• 2014 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue "Bourbon Burst"
    Up for sale is an excellent offering from the Custom Shop at Gibson. The top on this is really stunning. This R9 has all the great features you would expect. An amazing feeling, 59 profile neck. Screaming pickups, with the ability to dial in any tone you need. Very clean and easy to play. You don't want to miss this one! EXC W/OHSC $4250    
  • 1964 Fender Mandolin "Mandocaster" "Sunburst"
    Here is a really cool and unique piece. A mid sixties, pre CBS, Fender mandocaster. Features a great sunburst finish, tortoise pickguard and great playability. The electronics add great dimension and make it a great addition to any collection! EXC W/OHSC $2200    
  • 1959 Hofner Club 60 "Blonde"
    Just acquired out of a larger Hofner collection, is an amazing example of a Hofner Club 60. This has the early Beatles vibe written all over it. Very light weight and resonant. Terrific feeling, full and round neck. Double black blade pickups and a wide array of tone control options. It's smaller body is very comfortable to play. Being a high end model, this features an ebony fingerboard, split diamond inlays and flower logo on the headstock. The maple is nicely figured as well. EXC W/OHSC $2250    
  • 1953 Fender Esquire "See Thru Blonde"
    Here is an awesome player Esquire. This guitar feels just right. It has been refinished and the beautiful wood grain shines through. There was a neck humbucker added at one point, but it has been removed and the pickguard was filled back in. The pickup has the classic tele twang, but it has some serious muscle behind it. The three way switch provides all the tone options you need for an Esquire. Everything from full on to smooth and bassy. If you are looking for a great sounding and playing 50's Esquire, look no further. This guitar has it! EXC- W/HSC $13,500    
  • 1960 Hofner Club 50 "Sunburst"
    These early Hofner's are hard to find and this one just came out of the collection we are putting up for sale. Has all the great features and looks plays Fantastic! EXC w/OHSC $1995
  • 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Wine Red"
    Here is a cool example of a late 70's triple pickup Les Paul Custom. This guitar has some mojo. The pickups all scream and have a clear, thick tone. The neck is slimmer, but still very comfortable to play. The tonal combinations you can achieve with the three pickups and the volume and tone controls is amazing. This guitar will have a tone to fit anything you want to play. A unique addition to any collection! EXC W/OHSC $3795    
  • 1971 Gibson SG Special "Walnut"
    Here is a very cool SG Special. This guitar has some serious kick to it. The pickups are smokin and have great punch and clarity. The neck is very comfortable, slightly thinner, but nicely rounded. The top has some slight checking and the back has minimal wear. This plays very easily with low action.  A great guitar at an affordable price! EXC W/HSC $2795    
  • 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1954 Reissue "Goldtop"
    Here is a very clean example of a great Gibson reissue. The neck is nice and full, just like you would expect on a 50's Les Paul. The body rings like a bell. The pickups have that classic soapbar tone. They are very articulate and cut through nicely, while still giving you some of that Gibson beef. There is only a very small amount of wear on the back, but the overall condition is terrific. Don't miss this chance to own an amazing reissue! EXC W/OHSC $2995    
  • 1967 Epiphone Riviera "Cherry"
    We just purchased this EPi Riviera along with the Sheraton from the original owners family and they are both in gorgeous condition and were purchased at the same time and they both still have that strong cherry color. This guitar plays and sounds great and the condition make it a total Winner! EXC w/OHSC $3500
  • 1967 Epiphone Sheraton "Cherry"
    We just purchased this this gorgeous Epi Sheraton from the original owners family, it is in outstanding condition with a strong cherry color. Everything sounds and plays great on this fabulous guitar. A total Winner! EXC w/OHSC $7995  
  • 1954 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    Here is a terrific example of a '54 Strat. This is one of the best playing and sounding 54's we have seen. The slightly chunky neck feels amazing and is extremely easy to play. The pickups have a beautiful clarity and shimmer. The respond very well to playing dynamics. The body has a great resonance and a very comfortable weight. This has had a wonderful refinish many years ago and its hard to tell that it was done, it looks great. There are a few changed parts. This is a great way to get a killer 1st year vintage Strat at a great price! EXC W/OHSC $26,500  
  • 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
    Here's a great example of an earlier Les Paul Junior. All the trademarks are here, terrific feeling, rounded neck, screaming, powerful P90, and a resonant body and neck. The volume and tone controls add so much depth and dimension when rolled down. The tuners have been replaced with Grovers and the bridge has been replaced. The pickup and electronics are original and sound phenomenal. EXC W/HSC $5200    
  • 1960 Epiphone Coronet "Cherry"
    These are one of our favorite Epiphones. This is a Transition from the thick body to the the thin body just like Steve Marriotts, it also features the early large Epiphone Logo. It has that great feeling 1960 neck profile, great Cherry color and one fantastic sounding P-90 pickup. A Total Winner! EXC- w/HSC $3500
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
    Here is a Great playing 1957 Les Paul Jr. in the perfect players condition! It has a Screaming P-90 pickup, upgraded tuners to Grovers and a Bad Ass bridge. The neck has that perfect mid 50's feel and the tone has lots of variations!  EXC- w/HSC $5200
  • 1959 Fender Jazzmaster "Sunburst"
    Here is a great transition 1959 Fender Jazzmaster with a Tortoise shell pickguard, Rosewood Fret-board and Clay Dots, early Two tone Sunburst finish and a Spaghetti Logo. Has that great feeling neck and also has that tone everyone loves from an early Jazzmaster! EXC- W/HSC $5995
  • 1989 Fender Stratocaster "Mary Kaye" w/ SRV Signature
    Here is a rare opportunity to own a piece of music history. This is a consignment from our friend who was Stevie’s bus driver. Stevie Ray Vaughan played this guitar on stage, at Jones Beach, in 1990 after his guitars were destroyed the night before. After the show, he autographed the guitar. Stevie had this guitar modified to his personal specifications. It is re fretted with jumbo frets and set up for him with high action, big strings and tuned to E flat. The guitar is in terrific shape with minimal wear. A beautiful see thru finish shows off the wood grain. It has a comfortable neck with great grain. The gold hardware still retains it shine. Comes with Tour laminates, SRV Double Trouble Denim Jacket (XL), Signed tablature book, original guitar pics from the tour including one used by Stevie and a letter of authenticity. EXC w/OHSC $HOLD
  • 1967 Fender Jazzmaster "Sunburst"
    This is a one owner Fender Jazzzmaster that is Super clean and also includes the original Hang Tags! Has all the early features and is also a great playing guitar with block inlays and a bound neck. Comes with the original case and Hang Tags! EXC+ $3995
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul "GoldTop"
    Just in is Gorgeous 1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with the desisirable Tune-O-Matic stop tailpiece combo. It is one of the cleanest ones we have seen in awhile and also features the Rare dark back! If you want a seriously desirable 1950's Les Paul to play or put into a collection it doesn't get any better than this! EXC+ w/OHSC $35,000
  • 1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline "Natural"
    Here is a terrific playing and looking 72 Thinline Telecaster. This particular guitar has phenomenal looking grain on both the front and the back, as you can see. It is very lightweight and has a comfortable, rounded neck, that plays easily. The wide range pickups have the classic Fender tone and ring beautifully. The semi hollow design works extremely well with the pickups and adds a wonderful new dimension to the classic Tele design. You won't be disappointed with this one! EXC W/OHSC $3750    
  • 2003 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue Brazilian R9 "Burst"
    Here is an absolute stunner from the Gibson Custom Shop. Everything you could want in a R9 is here. A fantastic flame top, that moves with the light. Extremely comfortable '59 profile neck with the coveted Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Vintage wiring with bumblebee caps. Extremely resonant body and neck with balanced tone. Plugged in, this guitar sounds just like you would expect, meaty and thick Les Paul tone. Playability is easy, clean and smooth. The guitar is in terrific condition, with it hardly being played. It comes with the desirable tweed case, COA, and all the candy. For a player or a collector, don't miss this opportunity to own a limited piece. EXC W/OHSC $10,500