• 1948 National Model 1155 "Sunburst"
    These fine Rare guitars were made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it features a sunburst lacquer finish, mahogany back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, The bodies are Gibson made J-45's matched up with early National made necks that pre dates the medal ones. Great sounding that is very open and loud just like an early J-45! EXC w/HSC $3750  
  • 1946 Gibson LG-2
    Here is a great example of a script logo LG2. A very comfortable small body with a nice chunky neck. It's very warm and sound great fingerpicked or strummed. It does have a couple repaired cracks on the back. They were repaired very well and it is ready to be played for many years to come! EXC W/HSC $3995    
  • 1970's Martin D-18 D Prototype "Natural"
    This Martin D-18 D was built as a prototype with a factory installed "FRAP" pickup. The Flat Response Audio Pickup is a favorite of Neil Young and has been used on his acoustic guitars for years. This guitar is clean and all original, but the action will require a neck reset in the near future. A fantastic prototype guitar perfect for live and studio settings. VG w/OHSC $1995
  • Washburn Ryman Pews
    This Washburn flat top is literally part of country music history - it is made from pews from the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville dating back to 1892. Known as the "mother church" of country music, the Ryman was home to the Grand Ole Opry until the mid 70's, and has launched the careers of countless country music legends. This guitar is number 4 of only 200 guitars made, and includes all the original case candy and documentation, including nails used in the seats that witnessed generations of music history being made. A highly collectible guitar with an incredible provenance. EXC w/OHSC $6,995.
  • Alvarez 9 String Waylon Jennings
    This unique guitar is part of a small run made by Alvarez at the request of Waylon Jennings. Waylon loved the sound of 12 string acoustics, but by removing the doubled strings in the lower register the guitar could be made with a more playable neck and with better tuning stability. This guitar was one that personally belonged to Waylon and was acquired from his estate. A great sounding, versatile acoustic with ties to country music royalty! EXC w /HSC $5,000.
  • 1982 Gibson Chet Atkins Used and Signed CE Classical...
    A first-year, low serial number example of this signature guitar, this instrument was also used by Chet Atkins in a recording session and later signed. A great nylon string guitar both acoustically and plugged in, this guitar represents a piece of Nashville and Country Music history. A unique opportunity to own a great guitar with historic significance. EXC w/HSC $4,500.
  • 1966 Gibson J-50 "Natural"
    This great-playing J-50 has the perfect "small body" Gibson flattop sound that so many players look for. This resonant example's balanced tone lend well to fingerpicking or strumming, and is a perfect guitar for recording. The perfect player's J-50. VG+ W/SC $2,250
  • 2000 Taylor 514-CE
    One of the most enduring models from Taylor, the 514-CE sounds great both acoustic and when plugged in. The Venetian cutaway and slim neck make for great playability, and the guitar features the beautiful appointments for which Taylor guitars are known. EXC w/OHSC $1,795.
  • 1982 Gilchrist Model 5 Mandolin "Sunburst"
    This early 80's Gilchrist comes to us from the original owner. With a stunning flamed maple back and sides, X-bracing, and "fern" headstock inlay, this mandolin is both a beautiful work of art and an incredible sounding instrument. EXC w/HSC $15,500. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk0L-6bnGLl/?taken-by=rumbleseatmusic
  • 1934 Martin 0-17
    A fantastic small bodied Martin Flat-top, this '34 0-17 is in remarkably good shape for its age. It features a comfortable, deep "V" neck profile, mahogany body, and and a celluloid "tortoiseshell" pickguard. A great player with a loud and well balanced tone. EXC w/HSC $4200
  • 1930's Martin Style 0 Ukulele
    This ukulele was purchased, with cool stickers and all, in Hawaii over 20 years ago. All mahogany construction with a beautiful tone, very resonant. W/HSC $1350    
  • 1930's Kel Kroydon KK-1
    This rare, Gibson-made Kel Kroydon guitar is one of the best sounding small-body flat tops we've had! Comparable to the L-1 and L-0 Gibson guitars, these models were originally intended to be student guitars, and were made to be very light, with a thin, resonant top. For that reason, not many have survived. This example has one repaired crack but is otherwise in excellent shape. These have been favored by players like Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and have provided inspiration to modern guitar builders. A fantastic guitar for finger style or strumming. EXC w/HSC $4,995 https://www.instagram.com/p/BklAaRzneiZ/?taken-by=rumbleseatmusic
  • 1950s RCA Victor Royalist Guitar & Amp
    This 1950s RCA Victor Royalist Guitar & Amp set has all the patina, bluesy character, tone, and 1950s charm you could ever want. Royalist was the house brand for RCA Victor Records and you could buy Royalist guitars at any RCA Victor store and dealer until the mid 1960s. It's kept tuned down and has that perfect swampy blues sound. Big thick neck, block inlays and the 50s Tortoiseshell guard with the DeArmond sound hole pickup. Sounds incredible, perfect for slide! The 1x8" Royalist 'AC-DC' combo amp that was paired with it is included. w/HSC $795
  • 1947 National Model 1155
    These fine Rare guitars were made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, it features a sunburst lacquer finish, mahogany back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, The bodies are Gibson made J-45's matched up with early National made necks that pre dates the medal ones. Great sounding that is very open and loud just like an early J-45! Also comes with the original National guaranteed bond. EXC w/HSC $4500
  • 1937 Gibson L-00 "Sunburst"
    A perfect "small body" Gibson flat top, this 1937 L-00 features a perfect "V" neck profile, "fire stripe" pickguard, with mahogany back and sides and a spruce top. This guitar lends itself well to fingerpicking and blues styles, with a dry and loud tone that would be perfect at home or in the studio. A professional neck reset makes this a great playing example with no cracks or repairs. EXC w/HSC $4,500
  • 1999 Gibson J 160E John Lennon "Sunburst"
    A fantastic reissue of John Lennon's famous J 160E, this guitar is number 9 of a total of 250 guitars made. It features a custom "John Lennon" signature truss rod cover and a certificate of authenticity. If you're a Beatles fanatic this is the guitar for you; one of the most famous and widely heard acoustic guitars in the world!¬†EXC w/OHSC $3,995  
  • 2017 Martin D28 John Lennon Signature Edition
    This guitar is another from our extensive Beatles collection. A tribute to John Lennon and the D28 he used for the writing and recording of songs on the White Album, this guitar features a solid sitka spruce top, east Indian rosewood bak and sides, custom "Peace sign" binding on the back, as well as custom fingerboard inlays. The guitar is in like new condition and includes the original case. EXC w/OHSC $3250
  • Epiphone Ellitist 1964 FT-79 Texan Ltd. Edition Paul McCartney...
    Another great guitar from our Beatles collection, this beautiful reissue of Paul McCartney's famous left-handed Texan features the original certificate of authenticity. This guitar was used on the recordings of songs like Yesterday and countless others, as well as being a staple in McCartney's live show for many years. With a solid sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this Nashville-made Texan is a great sounding acoustic and a must-have for any Beatles collector! EXC w/OHSC $2995
  • 1965 Gibson Dove "Natural"
    One of the best sounding Gibson dreadnoughts we've had in a while, this 1965 Dove features a beautifully flamed maple back and sides with a spruce top, Gibson "Mustache" bridge with adjustable ABR-1 tail piece, split parallelogram inlays, and a comfortable neck with a wide nut. A great playing flat top with a loud and balanced tone that would be perfect for recording. EXC $4,995.
  • 1967 Gibson LG0 "Mahogany"
    Just in from the original owner is this great playing 1967 Gibson acoustic guitar which was a used as a beginners guitar in the 60's but they are now used by everybody. It's a Great sounding little guitar! EXC w/HSC $995