• 1963 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    Just in is this extremely great playing Sunburst Stratocaster with all the early features, clay dots, green guard, spaghetti logo, L serial number plate and a beautiful Brazilian rosewood fret board. The neck is a very comfortable, full C shape and the maple has a stunning grain. This has had a professional re-fret and it plays great. This guitar is setup perfect and ready to be played! EXC W/OHSC $16,500    
  • 1957 Gretsch Duo Jet "Cadillac Green"
    This 1955 Gretsch Duo Jet features the highly desirable "Cadillac Green" finish; one of the coolest and most rare Gretsch custom colors made. The original DeArmond "Dynasonic" single coil pickups and semi-hollow body sound incredible, and with "hump block" inlays like those found on George Harrison's Duo Jet, this is one of the coolest looking Gretsch Guitars we've had. EXC w/OHSC $8,995
  • 1974 Gretsch White Falcon "White"
    A beautiful example of an all original Stereo White Falcon! The stunning gold sparkle binding is fully intact and perfectly compliments the gold hardware, including the original Gretsch branded Bigsby tailpiece. The dark rosewood fingerboard is accented by block inlays, and with an original green pickguard with Falcon design, this guitar is sure to make a statement. The pair of "blacktop" Filtertrons and stereo wiring make this a great sounding guitar in a variety of settings. You don't see many of these come up for sale. EXC w/HSC $5,995
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    This 1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom is truly fantastic playing guitar. The comfortable '50's "Soft V" neck has been professionally refretted, and the lightweight mahogany body is extremely resonant. With a screaming P90 and a clear, articulate Alnico V in the neck, this is a well balanced guitar that sounds great in any setting. The guitar also features the original "Waffle Back" Kluson tuners, ABR-1 bridge and stop tail piece, and the original Brown Lifton Case. EXC w/OHSC $22,500  
  • 1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Gold Top"
    A killer example of an early Les Paul! This original 1953 "Gold Top" features the perfect neck angle, with low action, a great playing 50's profile neck, a pair of fantastic sounding P90 pickups, and a dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. These early 50's Les Pauls have become harder to find, especially in this condition. This guitar includes the original brown Lifton case. If you're looking for an early trapeze tailpiece Gold Top, you won't find a better one for sale! EXC w/ OHSC $21,500
  • 1964 Gibson ES-335 TDC "Cherry"
    1964 ES-335's are some of the best playing and sounding ES guitars, and this example is certainly no exception. This guitar features a great playing '64 neck profile and two patent number humbucker pickups, as well as a deep "Cherry" finish, block inlays, and Maestro tailpiece. To make this guitar even more special, it is only two serial numbers away from the famous 1964 ES-335 used throughout Eric Clapton's career. A phenomenal guitar made on the same day as one of the most famous ES-335s in rock n' roll. EXC w/OHSC $17,500
  • 1966 Fender Stratocaster "Black"
    This is a very rare, custom color, 1966 Strat. It is a transitional year and the black is especially rare for '66. It features the larger headstock, transition logo, bigger frets, that are original, and a great playing neck. A great opportunity to own a great playing and collectible Strat! EXC W/OHSC $25,500    
  • 1964 Fender Stratocaster "Sunburst"
    Here is a rare transitional,1964 Fender Stratocaster. The neck dates to DEC 64 and it features pearl dots, a green guard, and a transition logo. It is great playing, with a very comfortable neck, and it's all original. It comes with original hang tag and original case. A terrific transitional Strat! EXC W/OHSC $14,500    
  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr. "Cherry"
    This all-original, 1958 Les Paul Junior double cut model is a very early example. It features a rare 4-digit serial number, comfortable '58 profile neck, lightweight and resonant body, tortoiseshell pickguard, and a screaming "dogear" P90 pickup, and includes the original alligator chipboard case. A killer playing and sounding Jr. EXC w/OSSC $6,700
  • 1964 Fender Stratocaster "Sonic Blue"
    An incredible player's guitar, this 1964 Stratocaster was professionally refinished in "Sonic Blue" in one of the best body refin's we've seen. With an incredible "C" shaped neck, dark rosewood board with clay dot inlays, "L plate" serial number, and a transition logo, this guitar is a rare transitional model from late 1964. One of the best playing and sounding Strat's we've had recently. Included is an earlier Fender brown case. EXC w/HSC $12,500
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Lake Placid Blue"
    Another phenomenal "Custom Color" Stratocaster, this 1965 example sports a beautiful "Lake Placid Blue" finish. It features a comfortable "C" neck profile, pearl dot inlays, and "transition" logo. With three incredible sounding "gray bottom" pickups and a great playing neck, this is a truly killer "Transition era" Stratocaster. EXC w/OHSC $25,000
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster "Candy Apple Red"
    Another incredible "Custom Color" Stratocaster, this example features a beautiful "Candy Apple Red" finish. This all original 1965 Strat features a highly figured rosewood board, pearl dot inlays, thin "C" neck profile, and a "Transition" logo. The original 3-way switch and single coil "gray bottom" pickups offer a variety of sounds and can really nail the Strat tones of so many great players. EXC w/OHSC $25,000
  • 2016 Gibson Les Paul 1959 True Historic "Sunburst"
    This 2016 Les Paul 1959 True Historic reissue sports a beautiful, wide flame figured top and dark cherry sunburst finish, and was meticulously aged by Tom Murphy. The two Gibson "Custom Bucker" pickups are faithful recreations of the original PAF Humbuckers, and combined with the comfortable '59 neck profile make this a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. Included with the guitar are the original hang tags, case candy and hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $7,200  
  • 1956 Chet Atkins "Dark Eyes" Prototype 6120 "Black and...
    This renowned guitar was the seminal instrument that cemented the relationship between The Brooklyn based Gretsch Guitar Company and illustrious Country Music Legend Mr. Chet Atkins, way back in the early to mid-Fifties. Guitar Player Magazine referred to this iconic guitar as “One of the Most Important Electric Guitars of All Time! “This guitar represents a huge piece of musical history, and the beginning of the beginning of the everlasting relationship between Chet Atkins and The Gretsch Guitar Company. The famed 6120 Model, The Country Gentleman, The George Harrison Model (of Beatles fame), The Brian Setzer Signature Models, and several others all wouldn’t exist without this guitar! This is a once in lifetime chance to see this here at Rumble Seat Music, where it is now available for sale. Call for inquiries 615-915-2510. or Stop by. Call For Price.
  • 1970s Greco EGC-700 "Black"
    This is a fantastic Japanese "Lawsuit" era Les Paul Custom-style guitar. The light-weight, double bound mahogany body features a beautiful top carve, and with "set neck" construction, these guitars are renowned for their quality and accuracy to the real thing. With features like a soft "V" Neck profile, small headstock volute, "witch hat" knobs, and gold "Keystone" tuners, this is a faithful recreation of a vintage Les Paul Custom. A great sounding guitar for any player. EXC $995
  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black"
    A great example of a late 60's Les Paul Custom with early features. Les Paul guitars were discontinued after 1961 and reintroduced in 1968. These late 60's Les Pauls are highly sought after and have become hard to find.  This early '69 Custom was professionally refinished in Nitrocellulose lacquer and comes with a pair of original "Patent Number" sticker "T-top" pickups. It features a great playing one-piece neck with a beautiful ebony fingerboard and "transitional" neck tenon length, one piece body with an ABR-1 bridge and stop tail piece, "waffle back" tuners, "Witch hat" knobs. A fantastic sounding vintage Les Paul! VG w/OHSC $9,000  
  • 1962 National Glenwood 99 "White"
    An extremely rare, top-of-the-line, Valco made National Glenwood 99. Similar to the one used by Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, the two piece "Res-o-glass" body was designed to resemble a map of the United States. With two single coil pickups, as well as the earliest "acoustic" style pickups beneath the bridge, this is an innovative and great sounding guitar. These very rarely come up for  sale, and are even harder to find with the original case, which this guitar also includes. An extremely collectible and unique guitar, this is a great instrument for collector's and player's alike. EXC w/OHSC $5,500
  • 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Sunburst"
    This is a fantastic 1956 Junior! This clean, all original guitar features the later desirable neck angle and bridge post depth, as well as a comfortable rounded 50's "Soft V" neck profile. Also features a strong  "Sunburst" finish, and a killer sounding single P90 pickup. This is one of the best playing single-cut Juniors to come through the store in a while. EXC w/HSC $6,500
  • 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior "Cherry"
    This is a lightweight and great playing 1960 Les Paul Jr. with  all '59 specs. This all original example features a large profile neck with a perfect 1959 shape and dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Also features a thin double-cut body with a tortoise shell pickguard, wrap tail piece, and a screaming P90 pickup that make this guitar a raunchy, rock n' roll machine. EXC w/HSC $6,500
  • 1969 Fender Telecaster Thinline "Natural"
    This first-year "Thinline" Telecaster features one of the most striking and beautiful grain patterns we've seen on this model. With a "maple cap" fingerboard and comfortable "C" neck profile, this guitar is a fantastic player, and the semi-hollow body and two single coil pickups make for a variety of unique tones. A hardly noticeable crack along the tuner pegs was professionally repaired but this is an otherwise all-original example. The guitar also includes the original "ash tray" bridge cover, hang tag, and hardshell case. EXC w/OHSC $7,500