• 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG "Cherry"
    This is a great example of an early 1961 Gigson SG/LP Standard! Featuring 2-incredible sounding P.A.F. pickups, a slimmer profile neck that is setup to play perfectly! Also included is the Original Rare Gibson Brown hard shell case! EXC w/OHSC $17,200
  • 1972 Gibson ES-345 "Cherry"
    A great example of an early 70's ES-345, this guitar features the "embossed Gibson Logo" T-top pickups. Similar to guitars used by the likes of Chuck Berry, B.B. and Freddie King, the original Stereo Wiring and "Varitone" switch allow for a wide variety of killer tones.  A great player in a beautiful "Cherry" finish. EXC w/OHSC $4,250
  • 1969 Gibson ES345
    This is a great example of a "transitional" ES-345. The great playing neck has a small volute, but this guitar pre-dates the later "Made in USA" Stamp found on 1970 models, and the guitar has the earlier orange Gibson label. The pair of "T-top" humbuckers, stereo wiring, and "Varitone" Switch allow for a huge variety of sounds, which has led to the 345 becoming the preferred guitar of so many blues and rock n' roll legends. EXC w/OHSC $4,250
  • 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Jimmy Page...
    Part of a limited run of only 500 guitars, this Custom Shop Les Paul Custom is a faithful tribute to the guitar Jimmy Page employed on countless songs as a session musician, as well as his seminal early work with Led Zeppelin. This guitar is in Like-New condition and includes a COA as well as all original case candy. This is truly a guitar worthy of a legend! EXC w/OHSC $8,500.
  • 1965 Gibson ES 355 "Cherry"
    A stunning example of a mid-60s ES-355! This guitar features a rare factory mono circuit, Bigsby tailpiece with "custom-made" plaque, and a beautiful "Cherry finish". The original gold hardware has very little wear, while the ebony fingerboard, block inlays, and split-diamond headstock make this the top-of-the-line thinline model favored by legends such as BB King and Chuck Berry! One of the cleanest 355's available! EXC w/OHSC $10,500.
  • 2008 Gretsch 6118-T-LTV 125th Anniversary "Jaguar Tan"
    One of the coolest Gretsch finishes! This beautiful 6118 Double Anniversary model was made to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Gretsch Guitars. It features a pair of TV Jones "Filtertron" humbucking pickups, "neo classical" fretboard inlays, and a Bigsby Tremolo Tailpiece. A fantastic guitar with "that great Gretsch Sound"! EXC w/OHSC $2,200.
  • 2015 Gibson Les Paul Vic Dapra "Stick Shift" '59...
    Part of a limited run of aged '59 Les Pauls, this 2015 Vic Dapra model is a reproduction of a factory bigsby equipped "burst". This guitar features a stunning and deeply flamed maple top, aged cherry sunburst finish, and the perfect '59 neck! A lighweight and resonant guitar, this is one of the better sounding R9's we've had. The original pickups are included along with a set of Duncan Custom Shop Bonamassa pickups. The guitar includes a COA signed by Vic himself, as well as a brown "Lifton" style case. If you're looking for a great playing R9 with a distinctive top, this one is hard to beat! EXC w/OHSC $6,750
  • 2008 PRS SC-J Thinline "Charcoal Flame"
    Part of an extremely limited run, this 2008 PRS Thinline features a beautifully flamed maple body, gorgeous wood binding, and a rare factory Bigsby tailpiece. This gis a one-owner instrument and is in fantastic shape. A unique work of art and a great playing guitar! EXC w/HSC $5,800.
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr. "Sunburst"
    An incredible sounding Single-Cut Les Paul Junior! This 1956 model features the perfect neck shape; a soft "V" profile with a professionally re-fretted fingerboard, this is definitely one of the better playing Jr.'s we have. The original "Sunburst" finish is bright and vibrant and the mahogany body is resonant and lively, even when played un-plugged. A previous owner installed a Bigsby tailpiece which is also included. These guitars have become harder to find and are highly sought after for the raunchy tone of the single "dogear" P90 pickup. VG w/HSC $6,000.
  • 1965 Gibson ES-125 CD "Sunburst"
    A rare, full-size body ES-125, this guitar is similar to a p90 equipped ES-175. With a single Florentine cutaway, two incredible sounding "dog ear" P90 pickups, and a great playing neck, this guitar can cover everything from smooth jazz to George Thorogood style blues, rockabilly, and all things between! A newer set of Gibson Kluson-style tuners was added and the guitar includes a hardshell case. EXC w/HSC $2,995
  • 1954 Gibson Les Paul "Gold Top"
    A truly killer sounding 1954 "Gold top" Les Paul! This guitar had a Bigby installed by a previous owner and was professionally re-fretted but is otherwise all original and includes a brown Lifton case. It features a pair of incredible "Soap bar" P90 pickups, a lightweight and resonant mahogany body with a maple cap, and the perfect '50s "Soft V" neck profile. The distinctive decal on the front of the guitar was added by the original owner and commemorates a 1959 4th of July Celebration in Washington DC. An extraordinary Les Paul with a remarkable history and the great sound only a vintage Les Paul can deliver! EXC $26,500.
  • 1958 Gibson ES-335 "Sunburst'
    One of the best playing early "Dot Neck" ES-335 guitars we've ever had, this incredible 1958/early '59 ES-335 has been used on countless recording sessions in Nashville. This guitar features the later and more desirable 1958 neck angle with binding, a comfortable '59 neck profile, and pearl "dot" inlays. It includes the original stop tail piece as well as a Bigsby tremolo added early on in the guitar's life. With a pair of "PAF" humbucking pickups this guitar is a perfect example of why this is considered the "Golden Age" of Gibson electrics. The guitar also features an original "Long" pickguard and brown Lifton case. These are some of the best sounding electric guitars available! EXC w/OHSC $29,995.
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Olympic White"
    This is a fantastic example of a "Custom Color" Fender Stratocaster. It features a beautiful "Olympic White" finish, with a dark rosewood fingerboard, pearl-dot inlays, "transition" logo, early "L" plate serial number, and a three-ply white pickguard. If you're looking for a Hendrix or Stevie Ray tone, this is the closest it gets! This guitar has a perfect feeling "C" shape neck with a lightweight and resonant body. Also included are an earlier Brown Fender hardshell case, original strap, cable, and a 1965 Fender product catalog. EXC w/OHSC $25,500.
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr. "Cherry"
    An extraordinarily clean double-cut junior, this 1959 Les Paul Jr. has the perfect '59 neck! The lightweight mahogany body is extremely resonant and the "dog ear" p90 can go from sweet to screaming with a turn of the volume knob. The beautiful cherry finish is complimented by a dark Brazilian Rosewood board, and the guitar includes a newer Gibson hardshell case. EXC w/HSC $6,200.
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Special "TV Yellow"
    This exceptionally clean 1959 Les Paul TV Special was purchased from the original owner before finding it's way to Rumble Seat Music. The original "TV Yellow" finish is strong and unfaded, and the pair of original "Soapbar" P90 pickups are loud and aggressive; perfect for fans of guitar players like Johnny Thunders, Leslie West, and Keith Richards to name a few! The perfect '59 neck profile makes this one of the best playing Specials we have, and the guitar includes the original upgraded brown Lifton hardshell case. These hardly come up for sale in this condition, especially with a brown case. EXC w/OHSC $14,500.
  • 2000 Fender Custom Shop 1969 Stratocaster "Black" Kenny Olson
    This incredible Stratocaster was built by the Custom Shop for Kenny Olson; formerly of Kid Rock's band Twisted Brown Trucker. It is a faithful recreation of a Hendrix-style, large-headstock 1969 Spec Stratocaster, with a few select upgrades to meet Kenny's needs. This guitar pre-dates the "masterbuilt" series but the neck was stamped by renowned builder John Cruz. The guitar includes an original Custom Shop case, as well as signed photos of Kenny Playing the guitar! An incredible instrument with a great history. EXC w/OHSC $4,995. Kenny Olson
  • 1968 Coral Firefly "Sunburst"
    A rare, Danelectro-made Coral Firefly, this 1968 model features a gorgeous flamed maple back, a pair of "lipstick" style pickups, and transparent "Vincent Bell" pickguard. From the same era as the famed Vinne Bell "Belzouki" and Sitar guitars, these guitars hardly come up for sale. EXC $550.
  • ATC - 150 CC "Sunburst"
    An incredible tribute to the ES-150 Charlie Christian guitar, this made-in-japan electric archtop is perfect for fans of the pioneering jazz guitarist and the pickup that bears his name. With a beautiful spruce top and maple body, this guitar comes alive acoustically as well as when plugged in.  This example is in like-new condition and includes a hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $2,500
  • 1966 Fender Music Master II "Dakota Red"
    A fantastic "offset" body Fender guitar, the Music Master II is a "transitioinal" model made during the CBS acquisition period of Fender. Similar to the original Music Master guitar but with a full  25.5" neck scale. This original example features a beautiful "Dakota Red" finish, dark Rosewood fingerboard, "transition" Fender logo, and a single coil neck pickup with a distinctive "Fender" sound! This guitar includes a later 70's Fender hardshell case. EXC w/HSC $1,100.
  • 1966 Martin GT-75 "Black"
    An extremely hard to find Martin thinline electric, this 1966 GT-75 features a rare "black" finish! Only made for a couple of years, these "double cut" body versions hardly come up for sale, especially in this finish. With two killer Dearmond designed pickups, a Bigsby vibrato tail piece, and and distinctive body design, these guitars have a great sound and a unique appearance that is sure to stand out! This example includes an original Martin hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $3,500