• 1960 Ampeg Jet
    An incredible sounding, early Jet model Ampeg 1x12 combo, this amp has a rich and musical breakup not unlike a Fender Tweed amp. It also features a lush tremolo circuit that is fully functional. A perfect recording amp! EXC $850
  • 1965 Fender Electric XII "Firemist Gold"
    This is a Prime example of  the 1-year for the Electric XII in Custom Colors from Fender! This one has been in our personal collection and is now available for sale. Featuring the early Kluson tuners, Dot inlays on a Rosewood fretboard, the Matching Gold headstock and a beautiful Flamed Maple neck. This is a very rare guitar that plays and sounds Phenomenal, it was used on a few recordings. Similar ones can be heard on Led Zeppelin, The Who and other recordings through the years. This is perfect addition to any collection and also a great guitar for any player! EXC w/OHSC $13,500
  • 2014 Fender Custom Shop 1951 Telecaster Relic "Cimarron Red"
    This incredible Fender Custom Shop "heavy relic" Telecaster sports a beautiful and rare "Cimarron Red" finish. The large '51 neck profile with jumbo frets make this an exceptionally good playing Tele, while the gold hardware and anodized guard perfectly compliment the distinctive finish. The guitar includes the original case candy and COA from the Custom Shop, as well as the original tweed hardshell case. A fantastic guitar with a unique look. EXC w/OHSC $2,995
  • 1954 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    This early iconic 1954 Fender Stratocaster has been played on some of the most important songs and bands through the years! Here is a small example of songs you can here this guitar on, Lawyers in Love L.P. by Jackson Browne including the single "Somebody's Baby" - Like a Rock L.P. by Bob Seger - Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits" L.P. "Behind The Mask" L.P. and "The Chain" Boxed set, etc... This Phenomenal Stratocaster has only been used on studio recordings and has not been taken on the road. Rick Vito is the second owner and has owned it since 1980. Here is your chance not only to own a Rare 1954 Fender Stratocaster, but one that comes with so much Rock & Roll History! Also included is the Letter of Authenticity and the original Fender Tweed Hard shell case. EXC- $65,000
  • 1965 Gibson SG Standard "Cherry"
    This is a transitional 1965 SG with the desirable early '64 features. The neck is the perfect mid-60's medium profile with the earlier body joint, and the guitar includes the earlier "small" pickguard. The original "Patent Number" humbucking pickups are very responsive to the tone and volume controls and sound great in any position. The guitar also includes a Maestro "Lyre" tailpiece, ABR-1 bridge, and "double ring" Kluson tuners. EXC w/OHSC $12,500
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior "TV Yellow"
    An incredible sounding TV Junior, this 1956 model was owned and used by Nelson. It has had a professional headstock repair, new frets, and a Faber tailpiece, but the original is included as well. The "Dog Ear" p90 pickup in this guitar is especially aggressive, perfect for fans of the classic Leslie West Mountain guitar tone. The guitar also has a "soft V" '56 profile neck that plays perfectly. If you're looking for an amazing sounding, player-grade TV Yellow Les Paul Jr., it doesn't get any better! VG w/HSC $7,995
  • 1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG) Junior "Cherry"
    A transitional example of the first year of the "SG" body style, this 1961 Les Paul Jr. still features a "Les Paul" silkscreened headstock. With a great playing fast '61 neck profile, lightweight mahogany body, and a screaming "dog ear" p90 pickup, this is an aggressive sounding rock n' roll guitar! This instrument was owned and used by Keith Nelson of Buckcherry and includes the original alligator chipboard case. EXC w/OSC $3,995
  • 2015 Gibson Les Paul Collector's Choice #34 "Blackburst"
    This a limited edition Gibson Custom Shop "Collector's Choice" recreation of the famous "Blackburst" 1960 Les Paul now owned by Joe Bonamassa. The original guitar was custom ordered in 1960 because the owner could not afford a Les Paul Custom but wanted the striking black finish found on those models. Gibson simply painted a black anodyne dye on top of an existing Sunburst Standard model. This re-issue follows the same process, starting with a standard "Sunburst" finish over which a black finish is applied. The guitar includes the original paperwork and case candy, including photos of the guitar prior to the black finish being applied. In addition to a great playing and sounding guitar with plenty of extras, this example has been signed by Joe Bonamassa; care taker of the guitar on which this is based. EXC w/OHSC $5,500
  • 1956 Gibson ES-175 "Blonde"
    A beautiful 1956 ES-175, this rare "Blonde" model comes from the personal collection of Keith Nelson. With a beautifully figured maple back and sides, a pair of "Dog Ear" P90 pickups, "Double Ring" Kluson tuners and a nickel "Trapeze" tail piece, this hollowbody looks as good as it sounds. The perfect '56 neck profile features a soft V and plays great all the way up the fingerboard. The guitar also includes a Brown Lifton case. If you're looking for a clean, mid-50's ES-175, it doesn't get any better than this! EXC w/OHSC $6,250
  • Gibson Les Paul/ The Painted Player Neil Young "Old...
    This faithful recreation of the famous "Old Black" Les Paul used by Neil Young comes from the personal collection of renowned producer and guitarist John Shanks. It started life as a Gibson USA "Goldtop" and was modified by the UK's Painted Player Guitar Co. with a Gibson Firebird pickup in the bridge position, Sprauge "orange drop" capacitors, phase switch, Schaller tuners, and a Bigsby tremolo tail piece. It was also refinished and aged to closely resemble Neil's famous guitar. This instruments includes a stenciled Gibson hard case, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity from TPP. A great guitar for fans of Neil Young and his trusted Les Paul "Old Black". EXC w/OHSC $4,000
  • Echo Park Clarence Custom Case Study "Aged Sunburst"
    This incredible Echo Park Clarence Custom guitar is a true work of art! The one-of-a-kind bound solidbody features a beautiful Koa top with a "tortoiseshell" guard, Ziricote fingerboard and a pair of Arcane Humbucking pickups. This guitar was part of the personal collection of renowned producer and guitarist John Shanks. Echo Park guitars have made a name for themselves as some of the highest quality custom built guitars today, and this example is no exception. EXC w/HSC $5,000
  • 1952 Gibson Consolette "Korina"
    A very rare example of a Gibson Korina double neck "Consolette" steel guitar. This guitar features two unique 8 pole piece P90 pickups, as well as the same plastic found on the later Explorer, Flying V and Les Paul models, and includes a Brown Lifton case. We've never seen another like it for sale; a must have for collectors of steel guitars and fans of Korina instruments. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 2017 Gibson Custom Shop '58 Explorer "TV White"
    A faithful reissue of the legendary 1958 Gibson Explorer, this like-new exampe from the Gibson Custom Shop features a limited "TV White" finish. The lightweight mahogany body is extremely resonant, and the large profile '58 spec neck is set up to play beautifully. The guitar includes the original Custom Shop case, as well as all the original hang tags and "Case Candy". EXC w/OHSC $3,995
  • Loic Le Pape Lsteele "Neil Young Old Black"
    This unique steel-body guitar was built by renowned French Luthier Loic Le Pape and offers a twist on the famous "Old Black" Les Paul used by Neil Young. The fully hollow, LP shaped steel body features all the rust and wear associated with Neil's long time number one guitar, and true to the original features a Firebird pickup in the bridge position and a P90 in the neck. The wooden neck is a comfortable '50's profile and features a metal brace throughout, just like Old Black. This custom made instrument was part of the collection of legendary producer and guitar player John Shanks. It includes a hardhsell case stenciled with Neil Young's various band names. EXC w/OHSC $4,000.
  • 1968 Fender Telecaster "Blonde"
    1968 is one of our favorite years for Telecasters, and this is definitely one of the cleanest examples we've seen! The original "see-thru Blonde" finish is unfaded, while the "Maple Cap" neck is the perfect "medium C" profile. The original bridge pickup sounds full and raunchy; a truly rock n' roll telecaster! If you're looking for a clean "Maple Cap" Telecaster that sounds as good as it looks, this is definitely the one! EXC w/OHSC $10,000
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior "TV Yellow"
    This is the best year and color for Gibson's T.V. Yellow Les Paul Jr's! It features that great looking Banana yellow color, Tortoise shell pickguard, screaming P-90 pickup and that 59'bigger profile neck. They were used by many players and especially know for and played by Johnny Thunders and Keith Richards. It doesn't get much better than this T.V. Jr! Also comes with the original Gibson soft shell case. EXC w/OSSC $12,900
  • 1966 Fender Telecaster "Blonde"
    These 1966 Transition Fender guitars in our opinion as some of the best guitars made in the early/mid 60's. This Telecaster has that tone very similar to the 50' Teles. It features a Rosewood fret-board, white ply pickguard, Transition Logo, beautiful Blonde finish and two great sounding pickups. It also features that bigger profile neck that every one is looking for, this a Fantastic guitar that also comes with the original Ash Tray and Fender Hard Shell Case. EXC w/OHSC $10,500
  • 1960 Rickenbacker 450 "Fireglo"
    An early example of this rare Rickenbacker model, this 1960 Rickenbacker 450 is one of the best playing Rickenbacker's we've had. The original "Cresting Wave" body shape with neck-thru construction are accented by a gold Anodized pickguard and matching metal headstock logo, and the two "toaster" style pickups provide the classic Rickenbacker tones that helped create the soundtrack of the 60's. These early 450's are not seen for sale often. EXC w/OHSC $3,995
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    This guitar was sold at Rumble Seat Music several years ago and we are proud to offer it for sale again! A fantastic 1969 Les Paul Custom with desirable, early features. The lightweight mahogany body with maple top is extremely resonant, while the "no-volute" neck is the perfect mid-60's profile with the wider 1 11/16" nut, and with original "T-Top" patent number sticker pickups this is a truly incredible sounding Les Paul Custom. The guitar was professionally refretted and plays like a dream. EXC w/OHSC $12,200
  • 1973 Gibson ES-335 "Sunburst"
    A remarkably clean, one-owner ES-335, this 1973 model was used by a professional player and sideman to legends like Bill Withers and Grover Washington. It features a vibrant "Sunburst" finish, fantastic playing neck with 1 11/16" nut width, "double ring" Kluson tuners, "witch hat" knobs, and two original "T-Top" patent number pickups that deliver the classic Gibson semi-hollow tone for which these are known. If you're looking for a pristine example of an early 70's ES-335, this is one of the best available. EXC w/OHSC $3,500