• 1960 Les Paul Jr "Cherry"
    This 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior has a gorgeous mahogany body finished in a strong cherry color. The solid body, single pickup, double cutaway guitar is both simple and elegant. The mahogany neck has a rosewood fretboard that has the early 1959 profile. The neck feels wonderful and it sounds as good as it looks, another great Les Paul Jr! EXC w/HSC $5600
  • 1957 Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
    This is a Prime example of a 1957 single-cut Gibson Les Paul jr. A lightweight example with a fantastic feeling large profile neck that plays perfect, a screaming single P-90 pickup for that Leslie West tone and a strong Sunburst finish. A total Winner! EXC w/HSC $5800
  • 1965 Fender Jazz Bass "Burgundy Mist" w/Matching Headstock
    This is as Cool and Rare as it gets! One of Fender's best Custom Colors, Burgundy Mist with the Matching Headstock.  It has all the best early features with one of the most incredible playing necks we have had, also this bass sounds phenomenal and was played a lot for a reason. It's an amazing example of Fenders finest work! EXC- w/HSC $24,500
  • 1964 Gibson Firebird I "Sunburst"
    Here is a very cool early 1964 rare Firebird I with 1963 pots. This is very similar to the one Eric Clapton used in Cream. It features are great playing neck and a screaming mini Humbucking pickup. These guitars are one of the best playing and sounding Firebirds! EXC w/OHSC $12,500
  • 1950'S GIBSON BR-6 "Sunburst"
    This is an excellent example of a mid-1950's Gibson BR-6 lap steel that came in from the original owner. This is the later version with a P-90 pickup with adjustable pole pieces. The earlier ones had non-adjustable steel poles, which did not permit you to fine-tune the string-to-string balance. Great piece! EXC w/OHSC $695  
  • 1966 Epiphone 'Al Caiola' Standard "Cherry"
    This is the first year for the Al Caiola Standard, and this is a Gorgeous example! They are very rare and hardly ever come up for sale. It features a great playing comfortable neck, 2-P-90 pickups, Dot inlays, 5-switches plus a pickup selector switch and a beautiful cherry finish. EXC+ w/HSC $3995.  
  • 1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop"
    This is one of the Best 1954 Les Paul Goldtops we have ever had! It features an early original and possibly a prototype Bigsby tailpiece, also a large profile neck that fits perfectly in your hand, 2-monster sounding P-90 pickups that scream and the original Gibson Brown hard shell case. EXC w/OHSC $23,500  
  • Dwight Explorer "Korina"
    This is great playing hand built in England Korina Explorer style guitar. It features a large late 50's feeling neck, 1-Humbucking pickup with lots of different tones and a great looking relic Korina body and neck. Great guitar! EXC w/Gig Bag $3995 Hold  
  • 1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline
    This is a fantastic playing Telecaster Thinline that features a large profile Maple neck that's setup perfect and 2-Fender Humbucking style pickups. These Thinlines are great playing guitars and are still very affordable. EXC- w/HSC $2500  
  • 1976 Travis Bean TB1000A "Koa"
    This is a Beautiful example of a highly figured Koa wood Travis Bean. It features 2-great sounding pickups, Aluminum neck thru body, and a Rosewood board. This is a great playing and sounding guitar!  EXC w/HSC $4995 HOLD  
  • 1968 Gibson ES-345/ES-335 "Cherry"
    This is Great guitar for any player that wants that 60's ES-335 feel and sound. It still has that beautiful strong cherry color and the slightly yellowed binding to give it that vintage look. It features 2-great sounding Humbucking pickups, a beefy neck profile with block inlays and a Rosewood board. A great guitar! EXC w/OHSC $3995  
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Burst"
    This is a prime example of a 1959 Les Paul Burst! If your looking for one of the best sounding, playing, tonal quality, patina, etc you need to look no further. It has all the desirable features including 2-PAF pickups that are amazing. A great guitar at a great price! EXC w/OHSC $HOLD  
  • 2016 Vox Apache's
    These Vox Apache guitars are great playing and fun to use. They feature the early Vox shapes and they also feature great sounding drum machines with two speakers. They were a limited run that never made it for sale in the United States. EXC+ w/ossc $425    
  • 1970's Tokai Jazz Bass
    This is a very cool 1970's Tokai Jazz Bass that actually plays and sounds great! If your looking for a cool looking and easy playing bass that is very affordable this is the one for you! EXC w/case $550    
  • 1961 Fender Stratocaster "Slabboard"
    This is a players dream 1961 Fender Stratocaster with a Slabboard Rosewood neck. It features a Green-guard, Clay Dots, Spaghetti logo and the original Fender brown hard shell case. Call for the details EXC- w/OHSC $15,900  
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop"
    This is a Fantastic playing and sounding example of a 1956 Goldtop. It features 2-great sounding P-90 pickups and a perfect feeling neck and a rare Dark back. A total Winner! EXC w/OHSC $35,500
  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop"
    This is a prime example of a very desirable 1958 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. This incredible guitar features 2-PAF Humbucking pickups that sound amazing, a perfect 50's profile neck and a Tune-O-Matic tailpiece. A Total Winner! EXC w/OHSC $118,000    
  • 1954 Gibson Les Paul "GoldTop"
    Just In is this great playing example of a wrap-a-round Les Paul Goldtop. Features 2-Killer P-90 pickups, great profile neck and the original clean Gibson Brown hard shell case! EXC/WOHSC $24,000  
  • 2004 GVCG Tele "See-Thru Blonde"
    These guitars were built by Johathan Wilson and this one of his early ones with all the correct appointments. These are one of the better Fender style guitars have ever played! EXC w/OHSC $HOLD
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Olympic White"
    Purchased from the previous owner who has had it since 1967.  The owner of the music store he purchased it from was a big Beach Boys fan. The story goes he sent it back to Fender to have them apply a layer of Poly to the original finish that gives it a yellow patina.  This guitar also features a green guard, clay dot inlays, transition logo and a neck date date of January of 1965. This is a fantastic guitar at a great price! Click HERE or the video icon below to hear Tyler Bryant play this guitar!  EXC w/OHSC $HOLD