• Vox AC-15HW1
    A fantastic sounding, hand-wired AC-15. This amp features a beautiful fawn covering and classic Vox chime. EXC $850
  • 1973 Marshall Super Lead 100 Head
    An incredible sounding 100w Super Lead. This Hand-wired Marshall was a US export model, featuring 4 speaker outs and a polarity switch on the front. EXC w/Cover $2500.
  • Dumble Overdrive Special
    Considered by many to be the "holy grail" of tube amplifiers, the Dumble Overdrive Special has been coveted by players and collectors alike. This example comes to us from the original owner, and is in "like new" condition. The "boost" channel offers the famous Dumble overdrive; rich and musical, with a tone like nothing else. The amp includes the original footswitch for switching between the clean and overdriven circuit. Like New $115,000.
  • Marshall JTM45 O/S & 412 O/S
    A very rare limited edition Marshall JTM45 Offset head and 412 Offset matching semi open cabinet.  4 12-inch Celestion alnico G12 speakers and includes certificate of authenticity. EXC+ w/Flight Cases $4500.