• Marshall 1987X 50-watt Plexi Tube Head and Cab
    The main characteristic that these amps share is their simplicity of operation and natural tone. For the best results is to play them loud! The result is pure, majestic tone. This produces a big, round, warm, sustain, full of classic character. Featuring 50-watts of output, Preamp Valves: 3 x ECC83 preamp tubes and 2 x EL34 power amp tubes, 3-band EQ,a series effects loop, and a Presence control. A great reproduction of the original! EXC $2100  
  • 1958 and 1959 Fender Bassman "Joe Bonamassa"
    Here is a chance to get part of Blues/Rock & Roll History! These are the amps that were used on and featured on the Red Rocks "Muddy Wolf" DVD and the 'Live at Radio City Music hall' DVD. Since Joe has changed to 4-Tweed twins he was hoping these amps would find a good home! These Bassman's were also used on the albums "Blues of Desperation and Black Country Communion. Plus they sound Amazing! EXC $9500 each. HOLD
  • 1966 Gibson GA20 RVT "Minuteman
    This is a great sounding Gibson amp! These 60's small Gibson amps are some of the best sounding amps for recording and smaller shows. it also Includes the Footswitch. EXC $695
  • 1999 Komet 60 "Sarah" 001 'Mint Green'
    This is a very rare amp, it is the very first Komet amp that was made for production #001 for Ken Fischer and built by Hogy and crew! Comes with a signed letter of Documentation from Ken Fischer, original owners manual, and other great letters that Ken sent as well. What a great chance to own and have part Trainwreck amp history, and it also sounds incredible! EXC $8500  
  • 1971 Marshall 1917 PA 20
    A rare, celebrity owned 20w Marshall head, this amp has been used on several noteworthy recordings. It features EL84 power tubes and sounds great live or in a studio. A clean example of a very desirable amplifier. EXC $HOLD
  • 1985 Hiwatt CS30 "Black"
    Acquired from a major Nashville recording studio, this '85 Hiwatt 1x12 is a fantastic sounding combo amp. Made in California with a distinctly British sound, this amp is perfect for small gigs and recording, and includes a great sounding reverb. EXC $1250
  • Vox Custom AC-15C1
    A like-new AC-15 with original shipping box, this amp is the perfect size for recording or small gigs. This amp is in fantastic condition and has the perfect Vox "Chime"! Like New $550.
  • 1965 Fender Champ "Blackface"
    An exceptionally clean example of this "Blackface" era Champ. One of the best recording and small gig amplifiers, this Champ has an upgraded 3-prong cable, but is otherwise all original. A great sounding amp for a player or collector. EXC $995
  • 1987 Marshall JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee
    A very coveted Marshall head, this amplifier was only made in 1987 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Marshall amps and Jim Marshall's 50th year in the music business. With original Drake transformers and a power cut section, this amp was put on the map by players like Slash and Joe Bonamassa. EXC $2250
  • 1966 Supro Thunderbolt
    A fantastic sounding, Valco-made Supro Thunderbolt. This amp is similar to that used by Jimmy Page to record on early Zeppelin releases; it features an aggressive sound at a perfect volume for recording or small venues. EXC $1650  
  • Dumble Overdrive Special
    Considered by many to be the "holy grail" of tube amplifiers, the Dumble Overdrive Special has been coveted by players and collectors alike. This example comes to us from the original owner, and is in "like new" condition. The "boost" channel offers the famous Dumble overdrive; rich and musical, with a tone like nothing else. The amp includes the original footswitch for switching between the clean and overdriven circuit. Like New $HOLD