• 1967 Fender Super Reverb "Blackface"
    A killer sounding "Blackface" Super Reveverb! This 1967 example features all 4 original 12" speakers and original transformer and a replacement grill cloth. With the perfect and unmistakable Fender reverb sound, musical breakup, and perfect volume for any situation, this amp makes it easy to see why so many blues and rock legends have made use of the Super Reverb. Blackface amps in this condition are getting harder to find. EXC w/cover $1,750.
  • 1959 Fender Tweed Champ
    One of the most recorded amps in music history! The "narrow pannel" Tweed Champ has long been coveted for it's huge tone and convenient size, and can be heard on countless recordings. This 1959 example has been serviced and is ready for another 60 years of use! EXC $1,800
  • 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb "Blackface"
    One of the most coveted Blackface Fender circuits, this incredibly clean 1966 Vibrolux Reverb is the perfect size amp for both recording and live performance. The original 2 x 10" speakers, lush Fender Reverb, and rich, musical breakup have made this a favorite of players in all different genres. Recently serviced and ready for use, this amp is a must for Nashville guitar players! EXC $2,800
  • 1961 Fender Super Amp "Brownface"
    One of the best sounding "Brownface" era Fender amps we've had! This 1961 Fender Super features the coveted "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, "Oxblood" grill cloth, and a can go from shimmering cleans to a raunchy breakup when cranked. A perfect amp for studio and live use. EXC $2,995.
  • 1960 Gretsch 6121 Amp
    An incredible sounding Valco-made Gretsch 6121 features a pair of 6 x 9" speakers and a lush tremolo circuit. A perfect low-volume amp, this amp is perfect for recording sessions. The original blue cover is in fantastic shape, and the amp has been serviced and is ready for use! EXC $1,750
  • 1965 Selmer Thunderbird "Crocodile"
    One of the cleanest Selmer amplifiers we've ever seen! This 1965 Thunderbird 2x12 model includes a pair of original Goodman speakers, as well as the original footswitch and Selmer amp acover! The 30w combo features a rich tremolo circuit and a distinctive "British" tone that has been the back bone of so many classic rock n' roll records! An incredible one-owner amplifier, this amp would be perfect for a collector or a studio! EXC w/Cover $4,500
  • Trace Eliot 4x12 guitar cabinet
    A great sounding angled 4x12 cabinet, this Trace Eliot cabinet features a mono/stereo toggle option allowing for easy stereo rigs or use with multiple amplifiers. The cabinet is used but fully functional and ready for stage or studio use! EXC $600
  • 1960's Gibson GA5 Skylark Amp
    An incredible sounding GA-5, this 1960's Gibson Skylark is a perfect recording amp! With a rich, musical breakup, this amp has a very "tweed champ" characteristic to it. The amp is in great cosmetic and functional condition and would make a perfect addition to any studio or collector. EXC $700.
  • 1961 Epiphone EA-35T Devon
    A fantastic sounding 12" Combo, this Epiphone Devon has a rich onboard Tremolo, and a smooth, musical breakup that would make this a perfect choice for studio and small gig applications. A perfect compliment for a Coronet or similar early 60's Epiphone guitar. EXC $825
  • 2018 Park P45 "British Racing Green"
    The ultimate Bluesbreaker style amp! This Park P45 is as close to a vintage 2x12 JTM45 as it gets. With NOS Merren Transformers and a pair of Celestion 12" greenbacks, this amp truly captures the tone of the Clapton-era John Mayall recordings. This example sports a beautiful "British Racing Green" tolex. Simply put, this is one of the best new British-style amplifiers available today! MSRP $4,500
  • S2 Amplification modded Fender Blues JR "Tweed"
    This incredible sounding amplifier started life as a Fender Blues Jr. It retains the original power transformer and speaker, but everything else has been modified by Steve Scott of S2 amplification. This amp has the "Jim and Leo" circuit, which combines an 18w Marshall and Fender Deluxe circuit in one 2-channel amplifier. The lacquered tweed cabinet gives this amp a killer vintage appearance and both channels provide gig-worthy tones. A ferocious amplifier in a small package! EXC $1,350
  • 1961 Gibson/Maestro GA-1 RT Reverb-Echo "Tweed"
    This is an incredibly rare, Gibson-made Maestro GA-1 RT amplifier that can double as an external Reverb Tank and Tremolo unit. Pre dating Fender's Reverb tank by a few months, this is different in that with it's own speaker it can also be used as an all in one Amplifier. Fully functional with a deep reverb and prominent tremolo, this example also includes the original footswitch. EXC $550
  • 1960s Ampeg GS-12R Reverberocket 2 "Blue Diamond"
    An incredible sounding 12w Combo Amp, this mid-60's Reverborocket 2 features a lush Reverb and tremolo and a single 12" speaker. Phenomenal clean sounds and a fantastic breakup at higher volumes, this amp is perfect for studio use as well as small live shows. EXC $850
  • 1960 Gibson GA-77 Vanguard "Tweed"
    Gibson Tweed amps are some of our favorite sounding combo amplifiers around. This incredible GA-77 Vanguard model features an original 15" speaker and inputs for accordian and guitar. Aggressive sounding and articulate, this would be a perfect amp for recording and small club gigs. EXC $2,100
  • 1978 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp "Silverface"
    One of the most frequently used combo amps of all time, the Deluxe Reverb is the perfect sized amp for recording or small club gigs. This 1977 example sounds fantastic, and having recently been serviced is ready for stage or studio action. With a rich and full reverb, and a perfectly broken-in 12" speaker, this amp delivers the sound for which these are sought after. EXC $1,800
  • 1952 Gibson GA-50T
    The Gibson GA-50 is a true classic in the amp world. It can hold its own with any of the classic amps. It has just about 25W of tube driven power along with one of the first tremolo circuits. It has two speakers, a Jensen 12" and 8", which are behind the vertical slat front. It looks stunning in a brown leather covered cabinet. Gibson used separate bass and treble controls and included a grounded power cord. This amp is a total winner! EXC $2500
  • Park 1800 Combo
    The Park P1800 is based on the Watkins Dominator and also brings it to an even new level or aggressive rock tones. Carefully built with New Old Stock capacitors and resistors, an output transformer built in the UK to the exact specifications and sound quality as the original Radio Spares EL84 output transformer and a custom speaker that uses a celestion Blue alnico frame and magnet as it's base but with a different cone that truly is in a class of its own. Two channels each with Volume and Tone controls. voiced slightly differently One channel has a rich tremolo circuit with Speed and Intensity controls Two speaker output with a switch for 8 and 16 ohms Foot switch for tremolo is included and is plugged into a jack on the chassis bottom Two EL84 tubes for 18 watts at full clipping Three 12AX7s https://www.instagram.com/p/BkyLSJwH27T/?taken-by=rumbleseatmusic
  • Colby Lil Darlin
    The Colby Lil' Darlin is the perfect recording and practice amp. The hand wired Lil’ Darlin is based on a highly sought-after and ubiquitous 1950s three tube, single 6V6, 8” speaker combo (also known as a Tweed Champ) but takes it to a new level of tone and usability. By using classic build quality, high quality parts with strategic circuit modifications plus a high quality Weber Alnico magnet speaker, the Lil’ Darlin offers great clean sounds and great Class A overdrive at living room levels. The Lil’ Darlin has been carefully fine tuned so that it has many “sweets spots” while only using a single Volume control.
  • Park Rock Head 50
    The Rock Head 50 is a channel switching version of our, big tone, hand wired amplifiers. Based on the vintage Park Rock Head from the 1970s, the new Rock Head 50 offers what original 1970s Master Volume amps never offered; channel switching with both great clean and overdrive sounds with independent level control. The Rock Head 50 is capable of beautiful, sparkling clean tones, overdriven blues from a hint of OD to full-blown OD and classic rock sounds; all at any volume level. Belying its simple control layout, the RH50 has some clever circuitry which allows it to perform it’s magic. Using the PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume), the clean channel offers a variety of clean tones in addition to moderate crunch. Its great for overdriven chords. Unlike most amps with a “high gain” OD channel, the Rock Head’s OD channel’s can be used as a second clean channel or produce bluesy overdrive to classic rock with just Gain and Master controls and no extra gain switches. Also included are three push-pull pots for the following functions: Clean channel Bright switch, OD channel "Mellow" switch and OD channel "Aggressive" switch. By using the two OD channel push-pull pots this channel is capable of everything from a warm bluesy overdrive to a 1980s Master Volume type crunch to aggressive lead distortion.
  • Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ Head w/ Road Case
    A fantastic sounding and very powerful bass rig, this 400+ is a 400w tube amp with custom fit road case. A road worthy amp perfect for any situation where the bass needs to be heard! EXC w/road case $1000