• 1957 Guild M-75 Bluesbird "Blonde"
    One of the coolest 50's Guild Electrics we've seen! This beautiful M-75 "bluesbird" was stripped to natural early in it's life, highlighting a gorgeous flamed maple back! The original Guild P90-style single coil pickups combined with the hollow body construction offer a distinctive and versatile tone, wile the "soft V" 50's neck profile is perfectly broken in and similar to the best Les Pauls of the era! The dark rosewood board features block inlays, while the headstock sports a rare, early diagonal "Guild" logo. The guitar was owned and used by a renowned Nashville session player and even includes the original Guild Hardshell case! EXC w/OHSC $3,000.
  • 1994 Rickenbacker 360/12 V64 "Fireglo"
    A faithful recreation of the George Harrison Spec Rickenbacker 12 string, this  stunning example is in fantastic condition. It features a beautiful double-bound maple body with a two-tier pickguard, "Crushed pearl sharkfin" inlays, and a pair of "Toaster top" pickups that offer all of the jangle that only a Ric 12 string can provide! EXC w/OHSC $3,200
  • 1959 Rickenbacker 360 Capri w/ M-11 Amplifier "Fireglo"
    A rare, early example, this stunning 1959 Rickenbacker Capri was purchased from the original owner before becoming part of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick's personal collection. This beautiful instrument features a double-bound maple semi-hollow body with two original "toaster top" pickups, "shark fin" inlays, large "oven knobs" and a two-tier gold pickguard.  Included with the guitar is an immaculate model M-11 Amplifier that was purchased new by the original owner at the same time as the guitar. An incredible pair that has been together since 1959! Perfect for any Collection! W/OHSC $11,500
  • 1968 Fender Telecaster Custom "Tuxedo"
    An incredibly rare "Tuxedo" Bound Telecaster Custom, this guitar was previously owned by Joe Bonamassa. The original owner converted it to a Keith Richards "Mcabwer" spec Telecaster, with a 2-screw Fender Lap Steel pickup in the bridge and a Gibson Patent Number Humbucker in the neck position. The original "blonde" finish, black double binding, and "Maple Cap" neck make this one of the most beautiful 60's Telecasters in the shop! An incredible sounding guitar and a great player as well, this is one of the coolest "player grade" Telecasters available! VG w/OHSC $8,200.
  • 1958 Gretsch 6120 "Orange"
    One of the cleanest 6120 model Gretsch guitar to come through the shop, this beautiful 1958 Model even includes the original tags! The original "Gretsch Orange" finish is vibrant and unfaded, while the original binding is in great shape overall. A pair of "Filtertron" humbucking pickups and a Bigsby tailpiece provide that "Great Gretsch" sound that has made this model the go-to guitar for players like Brian Setzer. The guitar also includes an original White "Cowboy" style case bound in a tooled leather belt. A beautiful guitar in incredible shape! EXC w/OHSC $8,500.
  • 2009 Gibson Les Paul Special Edition 50th Anniversary 1959...
    Part of a limited run of 50th anniversary 1959 reissue Les Pauls, this incredible guitar is based on an original 1959 now owned by Vic DaPra. The finish is a gorgeous "bourbon fade" sunburst and the guitar features a stunning flamed maple top. The 50th anniversary edition Custom Shop Les Paul's feature an updated top carve, revised pickguard shape, and non-wire bridge making them more faithful reissues than the previous editions. This like-new guitar was part of a collection and has seen little use. It includes all the original paperwork and "Case Candy". EXC w/OHSC $4,500.
  • 1962 SG Special TV "Yellow"
    Here is a very rare T.V. Yellow S.G. Special from our private collection. This prime example is all original with the Original Hang Tags and Gibson soft shell case. The 1961 Gibson catalog has these listed as T. V. Cream, the Original Hang Tag that is included is also stamped "S.G. Special CREAM"  These models do not come up for sale very often and are highly desired by collectors, this guitar also plays Fantastic! EXC W/OHSC $17,500
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special "TV Yellow"
    A fantastic playing Les Paul TV Special, this 1957 example was previously owned by Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. It is lightweight and extremely resonant, and the pair of original "Soap Bar" P90's are balanced and raunchy, perfect for covering the rock n' roll sounds that made this guitar famous in the hands of players like Johnny Thunders. The guitar features a beautiful and strong "TV Yellow" finish, wrap tailpiece, and the original Alligator "chipboard" case. EXC w/OSC $10,200
  • 2007 '57 Gibson Les Paul 50th Anniversary "Goldtop"
    An incredible tribute to the 1957 Les Paul Standard, this aged Custom Shop guitar is as close to the real thing as it gets! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first Les Paul model to feature "PAF" Humbucking pickups, this guitar includes all the original hang tags and Certificate of Authenticity. The beautiful gold finish was meticulously aged by Tom Murphy. EXC w/OHSC $5,500.
  • 1955 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior "TV Yellow"
    One of the cleanest TV model Juniors we've ever seen! This immaculate example is extremely light weight and features the perfect large profile mid-50's neck. With all of the aggressive tone these 50's "dog ear" p90  guitars are known for, this is a perfect Junior for collectors and players alike. EXC w/OSC $12,000.
  • 1965 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    An extremely clean 1965 SG Standard, this guitar features all the earlier '64 spec features. The wider 1 11/16 nut width along with the '64 spec neck profile make this an incredible playing guitar, while the pair of original "Patent Number" humbucking pickups truly scream! The guitar also features all nickel hardware, small pickguard, "reflector" control knobs, and a Gibson "Lyre" tailpiece. Similar to the guitars used by George Harrison and Eric Clapton, this is a perfect Rock n' Roll guitar! EXC w/OHSC $12,000.
  • 2008 '58 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50th Anniversary Aged...
    This guitar was sold years ago by Rumble Seat Music to a private collection and we are thrilled to have it back! This 2008 50th Anniversary Les Paul has one of the most stunning flamed maple tops we've seen on a Custom Shop Les Paul, and was featured in the Tony Bacon book Sunburst. A copy of the book is included, along with all the original "Case Candy" and commemorative "50th anniversary" decal pickguard. The guitar has a great playing, large profile '58 neck, and features meticulous aging by legendary Gibson Finish expert Tom Murphy. This guitar represents some of the finest work by the Gibson Custom Shop! EXC w/OHSC $7,200.
  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    We purchased this guitar nearly 20 years ago from the original owner and it immediately sold to a private collection. We are happy to have the guitar back after all these years! The guitar's original owner installed a Bigsby tailpiece included with the guitar for a while but eventually returned it to the factory "stoptail". This is a very early 1957 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" that includes all the original paperwork and hangtags as well as the "goldenrod" interior hardshell case. The original "PAF" humbucker pickups sound incredible and offer a wide array of tonal options, and the perfect '57 neck profile makes this guitar a real pleasure to play. An incredible example of a 50's Les Paul Custom! EXC w/OHSC $59,000.
  • Nash S-63 "Sonic Blue"
    An incredible "Strat-style" guitar, this Nash S-63 plays and sounds like a perfectly broken in Stratocaster. The beautiful "Sonic Blue" finish with a "mint green" pickguard and rosewood fingerboard provide a classic '60s look. Includes an original hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $1,500.
  • 2018 Fender Custom Shop Wildwood 10 '55 Telecaster "Sunburst"
    This is an amazing combination of vintage and modern specs, to make one of the best custom shop Telecasters we have seen. These Wildwood spec guitars have great features and this one is no exception. Featuring a journeyman finish, 1 piece ash body that is very light weight, chunky U shape neck, 10" radius, 6105 frets, and a sunburst finish. It plays extremely easily and the Twisted Tele pickups sound fantastic. This comes with the leather bound spec sheet and original tweed case. Don't miss it! EXC W/OHSC $4500  
  • 1960 Gibson ES-330 "Sunburst"
    This incredibly clean "dot-neck" ES-330 is one of the best sounding examples we've had! With a pair of black "dog-ear" P-90 pickups, nickel parts, "reflector" control knobs, and a long pickguard, this has all the early features. A stunning and extremely resonant guitar, this is one of the best ES-330's available for sale! EXC w/HSC $7,500.
  • 1967 Gretsch 6120 Nashville "Orange"
    A fantastic one-owner guitar, this 1967 Gretsch 6120 is perhaps the cleanest Nashville model we've ever seen! The original "Gretsch Orange" finish is strong and vibrant, and the original binding is in great condition! With a pair of "Filtertron" humbucking pickups and a Gretsch branded "Bigsby" tailpiece, this is the perfect guitar for anyone looking for "that great Gretsch Sound"! Purchased from the original owner, the guitar includes the original Gretsch hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $3,200
  • 2014 Fender Custom Shop 1954 Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Heavy...
    Part of a limited run of guitars celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first-year Fender Stratocaster, this 2014 Custom Shop guitar is a faithful recreation of an early Stratocaster! This like-new example features a beautiful Ash body with two-tone Sunburst finish, quartersawn "U" shaped maple neck with a 9.5" radius, larger frets for easy bending, '54 spec "short skirt" knobs, and Custom Shop 1954 single coil pickups. The guitar includes all the original "Case Candy" including a Certificate of Authenticity and original hang tags. A great playing Stratocaster that pays homage to the very first year of this now iconic guitar! EXC w/OHSC $3,400.
  • 1967 Fender Custom Esquire "Sunburst"
    An extremely rare "Spaghetti Logo" Custom Esquire, this early 1967 example still has a beautiful, unfaded three-color sunburst finish that perfectly compliments the "ambered" double binding. This guitar has a professionally repaired humbucker route in the neck position, which has been covered with an earlier original "mint green" Esquire pickguard, and includes the original white guard, as well. The dark rosewood fingerboard and phenomenal playing medium "C" profile neck make this one of the best playing "player's" Esquires we've had. EXC w/OHSC $9,500.
  • 1961 Epiphone Casino "Royal Tan"
    One of the best playing and sounding Epiphone Casinos we've had! This beautiful 1961 example includes all early features like the shorter Epiphone headstock, black "dog ear" p90 pickups, "Royal Tan" sunburst finish, and the earlier wide nut neck. Similar to the guitar used by Keith Richards on the early Rolling Stones records, this all original guitar includes a Brown Lifton hardshell case. EXC w/HSC $7,000.