the most beautiful Stratocasters we've ever seen. An equally great player, the comfortable "C" neck is hard to put down. This guitar features three original "grey bottom" single coil pickups that range from sweet to aggressive, lending this guitar well to the rock and blues sounds that have made Stratocasters the go-to guitar for so many legendary players. With an original, rare "rifle" case from Fender, this is one of the coolest Strats available. EXC w/OHSC $32,000
  • 1966 Rose Morris Rickenbacker 345-K "FireGlo"
    This extremely rare Rickenbacker 345-K is very similar to those used by Pete Townshend of the Who. The finish is a darker shade of Fireglo only seen on a few models. Rose Morris music started selling Rickenbackers in 1964. These guitars are easily distinguished by the script "F" holes on the semi hollow maple bodies. This guitar also features three of the desirable "Toaster" pickups, two-tiered pickguard, and the original Rickenbacker "Accent" tremolo tail piece. This is an incredible sounding, rare guitar. EXC w/OHSC $7,200
  • 1964 Guild X-350 Stratford "Cherry"
    Just in from the original owner, this Guild X-350 was purchased new in 1964. It was used as the primary guitar in a Country/Western swing band in Minnesota for decades before finding it's way to Nashville. The trio of original Guild HB-1 Humbucking pickups can be used individually or in any combination of two with the use of the fully functional switching system, and the comfortable, thin "C" Shape neck plays perfectly. The original owners initials were affixed to the top of the soundboard, giving this guitar serious character. This instrument includes an original Guild product catalog and hardshell case. A fantastic sounding guitar with a rich history. VG W/OHSC $3,500